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Doom 3 - Part 1 Lets Play Doom 3 Walkthrough Playthrough

by PewDiePie • 1,922,088 views

Doom 3 starts of slow as hell. Then it becomes the most intense shit I've ever played xD Stay tuned! Subscribe & join the BRO ARMY! l Facebook l

This really reminds me of Dead Space and back in the time Pews used to play it! True bros will remember
This game also reminds me a bit of Escape From Butcher Bay. 
Fucking faggot. Pewdiepie is a stinky smelly ugly crusty fuck who sucks balls at games and jumps at games as if he is scared when it is all forced.
Not every one is like you
My Friends Step Dad john Romero Made this!!!!!!!! Its an honor that pewds you !!! Play this game! john romero's Step daughter is avalon brathwaite!!! She goes to my school and I met John Romero!!!! This Is NOT! NOT! a lie!
Yeah you had the video lol.
if he plays this, he should at least play DOOM and DOOM II for us.
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So is it like pew pewshooting a lazer gun at a pie or what? His name i mean. Pewdiepie
This might have been an interesting walkthrough, if it wasn't for the screaming, annoying high-pitched three-year-old in the top left corner 
This would have been a nice comment section if it weren't for the annoying troll. :/
Past pewds is funnier, the present pewds isent :-(
"back then" is always way better than everything is now which is crappy by default. why I remember last week like it was only a few days ago back when stuff was way better than stuff is now (crappy)
Oh please oh please oh please play fallout 3 or fallout new Vegas I love that game please play it pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssseeeee
Agreed. He neds to play fallout.
Who else came here from the funny moments video? :d
play doom 1 and doom 2
Whoa, I didn't know he played this! But this was 3 years ago, so... meep. ...I still have the game.
Well fuck those who hate Pewdiepie,He's an awesome guy,he's even popular than you haters,Before you judge look yourself first
why is he playing on 640x480 resolution?
I've been playin doom 3 for five years now and on my first day I was totally better than you
Try playing AREA 51 it's a epic game even if it's story isn't!
Doom 3 was a remake of Doom, not really a sequel. It's remarkable in that it fleshes out a lot of details about the world, introduces unique characters, tons of background info. It took years before a movie was finally made but it fell way below my expectations. The plot was so different that it was only 'Doom' by title. I really hope that someday somebody will make a better Doom movie. Something of a cross between Aliens 2 and Hell Raiser.
It's just aliens, the first movie was Alien -The eight passenger, the second movie was just called Aliens
A remake of doom? it felt nothing like the original doom lol, the original doom was just action and shoot the fuck out of every demon, this one tried to hard to be like a hybrid of that with resident evil but doesnt feel as fun.
Can't wait for the new Doom game.
DAMN!  Pewds seems so different! and this video is only two years old! xD
Why do they give you a gun in the beginning of the game if they don't want you to kill random people? Besides.. it would be more fun if you just found your first gun just laying on the ground next to a dead guy and that would be after the crap goes on.
When you were in the bathroom I heard whispers
Doom will always forever be the best game to me. First FPS i ever played, First FPS i ever beat. Memories ;)
i love pewds but watching him play this game is so frustrating when it comes to the PDA lol
The game is awesome - pity the player plays it in a retarded way...
IMHO Quake 4 was better in terms of storyline than Doom 3, and the maps in Quake 4 were just amazing. Doom 3 had nothing better than Q4 except the variety of enemies. (I felt that Quake 4's enemies were a bit repetitive after a few levels)
pewds if u don't want to watch the cut scenes then press space
Man, those memories of Doom 3 I was meant to survive the Nightmare Mode. Can't wait for Doom 4
you shouldn't rush when playing games,  thats not very fun.
I'm getting the itch of playing Doom 64 right now
Bro fist pewds you are grate:):):):):)::):):):):):)): !!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did anyone else see the face on the intro?
I prefer DOOM the original.
So the more annoying you are, the more followers you have on YouTube?
It´s nice game, I want DOOM 4 NOW :D
I like a pewdiepie but this game make me boring
If you watch it, it will come.
Omg the code was 023 and its was writed on password writer
I love how scared he get on the evil within
lol in game 4:09 "i need you to step on one of the red on the floor there" in real life 'looks at his feet' sorry to bring attention but i thought it was funny
