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Skyrim Light Armor vs Heavy Armor

by pms00 • 420,405 views

*** EXPAND FOR LINKS *** Skyrim Light Armor vs. Heavy Armor comparison commentary. Tradeskill Template - # 1.5 Guide Necromage Vampire effect on...

There is no cap anymore with legendary, so every perk in heavy is useful. The 50% stamina regeneration perk is a joke as you can achieve 100% regeneration with enchantments. Light armor was alright when the game was first released, but as time progressed it is now dirt with legendary, the patches, and D.L.C.s that allow you to respec all your skill points. I created two sneak characters, one who used heavy armor and one who used light armor. The heavy armor one stayed hidden just as easily and died less hmmmm I wonder why? Maybe because if you create a sneak character you're going invest in sneak regardless which will mitigate all heavy armor penalties. Also I have 500 stamina on my warrior and I can still sprint half the map. You used windshear to test the stagger, that's a joke of a test because windshear is a guaranteed stagger every time. This video is clearly light armor biased. I can't stop laughing at how you butchered what was supposed to be a scientific approach to solving this "debate" on which is better.
+Jynx MSC It can also help vampires regenerate stamina in the sun .
+Swine Flu Yeah skyrim has so many possible synergies it's hard to say anything is better than anything lol... Ofcourse ice spear is ''better'' than ice spike, but what ifyou use it purelly for impact to let your mfd timer do it's thing? than you can get alot more impacts out before running out of magicka. It might even be better against less offensive enemies who you don't need to take down fast.
Since this is an old video, i re-tested everything on PS3 and the armor cap still is 567 (80%). However, you need to spend more perk points in the light/heavy armor tree to acheive the cap than you see on this video, so getting Ebony or Glass isn't a waste of points considering you also upgrade better weapons. Also, its possible to achieve the armor cap with the Light Ancient Shroud armor with the same amount of perk points as Glass (9) even though you only upgrade it to flawless, assuming your only using 100 Smithing and Light Armor. IMO, Alteration>Light Armor>Heavy Armor. With Alteration, you just need to get the Dragonhide spell at master level and it will get you to the 80% cap, no need to grind Smithing skill to 100 and waste a load of perk points on armor skills. It also levels up very fast compared to armor skill. Your character won't have any armor noise penalty for stealth and moves at 100% speed without spending more perk points. You also have the "Magic Resistance" perks that can boost up to 30% magic resistance.
+NordicEagleVids Yes you are right, the recast thing every 30sec (45 with stability) makes it boring to use and that 4/5 sec charge before cast makes it worse although you can mitigate it with slow shout. It works very well with a one-hand dual wield character build since you kill enemys very fast. Another build that works very well with alteration is the basic Sword and shield (One-hand and Block), the 30% magic resistance and the 50% from the Block skill perk makes you acheive the 80% magic cap, add the shield Spellbreaker and you are pretty much magic-proof.
Dont forget elemental resist since magic and elemental resist stack :) 80% magic + 80% elemental resist Will make any mage appear to be nothing more than a conjourer of cheap tricks.
The light armors in Skyrim all look too, dare I say, stupid. Even the Dragonscale armor, too spiky. Though the Dragon plate isn't all better, although it does look badass, it looks less protective than the steel armor, too many openings. The Ebony looks great on a female, snug in all the right places wink wink  I would dare say that although it's not as efficient as the other armors the most badass in my opinion is the Dwarven armor, makes you look like a fucking tank but the helmet looks a bit stupid. It's a damn shame you can't customize the armor pieces in some ways, I am aware of mods but mods don't cover everything.
+combinecommando001 The nightingale armor looks amazing, and has great enchantments, except the illusion enchant is worthless
"Black Mage Armor" Mod! ;)
Breton blood 50% magic resistance  lord stone 25% magic resistance(plus 50 damage resist ) 1 perk point in magic resist in alteration [It isn't much of a waste because I already invested 3 point in alteration up to adept for the transmute and telekinesis spell which makes the game a hell more fun plus with telekinesis you feel like a Jedi and at the last levels of the game you want to troll your enemies because they cant do shit to you] And you need to be as tanky as possible to kill the ebony warrior which requires you kill Karstag(google auto corrected it to Karnataka WTF) who has a nasty blizzard spell 
On my first playthrough I went with light armor and maxed it out and it was fairly effective, and had some good perks as to having higher stamina, moving faster and being quieter to make sneaking fairly easy. On my second playthrough, I went with heavy armor, maxed that out and got the weightless perk, and then dumped a lot into the sneak skill tree and get the muffle perk... Now my heavy armor doesn't weigh anything, the muffle perk makes me silent so sneaking is super easy, and I have an armor rating of 250+ vs 150+ in light armor...  At this point light armor is practically useless.  And I was able to do all that by level 30. 
