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TF2 - Attack of the Sliding Scout

by DrPaulando • 24,001 views

A follow on from the Attack of the Civilian Heavy. After the recent Sniper and Spy update, I noticed that the Scout had a tendancy to slide when crouching with the Scattergun (this has been fixed...

Tubular Bells + TF2 = pure terror!
Do something about Slap my Hand Spy c:
not nearly as scary as civilian heavy...
You should get sponsored to make a full length TF2 horror movie haha, awesome video
Nice music, what is the name of map?
Everything I do is a cue for you to make a similar video ;D
wat would happenif the civilian heavy and sliding scout teamed up....uh oh or the they attacked each other who would win? Last night i played in a server that a civilian heavy is running amok but it was like halo 3 infected or cod4 michael myers except the civ heavy isthere and we hadto survive as long as we can lol
Heavy found someone who could outsmart boolet.
You know what, I actually completely forgot about the outtakes. They're not really outtakes, it's just us/Captain Combat Beard messing around inbetween shots. I might upload them during the weekend.
Reminds me of Paranoia Agent. Must be the baseball bat and the sliding.
50% way there, now I just need to stumble upon Beard and Lillys youtube accounts by accident... And fro mthe looks of it when you play with SupaGoGo YOU mess things up, not Beard :P
Poor engi and just so EPIC crowling skaut lol liza slonjiiikKKKK
It's like all my fears rolled into a 3 minute film trailer.
can see the effect of boink nah rly, good job with this video
i love how im wathcing this on holloween......
Wow? I mean, really? That's amazing to you? Well, I had no idea it was possible for someone to be so boring, as to find THAT amazing. Kinda sad, if I'm honest. I feel for you man. I too, am cursed with being a boring person.
Damn. Someone already made an attack of the crab spy video. I was about to suggest it.
At the end, there seems to be more sliding attackers. Possibly the ones the scout killed became sliders?
It's funny because you're actually 100% correct, I do actually mess things up a lot more than Captain Beard. Keep trying, and then maybe one day you'll stumble upon Lilly's and Beard's accounts by accident, and that will be a day marked by history for years to come.
"Your supscription to DrPaulando has been added"
This gave me nightmares. :(
Unless it's been fixed recently, I actually found you can do something like this with the soldier. If you rocket jump like normal, but hold crouch and shoot another rocket at your feet JUST before you land, you should be able to move around and perform any action, except a taunt, while in the idle animation, as long as you hold crouch.
If you check my friends list, you'll find CaptainCombatBeard and Psatou's account.
Lmfao this is hilarious I love the shot of the scout sliding up the hill
The echoing gets realy annoying.
Sliding Scout Turns Everyone a Civilian! OMG!!! RUN!!!
@DrPaulando do u mean bonk made him crazy so he felt like sliding?
Its like an infection, anyone who gets killed by a civilian gets turned into one. :D i'm looking forward to this movie
sawmill im guessing..idk cause i play the xbl version
Reminds me of the fallout new vegas intro bug.
The part with the Engineer was definitely the best.
I bet I'd be scared in the actual game to see an entire team of civilians sliding towards us.
Lawlz, love the end. No one can hear you scoot...
Should of have made "The attack of the Civilian Sniper" too bad it got fixed this last update. :(
Sounds more like the Excorcist soundtrack. You sure you know your movies?
"Raid of the Civillized Soldier".
1:00 spah round here! (behind scout)
he prob borke his bones while in the middel of a MJ move
Lol that engi got gang raped :[
What editing program did u use? How did u do the echo?
What I'm trying to say is, DAMN do you got weak comebacks.
coming out summer of 2012??? FFFFFFFFFFFF-
Are you by any chance... Box Face?
Well it'd certainly be creepy if someone was doing that in my yard.
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