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WHITE BOY MUSIC PT. 2 @SpokenReasons #FCHW

by Spoken Reasons • 6,069,509 views

COMEDY: The racist things that goes on behind the scenes when you are not around! Website: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR -...

You bout to get carried away... In an avalanche nigga!
...Ambulance.. not an avalanche..
Black people today act like their grandpa and grandma were slaves or some shit. Last time I checked it's the 21st century. 
White people today act like slavery and colonization didnt givem them competitive edge in history. They'd rather you forget an move on while still opperating the hidden-racism machine to their advantage.
im not white im part purto rican and part African american but i think black people should stop getting on white people because black people call black people how come we can say nigga to each other but when someone else say it its a problem...see if black people would stop calling each other nigga and white people are just saying it just to say it then it will be a different story.
How are u part black and u don't know the answer to that
You never know how racist you are until you play online.
Good one my nigga. XD
Tbh were gettin to this point where it doesn't matter if white people say the n word just as long as they don't call us the n word to insult us and yes I am black
i´ve been reading these comments and i must say i´m amazed... i´m not american, i´m european and we don´t have this kind of input towards different races. we just don´t have that kind of approach. i think you americans are living in a really racist nation, there´s a huge divide between different ethnicities. well, things around here are quite different: first of all, the black people who live here weren´t slaves, they´re migrant workers who happened to be free people; they didn´t know slavery. besides, the social divide tends to be more like a "class system" subject, not really a race subject (though there´s always prejudice morons everywhere, this is not a perfect world), and the so-called "colour lines" aren´t as present and explicit as they are in the us. white and black people usually spend a long time hanging out together, in school, bars, etc, and they´re very attached to one another, with a great deal of culture exchange which tends to a unity, not a division. you can say the case of the uk quite resembles my own. the social input/output, and background are totally different from america. i´ve been twice there, in massachussets, and it was a nice place. but, please, don´t export your views on race relations over here, because we´re not buying it anyway.:) peace and love (i guess we´re a bit like jamaica, with lots of intermingling which makes us richer as human beings). cheers! :)
Here's why i disagree with you saying that everybody has a little racism in them. First i will give a little lesson on race, the world only has 3 real races, white, black, and asian. Now there are subgroups of asians (south asians, southwest, southeast and east asians) but they're all asians. And hispanic/latino isnt a race because it is a mix of white and an asian subgroup (south asians) and native americans are descendants of south asians as well. Now i am white, black, native american, and korean. So technically i couldnt be racist because i fit into 2 asian subgroups, white, and black so not everybody is racist on some level
I'm not white, but I feel I should say this anyways. I feel, no matter how many black friends you have, or how badass you think you are, you shouldn't be able to say "nigga" unless you're black. I don't care what the circumstances are, it's just how I was raised. Being raised from old school Hispanic parents in a predominately black neighborhood, I was taught not to say that word almost as much as fuck or some other profanity. Now as a young adult, I use profanity occasionally, but I would never say nigga to anyone regardless of race. I have received the personified "nigga pass" by all my black friends, but I have refused to say it and usually use alternative cuss words lol. This is just my opinion though.
+Isaac Gomez Really? It all depends on intent, intonation, place, time and who you are with when saying anything you say. I know sentences and words that can turn from playful or casual to insulting pure due to intonation and intent. Nigga would be one of them. Like, you can't even say the word in the news when in context, how ridiculous is that. Do they not teach you at school what content, and place and time do to a word or phrase? By "banning" a word you are giving it power over you. I honestly feel that Americans in general are not so well thought on the subject of language. Act all spastic about single words. Probably only know 2nd amendment + guns, not reading the entire piece. Mainly get their information out of hear say and what your momma thought you. It's pathetic.
the opening song... was beautiful. especially paired with his facial expression
Dear people commenting on YouTube Slavery gave us the right. Do u every hear majority of black people call with people crackers... We know is disrespectful to them. Now if cracker was as easy to say as nigga white people would probably call themselves crackers too... Have you ever heard of cracker as an insult. We too something rooted outta hate and made it something of love, respect, and friendship. Yours truly, Me
Omg I see a error.. It's (We took) sorry
Racism is alive and kickin in America. We all need to clear our minds and treat others as people. Stop refering to racism, stop aluding to it, stop using it as a weapon, stop using it as a manipulation tactic. Down with affirmitive action! Find love within.