+Christian Reyna Yeah, and nightingale is only slightly worse than ancient shrouded, but still hits the armor cap easily
+Poison Apple Well I personally only like dragon bone and iron.
personally why have heavy armour (example) when its armour is 50 and weight is 30 when you can have light armour 50 and weight 1.5 like da fuq logic..
If you can reach the armor cap with light armor then what the fuck is the point with heavy armor at all?
10:30, obviously if you use Windshear you will ALWAYS get staggered. That weapon is so OP since it staggers everything from skeevers to Alduin even on legendary, so of course it will stagger you even with Tower of  Strength. And in the "sneak" test if you use the Ebony Mail you are practically invisible, also in combat (with all sneak perks).
About the sneak test: the daedric armor not making any noise isn't a bug, glitch, or anything like that. If you actually read silence, it says that walking or running do not affect detection. This means that the perk is working correctly because you can wear daedric armor and not care about being heard.
he was using wind shear for exactly the 100% stagger. the test was to see the amount of stagger (the length of time where you can't do anything), not the chance
You cant really say wich one is better, it really depends how you play the game.
Dont like how elven armors fucking gay as fuck?, max out thieves guild.
wait, is that English?
I'm using Thieves Guild Master armor oO Cause it looks cool
Lol people have their opinion in my opinion dragonscale is very cool
+Janitra Tantalus yeah. i've got a custom-enchanted set geared for some one-man-army-stuff
glass armor would get you to the cap faster than elven though, unless you rinse smithing and light armor. I prefer not to craft at all, at first it was fun but now i just hate doing it... Just get marked for death, slow time and elemental fury as fast as possible and if you time and execute them well you don't need crafting for legendary. I'd suggest getting good defenses and crowd control for such a build though. Mfd takes some time
I took on alduin at LVL 7 with a legendary wooden sword and blades armour I didn't see dragonbane
I think dragon bane is at alduins wall next the chest with blades armour in it
Just got to 15:40 in the video. How retarded would one have to be to sneak around in heavy armor? You seem to be missing the point of it if you're just going to be sneaky...
+mutilator97 or when he was just throw 100 yards away, off a cliff, into the ocean.
I don't know why people do that. Heavy armor is for taking tons of damage and not moving around a whole lot. Light armor is used for moving relatively fast and strafing around your enemy. I don't sneak with my light armor, I use it for moving faster. Once I find the Steed Stone, I will use heavy armor.
wind shear is supposed to always stagger no matter what dude so yea
Light is my fav cuz it wieghs nothing and if you have 100 sneak you are invisible until you stand up
Played years and never knew about the armor cap xP thanks man
overanalyzing the shit out of this
Not a bad thing. I learned a ton. 
why are they all called Legit armour ?
i Never Upgrade any armor tree i only Play with Looted gear^^ Never had Major Problems
Had a 1789 ar and took on a dragon giant and two mammoths and took no damage there isn't s cap
When!?!? Really?!?!? SOMEONE MAKE A VIDEO ON 360!!!
Thanks ! I really wasn't sure about which one i was going to pick. But i now decided to go Light Armour since you can get cap also and there are some badass sets in light. Light Armour FTW !
Can someone tell me why he is so concerned with not spending perk points?
Outstanding analysis, I wish there were more videos with this level of detail. The quality of your video is amazing. 
I am sorry if this sounds stupid but is it better to craft then enchant your own armour of find sets such as deathbrand or nightengale
An enchanted dragonscale armor will be better than deathbrand and the nightingale
1) The Legendary Edition removes the 81 cap level. By this you could level infinitely. So, it is not about the armor rating cap. 2) There is a reason to have an armor rating above the 542 (displayed armor rating when wearing all four pieces of armor and a shield), or 567 (without a shield), or 667 (when not wearing any armor or shield at all). There are  perks in one handed and two handed skills. a) one handed: Bone Breaker - Attacks with maces ignore X% of armor b) two handed: Skullcrusher - Attacks with warhammers ignore X% of armor where X is 25 or  50 or 75 for both one and two handed. So, if you have a displayed armor rating of 1000 and you are hit by a bandit with a warhammer and he has Skullcrusher perk (75%) your armor rating "acts" as would be only 250 not 1000 ... I think it's all clear now, the armor rating counts, depends on circumstances.
+Florin Manolache If you don't have MODs installed that gives NPCs enhanced crossbows or other things that ignore armor it is pointless to stack armor beyond the cap.
+Naru In vanilla there are bandits with perks that ignore armor. Read above!