An ios or android phone/tab possibly has better quality then the Xbox & ps2 graphics.
doom 1 + 2 will always have its special place... it deserved it. Doom 3 is alright. I've definitely played doom 1+2 200x more than I've played doom 3
Belive Me When I Say It Gets Better Dood.
Pews should play a Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde game from the NES.
A penis lol hahahah!
I have the original doom on the Nintendo 64 lol it has changed so much
I was 13 when I finish all the missions of this game, no other kid has done what I did....
13:17 I was laughing so hard XD
I've never been scared in this game. You can literally use a minigun to murder a zombie. 
Pewdiepie should definitely play halo 3,2 or 4 
Alien Isolation looks an awful lot like this game
I remember preordering this game back in the day, and playing the hell out of it. At that time my computer couldn't handle it at all. The Crysis for came out. Yeah my super PC still couldn't handle it.
Hello, if you´re seeing this comment, that means you most likely haven't scrolled down yet. Now scroll down a bit read everything, and come back to this one. Don't worry I'll wait. Back? Good. Now there are about 30 comments dissing the game graphics and everything else, but we all know that 10 seconds after that comment was posted, they shut-up and clicked part 2. Just like I'm going to, in 3, 2, 1...
We got people dissing the graphics?.......shut up people!, you do know despite ID software making a "BFG" edition of the game that improved the graphics SLIGHTLY and did not nothing but manage to kill of the multiplayer component to the original, This game does have plenty of Mods and sound effect packs(FOR THE ORIGINAL Doom 3)that fix that. It even has Campaign coop, and survival arena mods! Yet we all know how them Call of Duty junkies can be, want eveything perfect de-pixelated and shiny right out of the box, no modded effort other then for precious DLC that's installed for them automatically. :P
im a sick fangirl of pewdie, i really am, but in those days he was so annoying and hyperactive, he didnt read anything, he said nonsense (Now he does but with style xD) i dunno...i love pewdie and i will always love him, but in this days...i dont so much w
pewdiepie play resident evil with minx
wie kann man diesen vollpfosten bloss aushalten? versteh ich nicht
People who keep comparing this game to other games: STFU honestly do ur reasearch dumbasses this is a remake this game is older than all the games u idiots are mentioning -_- it pisses me off. Those games copied Doom. Not the other way aroound jackasses
At every box with a code you have to go to doom 3 cheat codes and there will be the box number and the code
DOOM is the best first person shooter in my opinion. I also played DOOM since I was 6 or 7 and now i'm 19 and I still love and play it!
Doom 3 is shit.  I prefer doom 1 and 2.
I dont think you were from that era then if you hate the music??  How old are you.
Doom 3 was better when they didn't have the guy on the screen the entire time. Why did they add the guy screaming all the time?
im going to play this game at a lan party XD
Please make more videos on Doom 3 bro?
Nice description grammar fails Pewdz.
i am ur new bro pewds ,u rock
Wait until Doom 4 comes out its going to get Worse
pause the video at 0:00 and pewds will look like a retard on his face cam( i love your vids pewds
When is the part where he dies because of a missile and then Ed says that was close?
You scared me when you screamed barrels
why does he have to be so gay?
I have doom on my ipad
I like the way he playes his games XD... i do the smae thing in Fallout3 i use people till i can kill them.
you're screaming like a chicken, son of a facehugger
"It's great that they allow asians in space." LOL
welcome everyone my name is pewdiepie!!!!! does not he tired of saying that everytime at the start of the walkthrough. I mean pewdiepie thing in low pitch.
ой бля  накрутил 
I missed Doom so much.
I played this all the time when I still had it years ago. Loved it
At 17:02 i did the exact same thing. "WTF AM I SPOSED TA DO?!"
My brother p,ayeed 3 when I was little I was so scared I was crying plus its jayson sis
it's almost like quake 4
Same engine, same devs.
Quake and Doom were both brilliant franchises. Miss them.
Does someone know how the song at the end is called ?
i used to watch my dad play this when i was 7
Meh, i think i just ruined it XD
Look at my profile picture. I played Wolfenstein with my dad when I was in diapers.... Get on my fucking level.
That was very happiness :D I love Dooooom!!!
Oh god, no. D: What did I just say?!
+Mark Belain its ok lol everyone gets one 
The fucking cacodemons in this game! >_<
these graphics are awful
This game was released in 2004
Pewdiepie am I your bro?
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