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"Mike Matisow objects. He thinks people shouldn't be talking during a poker game." hilarious.
I think I have you covered... "You do. Have a nice day." LOL!!
lol "I'm all in, Call!" He called so fast lol.
When Gabe says Mike was putting Phil on a hand like QJ, i think he's giving Mike too much credit, looks to me like Mike was just steaming and went crazy for no reason, plus he had a few drinks, and everyone was making fun of him, for paying him 4k to stay in the game so he just went crazy.... He makes good TV though
The last hand was really interesting.
sick play by antonio!! what a baller
dude 3 of those players are coked out maybe 4
lmfao at matisows all in 4:50min.
@CiPhEr505 Mike isnt funny.He`s a psychic destroyed drug addicted idiot.
God mike is so funny. He played really well early and then he went to leave 'cause he was tired. The players PAID him 4 grand to stay (LOL). Then he spectaularly donked his chips away. Its so funny, Everything mike says is a lie. Laak's reaction when they told him how Mike stayed said it all.
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