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Ray William Johnson - ICE CREAM TRUCK FIGHT!!

by Ray William Johnson • 7,487,782 views

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Hey Jesus... Scotty Man!
Anybody seen the movie Second Glance? Can Someone please tell me why he said Jesus Man? 
+Sawin Sambora Hey, he was able to prevent himself getting an STD or illegitimate children. "Jesus, man" is like the brand of condom that only works if you have no sex at all, Even domestic cats and dogs try to have sex once they reach puberty, and they don't even know what it is! lol. Guess they just need "Jesus, animal" though, if they only knew about the horrors of a world without Jesus having been born... think Ancient Egypt, China, etc, oh wait, those weren't completely unacceptable places anyway. lol
song name of the trippy video: 'woody' by Ry Legit
this is what is going on in the spiders mind woa man i think i smoked to much weed
Hey Scottie Go fuck yourself
Was he talking about Scottie Jesus Man Pippen?
When Ray played as Scotty he looked like Rocky from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Mr.Yummy and Mr.Whippy? Those names sound like artificial semen brands.
goth boy Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Ray William Johnson - ICE CREAM TRUCK FIGHT!!:
@ 4:00 Russel, I wish you die/died in "AfghanistaAAan". :^) And however will comment on me here, fuck you too, I won't reply. : ) Fucken American Christians..
Technically it's a Youtube video, within a Youtube video, within a Youtube video, withing a Youtube video
The guy who plays Scotty is called John Jimerson, could you get more generic?
Hey Ray... Abiogenesis bitch!
Hey Jesus... Scotty Man!
Hmm where have I seen this... Oh yeah it's 3 comments up -.-
Its been like 2.5 years but heres my skype username: Ccolin17
akramsparkar is my skype name
The Skype call at the end was the best part of the whole video
2:47 little spider dance :3
Hey ray my Skype is: I69edURstupidMUM.
FireLuigi1987 is my skype ray.
Hey Scotty........JESUS MANNN!!!!!
I doubt there is a point to leave my Skype name almost three years after this was put up, but for Jesus man, it applies..... SheildOfFaith... and if anyone should read s, there is of course an inside joke behind the name that's crazy as hell.
Chaco-taco sounds amazing....
He said Jesus man like Doodie Man
Hey YouTube. JESUS MAN...
I think Scotty's real name is Kyle. Wanna see who gets this.
I FOUND IT +Rohan Isaac  "Jesus man! "
Chako taco lololololol
What was the video in the video with the spider called?
Skype username : nathan_dubstep
4:54... And Remember, Jesus Man
Awesome an ad that people actually like. Go Ray. And P.S this is way funnier than Robbie's jokes, I cant even find joks sometimes.
Spider:shouldn't have given into peer pressure and do the drugs AAAAH IM ON ACID Other spider:i cant believe he thought those were not real drugs lol
3:04 Ray: well that was weird me: well that's ironic. lol 
Id put the doctor who theme on so the spider would go through the time vortex
Hey scotty, jizzes man!
OH MY GOD this typo is absolutely hilarious.
i don't get number 2
Ever since this video came out my friend and i would be walking through the halls at school and she would turn around and say: "hey theo...jesus man" and it's still our little inside joke. 
me and my friend also do this. showed him this video and we always laughs at the part where scotty replies ;D
youtube.......................................jesus,man( and roll credits!)
skype name quicksilver1237
Lol The superhero jesus man
that spider be like im doing so much drugs the day after that day he be like were the hell am i like if you think thats how thats spider felt
My skype: luka6654 or That Cool Dood
that wedding proposal fail was prequel to how Gollum finds the ring in lake :x
Follow me on Insta people @aldren__101
facebook:jennifer.zuelzzke.5 i love you ray!!!!
What is the song from the spider vid?
Skype: Ronnie_NowFuckOff
favorite episode, man haha
2:44 yes, send Claude back to the Anime World...or hell. :3
Black butler?(kuroshitsuji)
aaronwillz1000 or aaronwillz2468
did he say "mom, come get it"? 3:19
Ice cream men are gangster since the movie "Friday"
red back spiders are australian
Tate Hoten is my skype name
Wait, is Ray a leftie?
Hey Atheists, JESUS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my name on Skype is matthew mcculloch with a picture of a dalek
☻/☻/︻╦╤─ ▂▄▅          /▌ /▌ ██▅▃▂ I███████████████████] ◥⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙▲⊙◤
My skype name. Alanlacey809
Published on Jun 15, 2012
how the fuck is that a truck? it's a Van!! They are called ice cream vans! There is no such thing as a ice cream truck because if there was there would be no room to store the ice cream machines and freezers!
My Skype is toreystep123
Kick Charming Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Jesus man !!!!!  haha ray is awesome 
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