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Celebrity Survey: Mitt Romney, Nicholas Cage Edition - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 75,444 views

Conan sends surveys to celebrities, and some of them are foolish enough to answer his questions.

Conan O'Brien answers his own Survey.
LMAO! Both Munn and Hendricks have hacked nudes out there.  Time for some Andy Candy!
Whattttttt why Justin B doing here .. justin survey say ''I WANNA HAVE SEX WITH MEN'' 
They already used the Nicholas Cage dog joke. 
lol i just watched a more recent one of these and it had the same exact nicholas cage joke word for word.
That's the point. the joke is that he doesn't pick his own movies but has ways of having him being in terrible movies.
+Ali Eshragh I know that's the point, but there was one of these celeb survey's from a while back like i said that used that joke word for word no difference. I mean they should atleast alter the joke slightly.....
Wow, I didn't know Conan was allowed to keep this bit.
Does no one notice "Nicolas" is misspelled? Eh, it's not that important.
The "Ice Age" joke should have been "The Land Before Time". I guess it is a dated reference, but still! And I bet most people called the Nic Cage one before it came up, like I did!
Miracle Whip is trying too hard
to the cake question GLaDOS would have answered " a lie "
That was great! Looooooove Christina Hendricks. She's my role model. PS - KONY 2012
Christina Hendricks has some huge tits.
WAIT?!WHAT?! It's called Celebrity Survey. Why the hell is Conan and Andy on it? That's an error for you Coco.
as soon as they said my favorite pig out is... im like, chris christi has to be in this one
@cupcakeawesomeness and thus no one failed as hard as you did
The Nicolas Cage one made me laugh very hard LOL! So true!
this is that true that you deserve the damned Nobel prize that the "savior of guantanamo" got
ok Conan, only add bieber if your gonna make fun of him/her at the end
No, he really does not have to. I find it refreshing to find someone being original instead of making a Justin Beiber joke. It's come to the point where people making those jokes are the real joke. It's played out.
I want some of that Andy Candy!!!
Can't imagine WHY anyone would hack Christina's phone for nude photos. >___________________>
Dear Americans I'm no member of your folk but I'm interested in your joy. Mitt Romney talks about disposing Obama's health care system whereas he had launched a similar one. He wants to seem like he was a Christian but he with his tax ideas for rich men obviously doesn't get the line "It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God". He is the opposite of Christian values. Obama is also no saint but I beg you to remember this on 11.6.
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