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Muse Farms! (Ep 48)

by TheMinecraftMuse • 21,104 views

I put in a lot more work on the main farm room and the monster tubes. Muse farms is a build-central Lets Play. If you are more interested in a faster paced LP, check out my Quest for the Golden...

So you broke your hoe eh? Don't worry Muse, there are plenty of un-cooked fish in the sea being guarded by pumpkins
in 1.2 with the new ais for monsters they wont "willingly" go into the water channels. the solution is to pour water in the middle of the spawn things so they fall into the water. seriously they wont go into the water
in-between your house and your sheep farm you could fill in the gap around it with cobblestone so you don't keeps on falling down and it looks like a nice little walkway, you also have an entrance to the red stone down below so you don't need it, like if you agree :)
Muse should make an iron golem farm in 1.2!!! it's unlimited iron!!
Mr muse you should use some really epic music if you go to battle the Ender Dragon!
18:40 invisible food break!!! Thumbs up!!!
On your 50th video, you should do an uncut video like you used to do in QGA, but not have a cut down version. For some reason I didn't mind watching an hour of you talking.
you should make a special shrine in your house for the golden apple :D
Wow you had quite a few pieces of raw beef in your drops chest. Just instead of melons and excess noms :D
Why did you hit melon with sword and pumkin with axe :( Axe is faster
press 4 for zombie arms and, 7 for trompeling craps and8 8 for longest food break in history of muse farms
when you eat fruit can you say fruitbreak in stesd of foodbreak :D
~1 day of my life spent watching muse farms (48 episodes x ~30 minutes each = ~24 hours = 1 day). 1 day well spent, if i do say so
Place torches on top of the beams you placed on the ceiling and maybe some chandlers..?
if you noticed, he actually DID have a repeater in the bottom chest. Muse, your blindness is astounding. :D
Build a chandelier for the top lighting it would look epic!! Thumbs up so he can see
I'm wondering how your noms would sound while eating melons in super fast speed
Muse,you are my idol.I'm following you since i saw you started LP MUse Farms.I always wanted to be just similiar to you,man with very nice vocabulary,that can talk whole 30 minutes or more,without stoping.But,unfortunately i have retarded voice,im kinda retarded when its about talking.I made one video,but that is not that withuot talking.You are fucking awesome :D
@TheMinecraftMuse when you fell and placed that water, you broke your sugar cane farm redstone line. -.-
@cyadwauu as opposed to now where he leaves the doors open half the time, thus letting his animals out and mobs in. Im glad you pointed this out. Your right trying to create a situation where the doors can remain closed is a bad idea. thanks!
can you make an chicken and pig and sheep tube made out of glass and they can run every were!!!
@GoldenWing81 I don't get what your saying. But mobs will step on the pressure plates thus opening the door
Its been 4 days... When episode 49?
@TheMinecraftMuse oh yeah, and hatchets break melons and pumpkins the fastest i think, and i dont think they take double durability damage for it unlike swords.
i chose to listen to the last episode while playing minecraft instead of watching. apparently i have some reviewing to do ^_^'
Hey just extend the work area up to the ceiling
@StarwarsMarioFan he should do that for all of them :)
Update to snapshot and use an iron golem to make an iron generator.
Fun mob grinder: take out all the torches from the mushroom farm, fence it off. Instant battle arena!
@TheMinecraftMuse Heyo, why not make the center of the roof glass so you can get a skylight?
Finally, after a week of hardcore youtubing, I'm FINALLY caught up on the muse farms series! wow, i lot a lot of homework hours on this...
Make some chandeliers to light the place up
the one dislike person didnt like his too many "noms"
muse, if i may make a suggestion, you could use your brick supply to make a farmhands cottage? it would be a great addition to your farm and you could have it near the sheep farm controls and have the controls inside it.
Lol once one person mentions chandeliers, everybody else starts talking about them and THEY get the top comment, not the original creator :/
you should make chandeliers hanging from the ceiling with fences, wood blocks, and torches
And you can also turn those glistering melons into insta-damage potions, which are almost useless compared to swords in single,playe, exept they affect and area.
