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Funny compilation 34 [HD]

by oraapje • 131,465 views

♫♪♫ Green day - Holiday ♫♪♫ A self made movie by Spikky7 " Funny compilation Part 34" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

astea mai da....... sa va uitati di sa va abonatisunt foarte multe videuri mistooo !!!!!!! sincer vi-l recomand fara nici o indoiala
thumbs up if u r watching this cause ur bored
when i finish watching all these videos ,i will download all song that are in videos
this deserves a subscribe. but can ypu please link to the original videos? i love reading comments and adding to favorites
this compilation have really good music:D
umm you do realise your name is oraapje not spikky77 youre name ha been oraapje not spickky77 its so f**king funny lol you do this everytime
I watched all of them in one sitting well except for 29 that shit got taken down any way Love them Love you dont stop making them I wont stop watching them :)
i see all compialtions 33 time
OMG the last one was sooo funny !! :'D
Guy pops up from the water, scaring ducklings: Boo! Ducklings: Eeek! Mom, save me!" *Two seconds later* Ducklings Mom: Oh no you didn't! You wanna mess with my babies! Take that! *peck!* and that! *peck!* Is it funny now! *peck!* Is it!? *peck!*
8 legged deer.. holy mother of dogs.. :O
Its easy to take others peoples stuff aint it
What a shame you felt the need to rehash earlier vids.
yeahh GREEN DAY for ever!!the best!!!!
Please learn how to use a proxy. Remember: More intelligence = less complaints
How do you get to use this music on your vids do you not get copyright strikes?
LOL at the pussy kid at the end. So brave when scaring baby ducks but shit scared himself when mother duck came to the rescue.
3:30 bahahaahahaahaa! poor man.
I love the music you use in these videos :D
You have the best compilations on You Tube! Thanks for making them!
lmao gotta love this guy and his vids XD keep it up brotha
3:22 najlepsze ;)) P.S. konfiskujemy ten film POLSKA
"the author of this video does not allow playback on iPad" o.o WFT?
the song was from greenday's album named american idiot the song's name is holiday
2:56 the best grind trick i've ever seen
elephant giving the guy a blowjob at 3:33
hey oraapje(spikky77) can you put in titanic super 3D in your next funny compilation? click on the first one its freakin funny! but anyway put it in one its funny :D
Still as funny as ever.. keep it up!
Great comp. and great song! ur the best! I look at several comp artists everyday, and your the best I have found!
38 seconds car rape lmao how he do that park in there next morning WTF HAPPENED TO you haha
Are Those Zipline Accidents At 0:43?
keep on making funny complications. your great at it!
Great video - dreadful noise passing as music.
Hey, can you make a groin shot compilation video. It must really funny to watch it.
at 3:32 every one know he liked it
dude, you should get that youtube partnership thingy, your vids are so friggin funny! :)
Please fix the sound track from your last video so people from Australia can view it. Remember: More views = more dollars
Your Viedos Are Legendary But dont post the same clips
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