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Plants Vs. Zombies Part 6: 32-Minute Pool Party

by NintendoCapriSun • 763,845 views

Man, why do some of these videos have to be so LAWNG!

Squash is like "you lookin at me fool? I mess you up!
his sun total ITS OVER 1000
The only thing I disagree with him is that I don't like chompers.
I really love this game and it is pretty simple!:)*
Oh God! You Should AT LEAST Say EXCUSE ME After You Burp! I'm Not Being Mean But His Burps Shawk(Spelling = ?) And Scare Me! XD
Whenever Tim started singing I though, "only three more episodes till the all singing episode" lawlz, is it sad I know the all singing episode is episode 9.....
Don't worry. I've watched this LP three times already, haha.
i've watched it 8 times
呂水靈 Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
植物大戰殭屍part6 窩瓜sun50 纏繞水草sun25 三線射手sun325 睡蓮sun25 潛水殭屍 10豌豆 鴨子救生圈殭屍?豌豆 (如同鐵桶殭屍,舉旗殭屍,三角錐殭屍的水中版本)
What the fuck does this say
+DeathBlade5220   Zombies part6  Squash sun50  Twining plants sun25  Three-wire striker sun325  Water lilies sun25  Diving ducks Lifebuoy Zombie Zombie 10 peas? Peas  (As drum zombies, zombie version flagged water, triangular pyramid zombies)  Second message says  Together beat the zombies..
A dolphing zombie came and hes gliching thought the wall a hes not moving
obvious 2 year old is obvious.
the potato mine and the kelp weed thing aren't exatly the same the kelp thing only kills one zombie at a time whell the potato mine kills multable
"I sound like Attacking Tucan  " I love when the youtubers i whtch watch the other youtubers i watch that youtubers watch the youtubers i watch that i watch...
+noodlesfordays symmetrical makes it look good but why not screw symmetrical and get over your ocd by not doing that symmetric and be a awesome person
The only reason he has problems with snorkel zombies is because he didn't lsten to the Tree of Wisdom's 3 words of advice: "Wallnuts on Lily-Pads."
I seriously have OCD about my placement of plants in this game... I love the game, but that makes it really hard to play it, it has to be symmetrical!
The squash is the replacement of potato mine in the free version
Sunflowers actually put off sun at a higher rate during the day time. I noticed on level 3-1
oh and about the bit about squash's recharge. have you noticed how fast chomper recharges and how slow wall nut recharges?
+ButterSquids Maybe that the recharge times seem a bit random?
(At 18:20) finally it's symmetrical.
12:32 The zombies don't want peace, hehehe.
are you gey o and i lovu you 
Yes it is ju-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRP-st dandy :3 lol
O / /|\ / /\ | Hi! \_______________|
SO many peas flying from just 8 plants... I LOVE Threepeaters just because of that.
you burp in every episode xD
Why do you always drink Cherry apple smoothie or whatever it is called?
ju-UUUUUUUUUUUU-at dandy! XD
It came in finally came in lololol
SENTENCE OF THE DAY: "Well isn't that juUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHRRst dandy" SECOND ONE: "Cause they have crap in their pants and everywhere else."
tim all the instant kills r ur favorite 
To solve your problem of only 1 pea on rows 1 and 6, just put 2 threepeaters on rows 2 and 5. That way there is 2 peas on every row.
Nevermind, he literally said the same thing about 5 seconds after I posted that.
watch the ENTIRE video before commenting.... moral of the story.
i agree with you about the threepeater not been as useful as the repeater. overall i like peashooters because they are cheap and good for a first defense. along with scaredy shroom for night levels.
Trolololoooollllll Dat discreption is awesome!
caprisun type in moustache and see what happens
NCS I used to play this like crazy. Rule of thumb, 3 peas takes out a buckethead, 2 takes out a cone, and 1 for regular zombies.
4 peashooters for a bucket,without a wall/tall-nut.
That football zombie only appears in the web version,and two squashes can kill it(like the gargantuar in this version,it takes two instant kills)
hahaha the flag zombie is in the water
12:35 I love puns, but that one even made my eyes roll. XD
i was literally on the ground when he burped when he was trying to say something
In the bathroom. Plus that idiot guy said plan vs zobie wtf is that? lol
Jesus became either ghost or zombie when he came to earth :P
my favorite upgrade is the twin sunflower because u get 50 sun from every one
2:58 *Tim places Repeater in 2nd column on land* Me: AIIIEEEE!
what are you talking about "it" pickes the first three plants for you crazy dave does
On my android it says that this video is 32:32 long
big bummer about the pool. Until you get an item that I won't reval, the lawn mowers only destroys the front zombie
"Definitely a nice zombie to have" ;) (The 'potato mine for underwater')
ok this video won't work .......................
Dont freaking talk so much but PLAY!!!!!!!!
dude you think that 300 subscribers isn't a lot i've only got 2 and 1is from my friend the other is some guy I don't even know
I like how when he says a ChuggaPun he sounds so sarcastic.
I unlocked the mini games on my iPad before that I got it on the level 2
that is the crapiest joke iv ever head it made my ears BLEED
"22:15, a worthy zombie to have" lol, you mean a plant
There is a funny Cheeseman it,s says don't pee in the pool
i have 3 I HAVE SO MUCH MORE! P.S that was obviously sarcasm
I use chomper behind tall nut then put squash behind the pirahnna plant
do you speak english, or are you using google translate
I never noticed the lily pads have eyes :O
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