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Stupid Air Fresheners

by danisnotonfire • 1,892,016 views

THEY ATTACK YOU, AND HAVE STUPID NAMES. true story. SUBCRIBE TO PHIL HE IS THE BEST sorry it took so long! I have literally been ill for like a month x_x hahaha but I...

is he in Phil's room he is in Phil's room my heart
+Tia van Bockel I'm pretty positive that they've always had different ones. I also just noticed the bedspread in this is a different patter. So either way they don't match lol
+Niamh Myers Yeah I thought so xD Plus why would he be in Phil's bedroom? gasps Unless... 
0:58 - 1:01 I like to imagine that that's a physical representation of fangirls getting hit by feels
I just re watched that part and I am now dieing of laughter at this comment
I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way
When you said OMG LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU I looked behind me to find my cat about to claw my hair so instead he clawed my face :(
WOW I remember when Dan was all about the game, I wonder what he thinks of it now.
He probably cringes about it. I know I do.
He was so cute Now I'm scared of him :(
I met dan and he's so sweet and my life goal is to meet gerard
Is it weird that i find him MORE attractive when he says 'fuck' ?? :3
The "What the hell Dan!" reminded me of Kittens and Steamrollers. Anybody else? D:
+Rebecca King It wasn't that scary, just more of like a "Wtf?" kind of fanfic.
I look behind me. Wall...... Ohkaaay........
Phil is to adorable. Like in this video when he goes: What the hell, Dan. Its not normal. Hes to adorable
Thanks for warning me. Slenderman was behind me. Lol. I am going to die now. See ya!
Oh god what am I doing its almost 4am now and Dan have gained 511 from when I start binge watching his vids which is like at 11? I think, till now.... O.O . #isohavealife
I'm doing that right now
I'm allergic to air freshener I know it sounds weird but it's true
Like if you're watching this in 2015!
Why did he film this video in Phil's room?
I was thinking that. At first I thought it was a hotrel cause of the white but then I saw Phil's bed sheets and I fangirled during English class. Now my teacher thinks I'm crazy cause I squealed whilst 'reading macbeth'
probably he did not move in with phil yet cuz he mentioned he was going to uni for his first year and in his second year he moved In with phil
lol when he said did that work i went yea yep it sooo worked like YASS ( being scarcastic )
Dan caught ebola before ebola was mainstream o!!1! And yes i was being a hipster there sorry bye :D
Probably my favourite Dan video tbh 😂
"LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!" stares into dans soul as if he didn't say a word
Every time I want to watch something I have to watch this stupid ad that's "15 seconds" but takes forever because buffering is a butt.
what have I created
Got the automatic thingy Anyang af
i realized at 2:34 that this was filmed at phils
I turned around an got freaked out because my table was there 
My sister once shoved me into the washing basket in the hallway and I couldn't get out :)
why did I just watch this video?? xD seriously it's one of the best fetus Dan videos 
Watching this in 2015 and crying
Whats that behind you?! A pillow :3
And the best part of this is that I born without the sense of smell
He's probably just in Phil's room because A. He was moving at the time and he most likely had boxes everywhere B. He needed another actor for this particular video ( aka Phil ) Logic and reason my darling.
I turned around and a massive spider was literally raping my back. Let's just say I cried... A LOT!!!
how long have you had that lama with hats shirt ps your so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
I love all of dans videos, but I do miss his ones like this
5 years later i still look behind me when he says that...
The second you said "look out behind you" my mum came in the room she now questions my sanity
I actually looked behind me... and  it was a wall....
open windows smell like tree mixed with dog poop
Open windows the lovely smell of a stinky pond and mold.
I don't know what hurts my heart more the fact that he's in Phil's room the fact that in this video Dan is the same age as I am now or the fact that he didn't know he would drop out of University a year later. uuuuuuughhhhhhhhhh
I have one of these and when i bend down to get something it burns my eyes just like your intro thing..
Omg he is in phill room😍😍
I just went back and looked at it and OMFG AHHH!!!1!1!1
3:20 my back was facing a no.
2:23 Seductively eaten bananas? What?
That one dude who put BACON
Isn't that Phil's bed?!?!!?!!???😁
Swine Aids??....what is that??
aww he's so cute when he winks at 3:06!!!
That moment when you realised this was made 5 years ago.
I you no longer have swan aids???
The first dan vid I watched :|)
Nope did not work at all
Are those Phil's linens behind him?????
The smell of open windos hmm my najeboorhod when I open my window and take a wif well it would smell of drugs and acioul dont ask
I have a wall behind me.... :P
You can tell he is in Phils room bc of the bed
And when you said to "look behind you" I actually was like "nah, m8." But then I'm like "okay, I will." There's a headboard behind me. DUN DUN DUN! Pretty creepy, yeah??😂
Have you heard about the shocking re design of the ike amiibo
It didn't work but I was tempted
guys, what if while dan was on the floor phil was just checking out his booty ;)
He called us danosaurs :D  *soul being ripped out*
Can we all take a moment to appreciate Phil in a leather jacket ♥.♥
It was going so well until the very very end of the video -__- Damn you Dan and Jaredletolove!!!!
why is this filmed in Phil's room XD
Its strange because just before dan said look out behind you my door opened and nobody was there . Oh no my house is haunted I'm DOOMED 😐
3:06 the inappropriate winking thing from his other video.
When you yelled to not look behind you, I turned around and my little brother was 15 centimeters from my face... 
Turned around and cringed because OPEN WINDOW WAS THERE
pauses video to read FOUR PAGES OF SMELLS and only laughs at Hookers and essence of snail...
Well so much for university lol that didnt happen :)
Sort of like what does a shooting star scented candle smell like
Will there ever be a video where Dan is wearing a belt that actually works?
Oh my gosh, Dan :') Dead :')
Phil swore at you he said what the hell he said what the hell he said I swear why he swore he is a wire he made he never swears he just did
hell is not a swear word....
Dan is always sick though.
Anyone seeing this in 2015 😆
Can someone please explain The Game joke? And yas that "look behind you" almost worked but I was actually scared to look bcz I thought something creepy would pop up on the screen x)
Yes, crap, I lost again.
I saw a candle called "angle whispers" wtf glade?
I imagine that wouldn't smell too lovely,
omg i just realized thats phils bedroom :ov 
I've gone on a fetus Dan and Phil marathon today. #noregrets
3:06, 3:14 Inappropriate winking reference right there.
is it bad that i have no clue what you guys mean when you say the game o-o i feel like its a dansinotonfire thing and that im a waffly twat for not knowing what the hell it is 0-0
'The game' is a game where, if you think about it, you lose. So the trick is to not think about it, and if Dan says 'the game' we automatically lose. ^_^
OHHHHHHHHHHH thank you xD +TheSunnyParade And btw is your name insprired from My Chemical Romance The black parade? ^-^
What the heck dan?! Dan-MY EYES AH MY EYES THEY BURN! Phil-...
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