Okay. Now do a video on how blacks also talk bad about about whites, because I'm pretty damn sure African Americans talk more crap about us then we do about them. Just saying.
Why Whites would wish to emulate former slaves or not admit in some dialogue that they are fed up with TNB and prefer being around their own tribe is an example of how far media brainwashing has gone. I can write an encyclopedia on what's wrong with the black community but I will skip all that and advise those of all races to self segregate to a fair degree. Integration does not work, it never did and the multiculturalists behind this debacle need to be shut down.
It seems like saying nigga these days just mean "males" these days it really doesn't feel like it has a racist meaning behind it anymore
Fuckin go listen to some Johnny rebel and grow a pair pussy
If a black man will call me a cracker, or any racial slurr towards white people. I can call him a nigga. If he doesn't, I won't. 
+Jawnie GO i dont care how i look or what people think about me. im just that kinda guy who dont care. 
Me not programmes to talk bout dat :)
you can't say white people are the only racist ones. black people can be just as racist.
I don't really say it, but if someone was racist toward me I probably wouldn't give a shit because it's just a word and those people have no respect for anyone. Therefore I am not going to take time out of my life which doesn't last long to hear all the shit coming out of there mouths. I got better things to do then to worry about things like that sorry.
I think all words depend on the context that you're using it in. I'm black and honestly I don't see the problem with any race using the word as long as it isn't maliciously used. I understand that it holds a lot of history, but it makes no sense to have one group use it and the other one not to..You either allow everyone to use a word or no one uses it. "Nigga" is no longer what it meant decades ago and we need to understand that just because a word was hurtful before, doesn't mean that it has to stay that way.
No offence to anyone but I think that it is kind of dumb that anyone says the N word because it is a very bad insult to black people and I don't understand why they say it because they are kind of insulting them selves no im not black so I cant say if you should say it or not but I don't like the word no matter who says it
When black people say it they say it in a way where it means my boy,my friend etc.
I personally don't care if white people say nigga If somebody call me a nigger its on doe
I've always been taught not to say the n word even tho I am African American. I'll hear Caucasian people ask "Well why can't we say it too". Well when African Americans use the n word we use it as another word for friend or close friend. Caucasian people mean it the other way,as a racial slur. Personally I don't mind if Caucasian people say it as in meaning friend or close friend but when they use it as a racial slur then that's when you take it too far. Just my opinion.
Fuck anybody that's not black and fuck gay men fuck gay women I hate race mixing join the black knights of the black horror group if u ain't black u get yo head jack get ready cracka the horror knows ya'll getting wacka join the black pride black supremacy black supremacist black power gang join the horror u have to be black to join if u ain't black and if your not fully black if u race mix if your a gay man if your a gay woman your not welcome in the horror blakck power
Ur missing like 4 chromosomes
Tbh, any person who says "I have black friends" dumb af
So sad that our black people call each other NIGGA/NIGGERS and think its fine. Racist white people don't have to call us that no more because we volunteer to call ourselves that because we (sarcasm)"real niggas."
blacks and whites are the same type of ignorrant racist, to ignorrant whites im considered mexican to ignorrant blacks im considered white. im not either but im perceived / judged by either race based on my skin color alone before i even speaks. so i really dont consider yall different just dumb.
i play wit kids you can call me tigga lol
I miss this spoken reasons
Cool beat at the begging
im black and use the word but just because we put an A instead of an ER on the end doesn't change the content behind the word.....if you have a grandmother that's black and is 55 or older call her a nigga and see what happens
I don't know why but for some reason I hate that person on the right 2:00 and it's not because he said nigga
Which one of y'all niggas called me a nigga nigga!! Lmaaoo #Dead
Is that page Kennedy
As a black guy I really don't care if a white person calls me a nigga. Where I'm from everyone says it and it's normal. But if you call me nigger then there's a problem.
