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Kim Kardashian Smokey Eyes Tutorial

by Beauty4two • 346,320 views

Beauty4two: For business inquiries only: Products Used: Endless Chocolate - L'Oreal Brown Eyeshadow - Bh Cosmetics Mascara Definitve...

why should you hate on someone for A) helping others and B) Clearly taking good care of herself. Women who take pride in looking good is a good woman in my book.
giusto per informazione lei non è italiana...e comunque io non ci vedo niente di male...
because every woman wants to look like a cocksucker!
Not that Kardashians are beautiful and mind - numbingly attractive, cuz that's not what i meant.
ммм сексуальный акцент : D
Why am I looking at this -.- I am not a girl
hi..liked the look..but you should darken the eyebrows they aren't noticible...and second you'll get premature wrinkles if you tug the eye area when applying concealer... :)
eh beh una persona è italiana può parlare solo italiano..grazie ai vostri commenti ora nn insegneranno mai più l'inglese nelle scuole perchè nessun italiano può avere l'accento inglese -.-'' ma fatemi il piacere! onorina è albanese cmq! soffermatevi a guardare il motivo principale del video!
ma perchè volete fare tutte le dive che sapete le lingue ecc ecc come se volete essere di un altra nazione, sei italiana sei lombarda e allora parla italiano e basta . mi piacciono i tuoi video, sei simpatica ecc ecc però dai fare la diva no!
nice tutorial, now go back in the kitchen
why was 6 afraid of 7? because 7 8 9
I don't know why youtube recommends this video for me ?I think youtube must care about the gender of it's users !
The Kardashians are a bunch ugly whores.... That is all.
oni è un piacere sentirti parlare in inglese!! io amo questa lingua, e tu hai una pronuncia fantastica e lo parli in maniera molto fluente!! bravissima!!
Why would anyone want to look like that SKANK!?
Yeah, better to be an unattractive chick, who doesn't give a rats ass about her looks, totally better. You do that.
Thumbs up if you cant even understand the TOP COMMENTS!!!
this is just the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard!! what has religion to do with make-up? not everything is about religion! and have you ever seen a turkish or arabic women/girl without make-up? arabic women put tons of makeup. I know Moslems blaim Jews for everything bad in this world, but actually this time the Egyptian are guilt because they invented make-up and were the first people who used kohl-pencil on their eys.
WTF seriously ! dude i get fully dressed upp in same time ..
I dunno why but I prefer your natural look better!!! Lovely tutorial! =D I've always wanted to learn how to do smokey eyes
i saw Kim Kardashian @ Redtube i love her ass
WTF seriously ! dude i get fully dressed upp in same time ..
is it weird that im watching this because I think her accent is sexy?
All'inizio pensavo che ti avessero rubato i video
Next can we get a tutorial on Ray-J's dick?
I'm a man and hate kim kardashian...why the hell am I watching this?
i love ur skin u look so pretty
im so glad to be a dude i swear...all i gotta do is take a shower do the basics then im good to go anywhere
a sua testa da medo o.o nãao é normal.. (Y) mais enfim tirando issu a make ta linda xD rs
you are so beautiful! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I learned a lot. :)
she is very pretty wiz n wizout makeup
Dear youtube, pls reccomend video's by gender, or make a preference form. this Whole make up tutorial reccomendation is pissing me off!
You and your sister are beautiful. You seem very sweet and classy. I like that your videos are short and I can get some makeup ideas and tutorials quickly. Good luck with your new channel. Don't let hateful people and their mean comments bother you. They are just jealous and have no manners. Just because people use their computer to hide behind while they are being cruel to others, God knows who they are...
just gorgeous. your skin is so radiant i'm really jealous.
Oni non dare retta a certa gente! Sei fantastica e bellissima! Bacione !!
I have to say, you look nothing like kim kardashian. Lucky you =P
che commenti carini onorina.... ma come fai a resistere??? sei bravissima e bellissima!! :)
she aint even pretty,plus she has a big ass butt,i like my women with a small round ass..
love u kim , would u marry me plz
Tra i 3 look che hai caricato questo è quello che mi piace piu di tutti. E poi ti faccio i complimenti per l'inglese perchè sei bravissima e come fai???!!! Un bacione! E in bocca al lupo per questa tua nuova avventura...ovviamente anche a tua sorella!
Who would /want/ to be like kim kardashian? Might as well show me how to get a hitler moustash
it should look as natural as possible
o video porno é muito bom, no yotube josé melodia
Don't put in the title "Kim Kardashian". She looks like an expensive prostitute. Just say "Eye makeup tutorial". You are more beautiful than that slut. I know that the KK name is good to showcase to get more views from the KK lovers because that bitch is overrated in the media, but it is better to stay away from someone who got "famous" because she did a green porno video like Paris Hilton so that she could create enough scandal to get some attention and start her undeserved socialité status.
E questo canale da quanto tempo l'hai aperto?
Home depot must be making a killing since they opened their cosmetics dept.
@bylubs2 from Italy. She is pepperchoccolate84 :)
Sarà che io adoro i trucchi sul lo trovo semplicemente bellissimo!molto elegante! mi ha "sgridato"..mi ha detto che sto lasciando troppi commenti =(...non sapevo ci fosse un limite!
da mi je znati sto gledam ovo :) LEPO
adoreiiiiiiiiiiii quero ver mais ja estou inscrita em seu canal voce pode ser escreve no me?
Tu est super bien foutue, je vais parler de toi à mon nouveau pote que je viens de connaître sur youtube "bxllapd1020" lol il parait qu'il baise avec tout, même dans sa famille. un vrai porc lol
hai fatto un canale anche in inglese? brava :D
ooo....nice video and your nailpolish always looks so chic
she was born in Albania, but she lives in Italy from many years :)
People, don't obsess over getting a perfect Kim Kardashian look, because I'm pretty shure she has her own personal makeup artist do it for her every day.
perfect make up! congrats!! i will try do it, but i dont have this things :/ btw, where are you from? you're accent is lovely.
Parabéns pelo vídeo e maquiagem ficou muito Legal!
It is a great make up. But can you send me the names of the products because I couldn't understand them well!!!
je te trouve tres jolie et j'adore tes vidéo :)
' i love a lady natural eyes, face, lip, skincheek without a foolish waste makeup chair,,, natural whole face is the best that way and wiser,,, use a makeup chair is a foolish and not wiser
I've never been attracted to women who wear heavy make up like this. Make up should be used very sparingly. Almost to the point where you can't tell if she's wearing it or not.
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