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Happy Wheels - FREAKING ROBOT - Part 8

by TobyGames • 2,915,117 views

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Can you please stop yelling like bueeeeeuuu
we gonna ride and-WHAT THE HECK!
Did you say Santa is real? Wow, dude. He is not Bless your face, if you sneezed during this comment, bless you. Bye!
Don't you know that Santa is a quantum being? That is how he is able to deliver all the presents; he is everywhere at once. And it is also why your not supposed to see him;because if you did the space-time continuum would be destroyed. 
+Christer Redikssen l really like your response, but whoever told you that when you were a kid needs to take a parenting course.... ;)
"Here's to the night we rode a bike, Here's to the time that we both died,  Here's to the flip l just tried, And we both died, again. Here's to the bike that we're gonna ride,  Here's to the elevator that leads to us dying, Here's to the mine th -- WHAT THE HELL?!"   -Toby Turner
Anyone else notice the "Robert Downy Sr. III?
Laughed so hard I needed to go to the bathroom
Toby why do you like the old man?
There is something absolutely fabulous about youtubers that makes viewers find them unbearably attractive. Don't ask me why or how... But, in my opinion, they manage to. BTW I'm not a dude so idk why my name on this is freakin Simon!
Why I love Toby: "One mythical creature versus another...I mean, except that, Santa's real of course, is Bigfoot!"
Omg lol when toby was singing my dog was in the same room and he fell asleep Hahahaha XD
Best Vid ever everybody subscribe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
0:32 the sign in the subway says drink oranje juice
Toby is so nice and sweet 😄
hi there you help me to have those levels
Usain Bolt is not Brazilian
OMFG best video ever dude
I love tobuscus videos!!😃
1.santa is Real 2.toby was about TO say the f'word
Ain't this the guy who play in onoying orange
i love u playing in annoying orange
+Tyler Vance all of them... he's the owner  
the why do you watch him!!!!!!!!!
You should have tried to go to the "death machine"
5:11 grandpa lemon ALSo played this level
toby i so love that you dont cers
He said buckets after "birds and the bees".... Anyone else get the sneaking suspicion he reads homstuck?
The place at the start u have to wait for a bridge to come
Real funny on the dad level
I played this world and at the end it said markipelir and Toby games suck (bunny's censor lol but it said other word) and I was like... 1 STAR
YAY! I just sneezed during this video!!
I couldn't stop laughing!  ♥
does he ever use santa
All the people tat sub to you are like little kids
Happy Wheels is awesome
Burn Notice that man that guy on a motorcycle looks like looks like Michael on a boat on a motorcycle with
I am your biggest fan toby I even subscribed
u should play the portal gun mod in minecraft
Santa's dead and I have the knife ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!!
Do u guys know why the person who made dis called it '' happy wheels '' ? Cuz it doesn't look all that happy!
then why can u cuss? * I know I spelled that wrong *
i did not know that toby sang so good.
Did toby just say he was hung like a 12 year old? 0_o
I think he just made up my new favorite song
Toby,you were hitting mines.
How can people dislike dis
lol that thing is no airplane. its a horrid death grinder that rakes you apart with that massive propeller and on the insider theres 3 smaller ones that mince u up further and fire you out the back like mulch. when i first played this level i was a bit to slow and found out the hard way.
When he plays with the dude and the dudet he dies really quickly and the to balls look so wrong
It's really funny at the begiding
I played this world and at the end it said markipelir and Toby games suck (bunny's censor lol but it said other word) and I was like... 1 STAR
Why does he have so many view..? He's rubbish at happy wheels :/
03:00 I just destroyed a national treasure...oops...
I just speeded with that bike over the mines...
Doughnut Citrus cookies in the basement at twelve at night sound nice. Just call me at 1-800-Give-Me-Your-life. I don't know, just get me to the hospital because Princess Zelda has nice hair and Link has a nice face, also doom spikes are on the bottom of the cookies hence that nobody really knows how to spell "Doughnut" or "Donut" because everybody either spells it the first way and/or the second way. Just meet me in the basement, okay. Bye.
i got my arm and leg stuc in elAVATOR BEFORE....
Yes there is a character better than wheelchair guy, any character is better the wheelchair guy.
11:10 - 11:43   Hahaaha <3 Thats Hilarious
oh I just adore the hard ones (by that I mean the levels ) x
Did you say Santa was real because their is children viewers cus he is not real.
Everyone knows he is not real.
5:57 BIGFOOT vs. SANTA let the race... BEGIN
Classic Toby. Who cares about the landmines. They dont kill him. BUT THOSE FUCKIN ELEVATORS... 
ITS THE END OF THE WORLD! He didn't say :"I gotta pause it!"
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