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Muse - House of the Rising Sun

by diogo mateus • 1,083,323 views

There is a house in New Orleans They call the Rising Sun It's been the ruin of many a poor boy And God I know I'm one Well mothers tell your children Not to do what I have done While you spend your...

This version it's incredible. I like "The house of rising sun" of The Animals and the cover of Toto,but this is.. Beautiful
Keith Mathews Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
TIL: this cover exists
When I saw them, they started playing it, but it bled into Time is Running Out.
Jesus Matt, calm the fuck down
Five Finger Death Punch did a pretty good cover of this too
First piece of music I ever heard from Muse. It wasn't even their song, nor even their best work, but I fell for them. 
+BeastHunterSam Why am I a communist? Because I know the meaning of an arbitrary phrase? Don't be too hard on yourself, I only know that phrase because part of my Music Technologies course covered the evolution of Music :P 
+CaptainCornflakes +BeastHunterSam People, because I am sick of your pathetic, childish argument which has no bearing on my initial comment, I am closing replies.
i j-offed to this for 9 hours, best session ever thanks matt <3
The Animals was the best... but I do love Muse :) and this is waaaay better than Five Finger Death Punch's version!!
+dtroy15 even though that 5FDP shouldn't cover this song because it ruins it. but the band it self is good.
matt has some serious passion in his voice in this. it sends shivers up my spine, i actually like this cover alot.
I like muse's vocals, but it saddens me that they use that techno instead of actual instruments.
The only "techno" in this song is the synth arpeggio.. They have used that since Origin of Symmetry.. But usually they use instruments, like piano, bass, drums, strings and synth.. There is no techno in Muse, they just experiment with new stuff as they want. They are not making the music for only you.. Many others like this, i do too.. Think about that before you accuse Muse of being "techno"
Everyone should check out the version of this song  by Heavy Young Heathens. Its amazing.
Good version of a classic and .......what a voice
Miryam Deligia Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
the animals version was obviously better. im the biggest muse fan in the world and i can still admit it. did this make the top 10? did they receive years of radio replay  from this? no. But The Animals did
This song wasn't even released as a single. Of course it wasn't going to get a ton of airplay!
Everybody is commenting "the animals version was better" obviously it was better,because it is THEIR song,i love muse.and the animals,I like both versions because they both made it their own.
its actually not their original song, it was a traditional folk song before
ciccio bomba Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
"L'intelligenza del mero computo dell'utile e del successo è  l'intelligenza della mediocrità che resta mediocre anche quando agisce su scala politico-economica mondiale" M. Heidegger, Introduzione alla filosofia, Pensare e Poetare
Dat heavvy ass intro.
This still gives me chills  his voice is filled with soul and angst!
Leadbelly version anyone? Everyone talks about animals but im sitting here with leadbelly version in my head!
Wesley Shark Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Doesn't get any better than this. #muse
Not as good as The Animals version, but still great.
+jajajeomaiskaal Well freaking Lorde won best Rock music video, and she is nowhere near Rock at all. So anything goes in this day.
+MrKaleb777 isnt that freaken crazy? Lorde. Hahahaha thats nute!
This would be so much better if the vocals weren't being trampled into submission by the rest of the sound.  Why sing if nobody can hear it?
Alli T Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
TIL: this cover exists
Best cover of the song!
Dear Five Finger Death Punch, THIS is a rocked out hardcore version of House of the Rising Sun.  It still has emotion, isnt flat as sh*t, is still a wail of self-damnation that the song has always represented from Ledbelly to Dylan to the Animals and beyond.  THIS is a good cover. Yours is an uninspired piece of commercialized radio-safe background sound. 
no way to upvote twice :(
Carmine Rumma Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
This version it's incredible. I like "The house of rising sun" of The Animals and the cover of Toto,but this is.. Beautiful
Nice way to ruin a song.
suck my penis pls
if you fill your end of the bargain then we have a deal 
I remember when my mother and I sang this.  I'm just so glad Muse covered this song, otherwise I wouldn't have had a bonding moment with me and my mother. Just the idea that old songs are being brought back and covered by an epic band like Muse is great. 
The Animals version remains the best.
Everytime I hear this song I literally think of this huge sun cracking through the floorboard of this wooden house and it exploding and sucking everything in! Muse you're amazing! You blow my mind into a world of creativity!
I hate this cover. Muse is awesome i love them but... This is a bad cover. It sounds like his trying to sing like Kurt Cobain .-.  
+Chris Luna Then what was "you're taking this too serious" supposed to mean? That would imply that you weren't being serious and were just joking. Or am I somehow wrong? :P
+CaptainCornflakes  Why don´t you shut up and get a haircut..
I am shocked that there are people that don't like this.
All of the extra stuff is unnecessary and, I feel, distracts from the song.
Great, this is the time Muse choose to go Noise Rock...
this is a leadbelly cover right? :)
Pretty much every version of this song is a cover, as noone really knows where this song originated, it is a traditional folk song. 
+lordroflcopter it originated in the 1870's in the United States.
If there was a version with Bellamy's vocals and the Animals instrumental....
Why couldn't I find this on iTunes?
fitted his voice like a glove!!
i think this is great but i wish it differed more from the animals version! it could have been original and creative
The Animals version was a cover too, nobody knows who actually wrote this song, it's traditional