you should make a map starting in the center of The Muse Farms
Make the tubes' roof with cobble half-slabs so no need to light them since mobs don't spawn on slabs.
Hey come join my survival server IP:
Muse, make a smelting area by the lava pit so that you can just grab a bucket of lava for a lot of materiels like sand or glass. I think that would be better than having to use up a lot of coal. - love your episodes btw!
@BidCheeze01 i bet its just 1 person who does it on all his videos just to annoy us he's just a gay who cum's over justin bieber
In the rafters place torches on the full wood blocks lol
@TheMinecraftMuse i have made a comment in a previous video to cover the hole that the reed farm's redstone is in with half slabs so as not to cut off the flow but to still keep out mobs, such as the zombie at 8:30
Muse... you have like, 83 raw beef in that drops chest, why don't you use that?
yeah or use glowstone as a sort of realistic chandelier. or if your good with placement and redstone you can try to use redstone lamps.
HI uncle Sean :) these are awesome vids
MOB TRAP why dont you have pistons extend because the extended part still counts as a block and they still get hurt by fall damage.then when you dont want the xp, then you can retract the pistons so they can fall into a pit to die
15:15 POPCORN PIGGIES!! <333 QT!!
you dont need that descusting fire place that was too keep the chests out of the rain now they are useless
@drill274commander Squids despawn after a wile so he couldn't :S
best way to grief by burping is to eat with melons nom ftw
Chandeliers? I always like to use them for classy lighting.
hey muse, to get rid of the spiders in the monster tubes, carve a one block high hole just above water level all the way down and then put a two wide tunnel on the other side. Then add water channels to push the spiders to another elevator. Then when the spider are above fatal drop range, drop them down the same tube as the rest of the monsters.
I think you may have messed up the Sugar Cane farm wiring when you did the water bucket save.
@theminecraftmuse In the main room where the animals are you should make a little loft/attic I think that would look good
You killed steve hugs! (aka the zombie)
can u see the dislike bar i can not
If you add trapdoors around the edges of a glowstone block, it lets some light out but looks more modern :)
you should also make a competition on who can make the bast popcorn chicken video!!!
I'm finally up to speed on muse farms! Now i actually have to wait for another episode =( You've got my cahones in the vice now!
You could make chandelier style lighting with fences from the roof maybe?
you need to make your boat house out of wool so it wont break your boat
Muse you are taking a bit too long for episode 49. Please hurry up. 😒
you can use healing(splash) potions to kill zombies and skeletons while healing your self. its also powerful then diamond sword and better then bow in short range.
can you please make a slaughter house for your piggies :/
herp dee derp. axes are most efficient for Pumpkins and melons.
why don't you expand their pen out a little nit out side so porkinator can still see the ocean and they are still close by if you do a sign with my name would be nice and i am going to remind you that i said that you need to put a safety rail up
20:20 you sounded like "Animal" from the muppets!
even though he's been done with the series for awhile...i feel like he should've gave his pets a bigger pen.
I WOULD like to rebuild their pen... He said that as he was chopping wood
You need to take a cookie food break.
Muse... As a faithful museman I and every other musemen and musewomen will NOT STAND for any absence of episodes. Please post a new video soon. Signed by, your faithful museman
@Burnin8able yeah I knew there was something wrong... lol I still thought I was kinda funny even though it didn't make sense.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE WANT MORE VIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and just a idea for u make a famly tree for the wiggels timeline and maby win in the nather have a zombie food brake sound win in the nether
what is wrong with my comp when i have it on 360p and it takes 1 minunte to load 30 secs i put on 720 holy vid is dont loasing b4 i hit play wtf
Goddamn it muse use ladders instead of signs. It saves sooo much wood.
When you finish the let's play u should upload the map :D
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