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Good Meets Evil - Minecraft - Episode 3

by PaperBatVG • 485,122 views

Dunkey -

Holy shit. I watched this years ago, I had no idea it was Dunkey.
Was it darude sandstorm?
that dunkey guy is annoying as fuck, fucking 12 year old call of duty fucker, go noscope  and get off of paperbat's channel gay person
+Stelio Kontos No im 13 and he is 12 so im older fucker yous stupid? 13 is older than 12
Didn't your parents tell you not to tell your age to strangers?
0.0 . . . i finaly remembered what the name of the small series was . . .anyway it was many years ago ago and i just found out what minecraft was i found this video and i was like what is this . . . the very first video of minecraft i ever saw was tobygames. . . then it was x,s adventures in mine craft
"Rest in peace mom..." lel
ya I met my girl on a spachship
This is where dunk meister got his st@rt m8ees
why don't you finish most of the good meets evil?
Pbat's canadian?!? Wow i had no clue
woooooooooooooooooooooooooow watta buzzkill love is life and dunkey is love
this is why I love Dunkey
wuffles was always a faygit
"Can't eat the meat, get out of the freezer" -Dunkyes
yeh its a channel u mega nigga
Dogie is in heaven making bad boy how killed him eat fours hammer R.I.P for Dogie MAKE MORE VIDEOS PLEASE right this video was made in 2011 it,s 2013 coming 2014 do IT!!!!!!!
Aha you guys are so funny you should definitely make more videos
He has 500k more subs then PBat. He was not even famous when this vid was made.
OH-MY-GOD... he killed woofles... THAT FAGGOT!
no it water shader mod shader mod wasn't out yet
This is the 10th time I watched this episode and still can't stop laughing
make more good meets evil eps coz I luv them n I bet a lot of other people do to
This was before I realized meatwadsprite was dunkey :\
Why did you separate our beds so much? Because I'm not gay
*uses thor and kills dunkey* "we'll be back with more good meets evil minecraft" *ends series* lolz
he has sumthing agenst canadains? cuz i am one lol and so are you?
ha.. can I say something. sure. oh woffle's a faggot
Woofle had it coming since you took Dunk's diamond.
you should have cept the wooden plankes
good meets evil is like some ragequit series for paperbatvg XD
i feel so bad that you have lost your dog
One 1:55 chicken eating in the house
I wanted to jump in the water the whole time.
Bad ass P not giving a shit just grabbing the seeds while a skeleton shoots at him :P
well i really want to see u build a like mansion type thing
Need.. more.. episodes. PLEASE PBAT! I'm going through withdrawal. Q_Q
you should replace the window on the house not the roof but window to glass panes
Episode 4 can there be one plz and if there is can you bpth get a dog, find a rivine and upgrade the house
I am sorry, but are you insulting someones intelligence even though you can not make a sentence properly? alright. You sir have a good day
such a meany........POOR WOLFLES/dougles...BE NICE!!!!
p why u made a very big farm why didn't make it smaler
this shoud have been like 100 episodes long
pbat we have to meet at canadas wonderland
Why does ep. 2 say published July 1, 2013 and this ep. says published September 6, 2011
EP.4 plzzzzZzzzzzzzZzZZZZZzZ
he meant a rollercaoster called "the burning rollercoaster"
oh i wish u were single so i could date u XD
so much for ever coming back...
too bad there wasn't another episode
year one month 9 and day 18 and we still have not gotten episode 4
paperbat never fineshes hiz series doez he?
Joey peson, you should do two things. 1. Realize that this whole series is about PBat and Dunkey playing games with eachother. 2. He doesn't care about the dog that much its comedy and its supposed to make you laugh. But I'd rather you just not talk or do anything.
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