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MW3 - Hiding Tactics on Carbon (Troll Drone)

by Hidden Masters • 184,925 views

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what is the epic music from?
When you all lay down, you look like The Human Centipede.
The dislike bars like a ninja , its there but you cant see it ¬_¬
DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME DOME! Vote up so they do it on DOME next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I play with ps3. Do you have ASSASSIN PRO?
2:16 Lui Calibre: Shit just got real. (⌐■_■)
yall are so famous for doing so little! =) but we still love yall..and when i say we i mean only me =)
could yall do arkaden or lockdown
look at your comment, look at the video, look at your comment again noone gives a fuck?
@MrUglydude44 they failed at dome but they did it
lol i played a match against you guys earlier today on hardhat ;)
i got ps3 but im gettin an 360 too i will add u hecknn
@xxSCxxCerial haha, you roasted him!
I think 2day I was playing with that JimmyTool guy 2day
Hey guys don't listen to @TrickyTrolls. They're fucking assholes. They didn't even accept my friend request. Assholes don't give a shit about their subs.
U make them look like retards wats your gamertag send me it in a private message
ps guys: They did dome, but failed epicly...
@xBerkoful it is: The dislikebar is like a ninja.. you know its there, but you can't see it!
HELP US we make mw3 trolling, hiding, passive aggression and just cool clips, we want to get to 200 subscribers by May, please help out. Thanks
are you saying your penis is the size of the like bar? Thats pretty small :P
look at the like bar, now look at your penis, look at the like bar again. They are both too small to be a penis.
Why did I find this so entertaining? XD
Hello, I am new to youtubing but i would be very grateful if anyone would mind checking out my videos, They are gameplays, i would be deeply grateful if you would watch, like,coment or maybe even subscribe. Thanks P.s> please thumbs up to help out a newbie!
Hidden Masters are the only COD people who actually play as a team and use team work
I dont like campers, but i HAVE TO SAY THIS IS REALLY FUNNY
who else was crying when they got spotted
If you wanna do this on team tactical on psn send me a "HM" message with a friend request to "triple_259772"
if anyone wants to do stuff like this add me on xbl my gt is lntimidating (lower case L at the front)
if you want to try this add me PS3 only just write hidden masters in the description DaKingZofTonGa
i love when the asshole camper music kicks in lol
(For the fanboys) look at your comment, how old long ago was the stone age? how long ago was that unoriginal comment made? see the similarities?
what was the song that started playing at 2:40?
i put my mouse over the dislike bar and now its hidden:)
If he wanted his own comeback he woulda wiped it off your mother's chin....
Watching teamwork like this reminds me of the campaign.
Whether your dick is the size of the dislike bar, or the like bar... it's still pretty small.
Me and my friend always go on SD and sit in the back of the map and fuck each other so its on the killcam do it its hilarious
@VincentUriel123 When he said that i almost felloutta my chair
I like how i was the first few to comment. I put human Centipede and then now my comment is removed.
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