Not too point out the obvious but there really is no original this is a traditional. Meaning it has been sang by many people in many ways over the years most people think The Animals did it first when in fact they didn't it is much older than that.
All you music nerds out there... that claim to know so fkn much. YT 'animals house of the rising sun' Realize.. this song came out in 1964. Before the Beatles craze hit America. They started a sound. The Animals were absolutely critical in the shaping of Rock and Roll in America. Name another song that year that held such passion? 
Actually this is a folk song, and has no origin. The Animals simply brought it into the light of public eyes.
This is so good. Love what they did to it!!!
Holly Crap, I would've never imagined in a million years that I would've ever like another version of this song, other than with Animals but Muse really did an amazing job! they just continue to impress me!
I can't believe I used to like this when I was 16. God, I'm glad I grew out of this shit.
so now you listen to black men talking about their problems?
+Joost Wiechers Sometimes. Other times I listen to black men talking about their money.
I love the song itself, but I'm not too fond of other versions besides Muse's. I wonder why it seems so disliked, huh. 
Not going to lie I hate this! And I usually love muse
This is a great cover from a great band. Muse is the best :)
Sara Smith Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
fck sake this is horrible.  Muse is that band that has a hit.. gets a following.. and doesn't grow outside its demographic. This is absolutely atrocious. Just like Kiss fans, Im sure I will be demonized here!  Non-creative. Homogenized. Generic.  This is foul. Period. 
>absolutely smashes a band that lots of people love >calls that people will demonize him >people see that it isn't even worth the time
One man's trash is another person's treasure. I see this song as treasure. :D
the original song  is better
It was a blues that drunk men would sing in a bar, until they would see the sun. You people are idiots, it's a Traditional folk song. This melody is originally called  "Rising Sun Blues" Get your facts straight, before you people discuss something pointless that could be searched by google.
It's a folk song. The original is hundreds of years old.
odd, this song (not just this cover) got really popular just a bit ago, then it died out again
Muse is ok. I love house of the rising sun, but this I don't like at all   it has no soul replicating the original. I know artist put their own spin on it because they play for fun and they want to enjoy themselves, but at least feel the soul Eric Burdon has in the song and try to portray it the lyrics, ya know, mean something? Words mean nothin without soul!
This is a "The Animals" cover It's okay just not as good as the original by the animals
The Animal's is a cover of a folk song.
We don't even know who was the original writter of this. This is a cover of a cover of a cover of a cover of a cover
+Chuntarita omg! You are literally one of my fave fan fic writers!!
I appreciate the music muse makes , though I never really listen to them much but I feel like this in no way pays tribute to the original song , some things should be left as they were . Though this is in no way a bad song .
Lo q m gusta d sus covers es q cambian x completo la música y la interpretación. Éste no pertenece a algún o si?
Even if i think that guy has a great voice the electonic ruined the song
Chuntarita :D I agree <3
Great version but the version of The Animals is really good too..
not sure if its cuz im such a huge fan of the animals version but I just cant get into any of these covers just not the same. (Yes I know the animals covered it originally)
there only one problem with this cover. is to short
The London Symphony Orchestra does a great instrumental version. 
Wow what a piece of garbage, this is a fucking insult
Goosebumps to the max on this one
didn't theory of a dead man cover this?
Five Finger Death Punch did, but I don't think Theory of a Daedman did.
Oh yeah, that's right, stupid radio station said it was Theory of a Deadman.
@Erica Enriquez, it's because this was made popular by Animals (after they changed it to not be about a prostitute in New Orleans, Muse then covered the song
@David Barbosa Thank you so much for that. That was just perfect.
The vocals on the second verse fucking make me cum.
I think five finger death punch did a better cover
This is just wonderful!
je confirme et j' adore le clip ou il se trouve sur le super tanker et le feu d' artifice trop bon !!!
Нэля Руди Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Ничуть не хуже, чем Анималс.
Julie Foote Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
...I had no idea this existed. I am so happy tonight. XD
Last night at the TD Bank North Garden +MUSE intro'd Time is Running Out with a more traditional rendition of House of the Rising Sun. The whole stadium was singing. It was a pretty cool moment. I had no idea they released this cover though. Now it makes more sense.
Titty Paternoster Shared on Google+ · 2 years ago
Muse, what else?
regarde la version de The Animals, personnellement je la trouve bien meilleure. C'est une vieille chanson folk américaine, y'en a 500 000 versions, et bien que j'aime la musique moderne, je la trouve massacrée ici.
i really like it, i love muse, but i think the animals version is better, shit, i even like the white buffalo and the forest rangers more, and that doesn't mean this is bad
Kind of like the version by The Animals. I love Muse though.
Technically speaking, this song is an 18th century folk song of unknown origin, so I'm not so sure anyone living has heard the original version ever.
I like it when artists try to give their own twist to the song but I think they've completely ruined the feeling of the song with this cover. The music just doesn't fit. As much as I like their cover of 'Feeling Good' as much I dislike this one.
We do know that Leadbelly was the first one to record it however.
The Animals version is better. Muse sorta fucked it up. Thumbs up nonetheless.
I love the Animals' version, but Muse has a much greater volume of good music.
It was Leadbelly. He was a blues musician born in 1888 who was covered by everyone from The Animals to Nirvana. I encourage everyone to look him up and give him a listen. You won't regret it :)
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