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OOTN: Cardigan & Leggings

by Nicole Guerriero • 107,811 views

OPEN ME!!!! Product list: [CLOTHES] Leopard Cardigan: Forever21 ( ) Black Tank Top: Forever21 Black Leggings: Kohls ( Candies ) Dolce Vita Boots: Marshalls or Macy's...

what is the name of the press on nails and i love your videos they inspire me so much(:xoxo-mscoconut17
I have never been to the Cheesecake Factory
Is it the regular Sterling silver Carrie Style, the double thickness, or the small sterling silver, or small 14k white gold?
you are my fav <3 you sooooooo much!!!!!!!!
omg were you there last night?!?!? The one in international :(( I was at bay street! BOOO LOL.
lol i have the EXACT same top and i also wear it with black leggings and tank top <3 i wear it with knee high boots tho :) Loove u
Very Cute and SImpe! Like it <3
Such a cute outfit! It does not look like cheesecake has ever touched your lips! What do you eat from there?
you need more of these young lady <3
hah i went to the cheesecake factory too this weekend :) nice video btw!
@doodlebuq07 Great, they changed the hair they use I think, doesn't matte like the other ones did! I will be doing an updated Hair Extensions video soon! :)
lookin cute n comfty! Luv the outfit!
@nguerriero19 yey can't wait for the video!!how often do you wash them by the way??
Cute. I have the same boots, tjmaxx, luv them, looks great with my motorcycle jacket
can u plz tell me what size u got? i am the same height as you, and same size, but i wanna make sure i get one that will be long enough to cover my butt! M or L? THANKS!:)
I think you'd be a great stylist! you should put some outfits together? like a showcase? or guide for girls like me, who cant dress themselves? because they get confused hahah :) Please?
awww i miss "now let's go to the long mirror" haha
Could you do a review on those press on nails? Love your videos! :)
I really enjoy watching your videos girl! You inspire me :-) you always have swag on! Lol luv ya! Keep doing what you do! I'll keep watching.
Please do more outfits of the days/nights. You 're amazing.....i just adore your hair...!!!!!
Aghhh! I need that leopard print cardigan! Did you get it recently?! I particularly like that it's long so it covers up the "areas" when you wear leggings! ;)
@mrsKassi5 Yeah I did but I got it online, the link to the exact sweater is in the bottom bar! :)
I'm sad. Forever 21 earrings make my ears suuuuper irritated! :(
Do you remember the name of the etsy seller that sells those turquoise bracelets?
How long do the press on nails stay on for? & do they harm ur resl nails like acrylic?
cute outfit.. hows the luxy extensions working out for you this time around?
Gorgeous!!! You look beautiful with animal patterns :)
@vtgreeley1 I miss it too lol, just needed to give my hair a break from all the bleach!! It will be back in the summertime! :)
I really like how you dressing up, casual, yet sexy :)
loved comfortable and pretty!! your so pretty and you look like latin.. are you?? do you speak spanish?? answer me when you have time gorgeus and visit my channel too if you want! :)
mmmm I love the Cheesecake Factory hehe love your outfit!
i totally want that cardigan!
@SissySillyFreckles i agree...kinda like a lookbook
where is your bracelet from? i love it !
Love The Cheesecake Factory! Do you have a go to meal that you always get when you go there? Just curious!
nice cardigan!love the design of the cardigan!nice with leggings! Have a great week end!
@BeautimusJessa They stay on about a week! & no, no damage! :)
What name brand is the press on nails u have I look for them in Walgreens but I can't find them:0(
Italian flag over ur door swaggggg! Italians for lifeee!
I LOVE that cardigan! My one friend always gets mad at me because whenever we go shopping I always ask if I can wear something with leggings when he points something out, but that is just too cute!
Love the outfit ! Really want to know the info on the turquoise bracelet . Who is the etsy seller? Thank so much!
OMG love it ! LOve the cardigan i love love loveeeeeeeee your style ! xoxox
Do you wear a thong with your leggings? I think theyre comfier xxxxxx
youuu have the most amazing legs! do you work out or anything?
you are so beautiful =) ouaaaaaah lol
LOVELY outfit, LOVE it! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Love that print on your cardigan and your nails ..super cute <3
Love your videos(: love the outfit ublook pretty(:
Howcome so many people can get cute clothes from F21 but when I go I can't find anything! Maybe my F21 just sucks and it's messy :/ anyway, cute outfit! Love the cardigan :)
i love that cardigan!!!! i want it
super duper cute ............ <3 <3 <3 xoxox
are those the dolce vita "storm" boots?
LOVE your outfit!! Those boot are too diiiie!!! Gorgeous girl! xo
Miss leopardy lol lovve it :) x
love the outfit...but...I miss your carmel colored hair!...The darker hair is pretty too, but the lighter color gave you more of a glow...Not Hatin on you...Your Great!♥
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