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tango dance from another cinderella story

by eragoncris • 7,451,531 views

This is a dance from the movie Another Cinderella Story. Drew Seeley as Joey and Selena Gomez as Mary.

It's so funny how in Disney movies or shows you put on a tiny mask or a wig and you look like a totally different person to everyone. XD
Looks different with some make-up and a disguise...Sailor Moon trick..
Why? No. Let's express ourselves, it's youtube. Or let'! XD
you guys DO realize its not selena dancing half of the time; its a person that can look like her doing it. why do you think the camera never shows her face during the intense, impressive scenes? 😂
Selena practiced the dance along with the guy. I saw it on behind the scene. It's all her.
it's Selena, i saw her too, +Master Dono you are right, it's Selena
This is my favorite song out of the whole album
Wts the song in starting? ??
Did anyone else notice this is an Argentine tango or is it just me ?
This movie is just so ASDFGHJKL!! <3 I love this scene and the other dancing one when they couldn't see Selena, just a mirror.
I still dislike those haters that ruined the moment
Its so stupid how they did as if we didnt see all those marbles or whatever it was
Did anyone else notice the fact that they just replayed the same moment twice? Once the stepsisters and Natalia first saw them dancing, that part already happened in the scene right before. I WOULD just say that they were doing the same move over again, but Joey talks after they do it, just like he did in the scene before when he was saying "well I guess we don't have a language barrier". Still love the movie, just something I noticed.
I think they are just doing the same steps one more time😌 Not sure tho
At 1:45 u can hear someone say shake it baby
Courtnie Beckford Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
fancy footwork...... gonna learn it :D baii for now lol xD
Yeah I know xD i just prefer it to bez On Wednesday, November 5, 2014, Google+ (Kelly Quintero) < ****@**> wrote: partner Mute Kelly Quintero to stop receiving notifications from them. Mute updates to this post. This notification was sent to ****@** Go to your notification delivery settings to update your address. Unsubscribe from these emails. reply.
what your name the music?
This reflects that some people these days forget everything you did right cause of that one thing you did wrong.
Cinderelly Cinderelly night and day it's Cinderelly 💃
I watch this movie yesterday and its really awesome Disney channel is the best
And then he thinks the girl who danced with her is the blonde one haha
I love merrys dancing cagily the taco.
The cubed man is so bad which is funny
Listen Natalia , id rather be a tramp,rather than an attention whore like u
tango dance from another cinderella story
They got a dumb girl to play Cinderella but they were problems low on budget Selena Gomez in a that f u selena
And here we have a sad Justin bieber fan
She is so beautiful and her dancing moves are perfect.Love you Selena😘😄
jawhara ibrahimi Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
another cindrella story <3 <3 .....
I don't get why it was such a big deal when she fell. Like did nobody see the stepsisters literally dump the containers of marble on the floor?....
Man labai patinka tiek ji tiek jos dainos
Uau nossa Selena! Divou
I thought you were dating Justin beber
not a lot of people at that dance
Love this & the movie so much !!!
tango dance from another cinderella story
Selena is a ver good dancer, love her!
whatever you said...I don`t care Selena will always be an idol for me...and aI had saw in her instagram count a lot of videos where she`s dancing like in this video, so I really don`t care your comment
+Josh Johnson see the behind the scenes.. she is the one dancing
What's the name of the song!!?!?!???
What is the song they danced to???? It's been driving me crazy! I can't figure it out!
The twins - Valentine's dance tango
#DanieleCampbell  is cupid at ClevverTv.. so rumor says?
Lol how did nobody noticed the stepsisters tipping the candy bowl over xD
omg i never knew dat she can
The name of song is...........I want to know
I love this song so much
Like why didn't he ask for her name when he was talking to her😜😜😝😛
the songs called valentines dance tango by twins 
Check out this video on YouTube:
Seleana looks amazing! :)
how can they not notice the girls delibratly put the balls on the floor
I watched the full movie on putlocker
They are so cute!!! I wonder how Selena got those moves SOOO good! Thus is my favorite part
Valentine's Dance Tango - The Twins
The dance is beautiful! I love her dress!
Is it a coincidence that the crowd forms a sort of heart shape around them at 2:54? Awwww
I Loved It! 💜 😍Fashion & Fitness Blog😍
Love the way you danced Selena PS you are my favorite singer eeeee
where can i watch the entire movie?
shellz smith Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
if you look carefully you'll see that whenever selena's character has her back facing the camera, her waists are a bit wider and her legs look different. when you can only see half her face, sometimes it doesn't look like selena's face at all.
I like how they dance and i love drew seeley :)
ude axirdaki ifrite gordunmuuuuuu
I love it Yesssss Lol pop
Thus is one of my favorite part of the movie
JAJAJA. No supero su caídaXDDDDDDDDDD): 
Georgia Adams Shared on Google+ · 8 months ago
love the movie want to get the collection
where can i get this music ???
tango dance from another cinderella story
Did my screen freeze or is this vid like that.
awww que pequeña estaba
Joey and Mary are so cute together
an awesome movie i love u selena  !!!
Everyone wear white and black.
One of my fave parts of the movie !!!!
Joey Is Too Cute😘😘
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