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Justin Timberlake's HOT EX-GIRLFRIENDS

by hollywoodbackstage • 135,316 views

Back in 1999, and aged just eighteen years old, Justin dated Britney Spears and the two became one of the most photographed couples on the planet. The next big relationship for Justin came the...

Why ppl feel proud when a guy have many x girlfriends as Justin, but look down at girls who have many x boyfriends as Taylor Swift. Its unfair.
I don't think that anyone looks down on Taylor, they just make the joke that she writes all her songs after her ex boyfriends which she does:3
Jessica Biel is the love of his life for sure. He said this on 2011 Vanity Fair interview; ''She is the single-handedly most significant person in my life. In my 30 years, she is the most special person, O.K.? … I don’t want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me—for instance, her.”
Britney was his 1crush jessica biel is his love and this moment ...the other ones were just affaires ...he really cares about britney and jessica most ....they are also the cutest one...i've never saw him with cameron they dont fit together like something was missin..:'(
I know its odd but I still want justin and britney together.
me too!... Its so weird!
I don't even think Beyonce's that pretty...I'd rather choose Mariah carrey or Ciara over her
He brought sexy back. Admit it.
How can u leave Scarlett or diaz for Jessica..seriously?
im not surpised by the most of them.. but REALLY BEYONCE O.O they are both REALLY hot but some reason cant see them two together x'3
I still don't get it..... you mean JT creates so much lies to make hot girls date him?
Even if you have all the Fame, Power and Money looks like Nothing Last Forever and Nothing is Perfect..! looks like Rich or Poor nobody's is totally HAPPY..!
let's not forget the mila kunis rumors
if Im not mistaken, didnt JT cheat on Jessica with Olivia Munn and THAT was the reason they spit in march '11?
Of course thats highly opinional but sure there better looking women out there but out of the ones he's dated on this list she easily is the best.
How? Hes rich, talented and good looking, that's how.
Yeah, Justin n Britney in True Fate True Love, Jessica Biel no its only Justin's xcuse to get by thinking it will help fget Britney but no old True Love sparks never die .....
If you hit it..! Father dont forguet me not when you stay in your Paradise..!
I'm glad that is it wasn't Beiber who were this lucky!
Cameron Diaz isn't the least bit attractive.
lol you're joking right or did they really say that?
I had better looking girlfriends than them, a psychic once told me I used to be a mole rat.
scarlett johansson isnt hot? are you gay...dont act like u cud get better
hes not talented, hes rich and good looking, get it right you fucking idiot... these cunts wouldnt know talent if it hit them in the face
Beyonce? I'm pretty sure she's been with Jay-Z for like 10 or 12 years. How was she linked to JT?
Big fuckin' deal, he's dated a bunch of skanks. None of them are hot, poor guy had zero taste in women.
Anyone who somehow had scarllet johansen and then lost it sucks..
I don't get everyone obsession with Scarlett Johansson there are a lot of better looking women out there.
beyonce???...........................GOD DAMN!
I love how every video posted by Hollywood Backstage has more dislikes than likes.
The shit gay guys in hollywood,music Industry have to go though to make people think they are straight !!!!
How do you approach someone like Diaz, whats the opining line
cried a river? lol. not even worth a tear
No, I used to be :) Have some balls and stick up for whats right mate!
Its not nearly as enjoyable when yur gay though, oh now he's Jewish too all the sudden
He dated fat bitch Beyonce too??..oh god he gets around!!!!, sorry I don't like her after not only throwing herself during a performance they did together in 2002 but putting out a song about bowing down 2 her??!!! (Who the fuck would bow down 2 her) and I think she's in the illuminati
His one true love will always be Britney <3
he and cameron are just sex buddies now, thats it
I just looked it up and aparently they dated briefly long before jt even got with brittany. Thats bullshit, fuck justin timberlake!
It goes to show that JT is still bringing his "SEXYBACK!"
I have to say that Justin has the best ass i have ever seen in a movie (>> Friends with Benefits <<) lol!! :D But damn did he ever date with Beyonce??!! And also a 2012 wedding of Justin and Jessica? And after? A 2013 divorce? Such an interesting relationship!
when did Justin date Beyonce ??? anyone?
Just because he dates the girls that doesn't mean that he has to screw them and get them pregnant
I rather be on the rich side though no sunshine onn the poor side
britney was the pretties and more interesting, the wife es the ugliest
why the fuck would you dump or have reason to be dumped by Scarlett Johansson?
lucky good looking(probably big dick) bastard
No this man is not lucky, he sold his Soul for fame and fortune and will end up separated from our creator.
Maybe Justin has a different taste in women and not just looks
The Reasen may be 8=====================D
Man that white boy is fucking lucky!!!!!! That will never happen to me, not ever!!!!!
I wish you the best "Luck" Playing the lotto..!
and what are the characteristics of a dung beetle? because I don't get it
Love is for the lucky one not everybody gets love. but money can get you the hot girls though
I remember when these featured videos used to be cool and not some media flared crack that they shove down our throats to make money.
britney is the hottest of them all next is cameron worst is biel
No man should be this freaking lucky in life. This bastad must have been a dung beetle in his previous life...
scarlett johansen....god dammmn<3
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