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Call of Duty: The Statue Men

by Hidden Masters • 131,539 views

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These were the good old days when they did it back in black ops i miss black ops
whats the episode where they actually do this. they said they did
This is fkn funny HAHAH, ive started to hiddenmasters with my clan, though its hard with party connection. You guys do it the best! xD
Haha love the music goes perfectly with it. I lol´d at 1:19 haha
also can u guys just do 1 game with ground war where u get no kills at all
During the intro for some reason I had a small feeling I was about to see a Denzel movie.
@MyNameIsDavification Its the song from Logans shadow on PSP
@MyNameIsDavification It's the Indian War Chant. Just look up "Indian War Chant Florida State" on YouTube.
must resist doing the tomahawk chop...
The next Challenge you should do is ACT DEAD in MW3. For that you must Press the weaponswitchbutton as fast as you can. PLS Do this i´ll try it and its so funny :P:D They´ll be Like o______O :O WTF (Hiddenmasters FTW)
omg this music is so much appropriate
wow epic trailer I must say bravo to the one of you who worked out this new technique :D
I love ur vids, they're the fucking shit
@Wc3ProElimZ Ok, dude I don't think there is a need to get that upset. A simple No would have been ok.
i never get bored off watchin hidden masters
its the florida state university warchant for the seminoles
@HiddenMasters what song is that at the beginning????
at 1:17 i was like there is no fucking way he didn't see them
1:20 Aww hey cool statues.. OWW WHAT THE SHIT!?!
pls make a vid with the hiding spots on all maps
hahaha this is definitely one of the best ideas you guys have ever had !! I'm looking forward to this ! Go on HiddenMasters !
you guys are just epic at hiding! xD
ewwwwww......criminoles fight song
@HiddenMasters whats the song you use for statue men plz reply!!!
If Anyone Wanna Try This On PS3 Add Me PSN/GT: guero1211 Im Doing This Cause Its Fuqkinq Beast And iWanna Do It xDD
why do they use a flamethrower as an attachment?
whats the map called at 0:45 - 0:54
What is the name of the first song?
@CRAFTYBADBOY im pretty sure its not, its florida state seminals (football) theme song
Now thats fuckin scary lol pass by a corner and see a group of STATUE MEN lol
the guy at 1:24 had to have been so confused lol
hey can u plz send me a invite to one of ur games??? on ps3 thou plzzz ty.
does anybody notice what the best part of the vid is?? 1:17. think about it.
on mw3 you should put hidden masters on ps3!!
Bring this back hidden masters the whole thing with the war chant is hilarious!
paint ur face so they wont see u
@HiddenMasters i really want to play with you guys over xbox my gamer tag is Rusty Clone and the things you guys do are hilarious!
fuck you seminoles seminoles fuck you
"Now you can see on your right the Statue of ... WAR " : P
you guys are great!! i copied u guys in WMD !IT WORKED!!!
This is.... fuckin hilarious! :D
The Song is the Atlanta Braves Tomohawk Chop.
stole idea from critikal (penguinz0)
tbh, i dont think this will work unless all 6 of you go to different parts of the map HUMAN CENTIPEDE FTW!
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