In an update they added legendary skills and infinite leveling so no wasted perks
the potion/enchanting loop exploit that make this armor rating possible, is it fixed?
I use fists of steel to win faster in fist fight bets
sigh as much as I hate to admit it heavy armor is better But I want a really good light armor cause my charector is an assassin V_V and heavy armor slows you,makes you louder and sorry but Idk Its kinda weeird
If you're going for an assassin, light armour is better. Simply because you're faster wearing it, so you can attack and dodge better. I'm a tank, two handed. I don't need to dodge, so I go for heavy, but if were to use two weapons I'd definitely go for Light armour
cough cough deathbrand cough cough
the best thing about dadric armour is that you can use fists of steel and it to help in a fists only playthough
Darn, i never tried it out but thanks for telling me i thought you could throw it.
+Dante Inferno They're pretty crappy arrows too, but most of the damage doesn't come from the arrows anyways. They also feel pretty inaccurate, but I'm not sure variable arrow accuracy is even a thing in the game.
+pms00 I use blades armor with no upgrades/enchantment and my last set of armor steel I could only upgrade to fine. how to I get pass fine improvements (email replies:
the problem with the stagging perk, is because u gave her a bugged weapon that sword always stagg no matter what. sry for my english
This was just confusing as shit but that's just me
Can i disable all sounds from heavy armor?
He forgot to mention that for about every 7 armor rating = 1% more damage reduction
I like heavy armor
what command did u use to get perks?
Use the stead-stone for "unhindered by armor" attribute + carry 100 points more. Deepens your pockets and your movement is unaffected no matter the armor ;) Viola!
apparently he figured it out too, never mind.
So if I have more than 567 armor rating, i can wear whatewer i want if it get me this number. Now I understand why I feel no difference wearing a legendary dragon armor set, or a daedric set. By the way I use light armor as well, like the tief guilds armor, because it looks cool.
You picked the girl character???
You must have an awesome social life
+ayman chukri  depends what playthrough if im warrior i use armour if im an archer i use light armour or npc clothes that look cool
I'm so lazy to do the maths, so you do it for me xD. Is it possible to reach 567 armor rank in light armor without having to invest in the light armor tree? Suppose you have it improved up to legendary...?
Yes.  You can make ANY armor set 567
You forgot about the fact that for those who are early in the game heavy armor simply protects better when neither are improved
A lot changed since Feb 2012. In the strictest power gamer-y sense, it used to be a question of using Otar (heavy, +30% to each elemental resistance) versus the stamina benefits of light armor; on the PC, the unofficial patch restored the moonstone light armor priest mask's ?intended? bonus to shout cooldown, which combined with the Talos Amulet and Stability gives level-1 Slow Time around 75% uptime. But now they have the priest masks in Dragonborn that increase elemental damage, great for mages and warriors (See: Chaos damage enchantments), so heavy armor tends to take the lead. And now that I think about it, I guess you could just take off your armor when you're not in combat.
Ate you sure I never was able to play on master because I was killed to fast and my Amour rating is 2000 and I don't die as fast
Played years and never knew about the armor cap xP thanks man
Heavy armor and two handed weapons
Just use deathbrand set its non upgradedversion is better than daedric and requires no smithin
just noticed in this video... daedric arrows appear to be retextured forsworn arrows o.o
Holy fucking shit ur right!!!
so did the armor cap change when they added the DLCs? or when they allowed legendary difficulty and skills?
I wear daedric because it looks cool :)
Ok. Nightingale is cooler
In my opinion dragonscale is very cool
Question: Regarding the defensive cap, is it only 80% damage resistance no matter what; regardless of Armor rating Beserker Rage Secret of Protection Dragon hide Bones of the Earth Etc. The defensive cap cannot exceed 80% damage resistance? Please answer and reply (preferably with proof) asap. -thanks in advance
I like being able to be OP on the highest difficulties but i dont want to be 100% invincible 99.99% is perfect
With the exception of Nightingale and Dark Brotherhood, all light armor sucks when it comes to looks. My character is well balanced between all three classes. I love sneaking, but I hate the way elven and glass looks. Too bad there isn't a light version of Daedric or Ebony armor. Then I would be content with that.
