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Meatycraft - Ep.15: Ninja Assassin Prank on GUNNS4HIRE

by meatwagon22 • 150,445 views

A behind the scenes look at the "gift" button i left for him. Boom welcome to my world.

Guns4higher is the prank king
I want to see the reaction!put a link somewere?
you should've used obsidian and had water flow in so he would drown
If you want to watch the explosion the episode is called - Noobcraft Ep.4 Big Surprise - when I watched it I laughed so hard!!!!
he he did anyone notice the face on the picaxe
i can't finde it plss say whare it is and more meatycraft plsss
@dihhie Ngt's server was shut down and Meat started his own survival server and recently Bently joined and he's making crater city V.2
meaty your a genius. thats why your second favorite
@TheWalkthroughKnight Gunns already released his episode.
if he is gonna put his world up for download i hope he dosent pull the prank he did on GUNNS to us
You should have used obsidian for the trap.
Watching this cause suspense to see gunn's reaction
this texture pack is misa hd for all those wondering :)
free server guys check it out.
What if he watches this first!? Or what if he isnt recording when he blows up? Lol
can we get a link 2 the other vid cuz im having trouble finding the 1 where he goes boom, unless its not up yet
me: oh thats cool he just blocks him in meaty: i was contemplating how much tnt to put down here BEAST MODE ENGAGED
That's epic he'll shit himself cool
step it up a "notch" no pun intended
on nextgentactics gunns did noobcraft and u c it its really funny
Wanna play minecraft? Hamachi LUKESERVER password 123
Who esle thought he was gonna die when he fell
lololololololol i saw the episode
i saw noobcraft first and when guns died from the tnt so then i thought i should go to this and see how to do it so i could do it to my friend
Gunns called you a bastard and he wants to kill you
Just started to watch his episode and its hilarious!!!! haha!!!!
lol i cant wait to hear gunns reaction
pause at 2:11 and you can see whats underground :)
thats all she wrote is a good song
@darrenegan2k9 on nextgentactics noobcraft episode 4
Which noob survival episode is it?
@C4RL0Z479 Yeah Gunns has alread been destroyed, damn funny reaction aswell. watch?v=qS2QM85HxQk
man!!! i was hoping for 12 tnt, i want destruction!!!!!
Commentators who say almost 12 minutes is short, 20+ is medium and 35+ is long... Are Fuking Awesome! Luv Yah Meat!... (no sexual pun intended -.-, Shame on you)
@Chipmonk171 He did it a month ago. Search noobcraft ep.4
I tried to do it but the dispenser would either throw the block to far or the weight of the block wouldn't spark the pressure plate. any tips?
Dang gunn's cartoony minecraft looks kinda cooler than the texture pack
where the vid thats guns got prank
thumbs up so meaty can see this:) meat you should live stream either meatycraft or dumb and dumber
@nikolas12777 I dont know what the heck you were doing when you typed that I hope you are not retarded.
@pieboy620 no, in the video he says that his computer maxes out at 2 people, so he will not give out the ip
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