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The Sabotage!? - Ascension With Randoms Part 4

by CampersCabin • 62,816 views

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I don't think this is very funny
trolling is so wack... and you wonder why they took out the crossbow.
Again dude ur like 45
bo is so much better than bo2
You were being a real dick to your teammates, Jeff.
Lol when you got CZs again and Dragonuv, I just laughed. LITERALLY ZERO chance in doing it.
well thank you for being level-headed. someone else called me a queerfuck. the nerve of some people
awesome vud bro. Keep it up. Love to play some zombies with you maybe?
Sometimes when I'm alone, I like to suckle upon a slab of cheese...
In BO2 I think you should be able to put your own music for the perks
In all honesty, how much do you want to bet that it was the highest round they've ever been on.
love the trolling! nice run btw! what was your highest round and on what map?
i think hes sort of was sort of a deuche of you to fuck with them like that.the want to play for fun not be hummiliated in front of thousands of people :(
Y play n just fuck up your team mates . Washed
a tip in case u didnt know, if u jump into a gersh while someone is down, u appear right next to them. great for revivals
you faile its dashark3000 not 3001 thats a one because of the splitscreen dumbass
Hey jeff, would you ever consider starting up the Yours Mine and Ours top plays series again? Man, I loved those vids.
really STICKING it up to them, if you knw what i mean... with the crossbow
if u add their points together, they dont add up too ur points lol
Jeff, why didn't you PHD Flop the zombies at times?
16:25 "He will not stay up. This is making it very hard." My friend, that is what she said. Good day to you.
"If you enjoyed this, don't do anything" :)
Revive them by holding square and triangle at the same time
i cant bielieve he got it da fuuck
his claymore was still there he planted like 3 rounds ago outside the pack room in the dirt.
Hey killerharrison its dougcorena2 from psn.........why don't u play with me anymore? :/
nah. dubstep sucks. so does modern pop. all shit
yea I kinda wanted the game to end at that point honestly. The 4th guy left back a couple of rounds ago so I thought I'd just drag it out a bit more. But yea I should have got jug and quick revive before I went for em. oh well.
Did anybody notice his ending points were 115930 which is the mineral that created zombies and almost the group rictofens in
nice i got to round 25 last night after watching how he plays
you shouldve called the lander when he was down so it would fall on him
When he was losing his perks, it sounded like a song
"Your Epic Plays" More of a joke kind of series, or it at least seems like a joke.
nice to see someone dealing with negative people like that :)
7:31 I accidentally went down on moon on round 35 solo doing that
@Omanpr0 And the same size of anyone who still finds that funny
hahaha if your subscribed to xcal hes got almost the same title haha
spray the colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pack a punch when instinct kill is on.
U may think this shit is funny but ur ass would rage quit by now if u were in there position
I'm thinking about doin a Duel wield weapons only challenge (m1911 too)
Hey, How do you revive with your gun
you tried to screw him 3 times and helped him hahaha.
you are a king of zombies im going to like this
After Jeff accomplishes something, he always says "alright"
press triangle or Y and still press revive button and your gun will be up
its bull u needed better people
How could you dislike a TGWC Video? Those 11 People are idiots.
I dont always play zombies, but when I do I play with dumbasses
Great job Jeff. I understand why you ended it. I've tried playing with randoms like you are. It's fun to screw with them
Bro u called cz7s that's just goo do
TGWC: "I died saving people" person interviewing him: "why did they need to be saved?" TGWC: "i was fucking with them"
xbox 360:hold x and click y ps3:hold squre and click triangle
"team kill, get mad, mission accomplished" rofle
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