+The13thMaker The DB is awesome but their armor is retarded
Well its for an assassiny character
dragon bone bow VS daedric bow
Both are good heavy is for people who like to run in a swing swing swing light is for assassins i like light
Cool video, helps to debunk some skyrim armor myths. In terms of combat mechanics, the light vs. heavy selection only matters at lower levels. Armor is incredibly easy to level to 100, and with smithing improvements, light or heavy is pretty much a question of cosmetics at higher levels. In sheer melee damage protection, with sufficient smithing skills and fortify smithing enchants, it's very easy to get a set of armor that meets or beats the armor cap, regardless if it's light or heavy. You can actually mix up armor pieces for the looks and still pass the armor cap.
if anyone is still fighting about the armor just remember it all is up to the personal wants of a person both armors have good and bad points to each of them 
Im a khajiit deadric mage called sir catty catington lol
I use both but if I had to choose Id go with Light Armor it does a lot for me especially Thieves guild armor and assassins armor it lets me hold a lot more,pickpocket,lockpick you name it heavy armor while not giving me that much of damage,Glass Armor Looks frickin sweet on me and its 88 lol I got 1 complete set of Heavy Armor and gets my blades armor up to 83 Light armor all the way
If you invest in heavy/light armor perks and smithing, you can reach the cap in either and easily make up for any "disadvantages". Really, the one you choose only matters in the beginning of the game. Just choose whichever one you like.
Yep, at engame it was just for Aesthetics. And a good set of Nordic Carved armor or Stalhrim armor beats that
Nightingale armour is the best looking
Bah werewolf is all I use for moving around a lot and cause it's fully perked its decent in combat
draw back first then slow time
the enchantment muffle hase its own scale with having a scale point of 1.0 you are undeatectable as far as sound goes
u drooped a fucking boom on me
Thx for compiling so much information! Wish i seen this a few months ago when i started. This was very helpful & im sure it was to many others. How did u store so many perks at once? Were u able to swap them? If so, how?
A tip for anyone one who is having trouble getting 70 armor rating finish the companions and you'll get a lot on trainer followers you can explore go to the elder scrolls wikia for more info
great video, helped me lots. thanks 
This video is no longer acurate they updated the game more than once alreardy. So the bugs will be fixed.
Man, your videos are GOLD! I am not exaggerating! I have yet to see such in depth, no bullshit and  accurate guides! Thank the nines that you exist! Subbed.
All these perk issues, doesnt the Unoffical patches manage fix any of this? :D I use them but I have not checked much in to what they fix, or I might have a long time ago but not recently. :)
how the hell did you increase all of your skills to 100 without getting the perks needed.
You cant use a bugged weapon like windshear that makes legendary dragons stagger to test out that heavy armor perk. Thats soo dumb
I prefer the light armor as well but I use daedric weapons because they have more damage.
and legendary three sneak
i just where the blades armor. lol, you find it in alduins wall room 
If your not wearin dragon armor you're not dragonborn. Both sets look leet. And are made of dragons,,, ><
Heavy absorbs more damage plus it has a higher armor rating than light armor
Well, the armor with the highest rating in the game is light.
no dragon is abel to get up to 1300+ and light 870. light is for assasins not dragon slayers.
I really liked the older games, I am noticing a lot of gripes with skyrim's base game being really lackluster compared to oblivion and morrowind, where morrowind was you had to THINK and figure out where to go and what to do, in skyrim with the removal of item durability being replaced with smithing and upgrading, it has become a massive "Get the best numbers" game with "chase the arrow" quests, I've played dark souls and I liked it, but I have played baldur's gate (1-2), risen (1-3), and divine original sin LOVING all of them because they deliver a lot to the table, especially baldur's gate with its harsh "no tutorial" beginning with application of some really good thinking to have a battle end in victory along with inciting exploration to find new places and potentially find very nice loot
Light Armour is better and dragonscle looks badass
+Good Ol' Rainbowpet No. you punch dragons to death like real man. You don't use those toothpick daggers and slice a dragon with your spaghetti wrists. Stop stealing sweetrolls thief.
+Good Ol' Rainbowpet The most amazing way to kill someone is with illusion... I mean... make them kill themselves.
Melee is pronounced "May-Lay"
Why would pronunciation matter?
Daedric armor looks fucking retarded.
It all depends on playstyle, and sometimes even not that but down to your abilities of enchanting, as you can muffle yourself when wearing Heavy armor for thieves and assassins.
Oh, I didn't know there was an armor-cap. Thanks.
It all depends on playstyle, and sometimes even not that but down to your abilities of enchanting, as you can muffle yourself when wearing Heavy armor for thieves and assassins.
33173548 armor rating
I hope you guys realize the armor Cap is 567, meaning that anything over that will be rendered useless. Unless You have mods of course.
I prefer light armor over heavy, simply for the extra mobility and easy stealth play with it. Light armor works best for elves with sneak/archery(Wood elf) for the powerful stealth and power skills behind it.
This is very helpful
oh and you just made me feel really sad about there being an armor cap....i feel as of there was no point of me upgrading my armor and doing things to increase my armor rating
COugh deathbrand cough
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