How you use a word or phrase shows your level of education … anyone of any race that uses a daragatory term towards another is just an un educated person .. the term "nigger" was directed at African americans or people who's skin is black a CENTURY ago now people of all races use it towards people of there own race… outside there race… the terms "nigger" and "nigga" are two different things. Its like bro or dude in a sence at least the way i/most people would see it in todays world of the younger generation … it still isn't the right thing to say but its not the worst thing either …. just because someone says "yo my nigga want to chill?" doesn't mean "yo your black so I'm putting you down,want to chill?"… anyways i never use a word or phrase to put down anyone of any race ..   now if someone of any race even an African American says "nigger" towards another its putting that race down making them seem less then what they are when in reality everyone of every race is just as much of a human being as the person who said that phrase. 
I like the way you look at me I like the time we spend baby that was funny
Damn six million views
That beat did go hard though.
Every time a black dude calls me a "white boy" or etc. I have every single reason to call him a nigga... You don't want to white people to say that? Stop making fun of white people... And ffs everyone grow the fuck up
Only silly white boy would compare being called a "White boy" by a black person a green light to say "nigga"... I can tell you don't even have black friends to type something as stupid as that. It's white people like that who try to justify saying the N word any kind of way possible and then have the nerve to say you can't get offended by it. Like who are you to really say something isn't offensive to another? lol
What's wrong with white boy? It's what you are. That's not an insult. You think he'll care if you call him back boy? can us black get mad at whites for saying "nigga" or "nigger" when we say it all the fucking time.....come on people
+Rashad Holmes because its our word. you dont see us out there saying cracker or calling them cracker. 
XD this shit is so true Ive never understood the butthurt that shit brings. Its just a word. If I dont get butthurt over being called a cracker. Dont throw a bitchfit cause I said the damn word Nigga.
Tell me why it's always WHITE PEOPLE who wanna say the n word soooo bad like tf why do white people wanna say it soooo much Mexicans, Asians, Indians they don't give a fuck but white people are always the ones "herp derp how come black people always say it why can they only say it herp derp" like chill you fucking weirdos why you fiending to so it soooo much
If I was black I would rather be called a nigga rather then nigger and since I'm white I would rather be called white boy instead of cracker
Call me cracker I call you nigger...
this was so accurate ,this bogies out to blacks white and Asians ."Nigga kick dat shit"
bruh u taking it to far
Naw you right i said some racist shiit. But i ain't Raicst.
what was thats ng at the end
Hey I like people ur color I had 4 boys ur color and sometimes I would flirt wit boys ur color I also got some friend ur color yeah I can admit yes joked around bout it oh and another thing ur real cute
Im white. and my nigga friends dont mind me sayin nigga
We all have a capacity to be racists
My ex-friend said the n word and got beat up bad!!!! To a black person he was trying to bully
My favorite part is the begining and the rest is funny
Let some body call me a niggah keep the 40 ready 74 we here 2 15 19
AMBULANCE NIGGA!! .... I'm black so i can say what i want B|
im hispanic and i say nigga all the time but i dont use it like white people i call my close friends niggas
Does anyone know the name of the beat they were playing in the car bruh ? For real
Hey you my daddy from siyuri
The fact I have a great
actually if it was not for a white man you would be a slave
2:59 to 3:04 That's how life should be.
I can say nigga cause I was actually born brown
We gone get on some gangsta ish turn that Mf beat back on lol
Shit dumb funny I ain't seen it n 4ever
I'm not white I don't like that video I Put I dident like it
that kid realy got it , thats some realy funny shit !
Look at spoken reasons in the car
i think no one should ever say nigga. its sooo disrespectful
wtf they talking about niqqa for you little fuckers
Why do people have make a whole essay about this video? There was never a need
Don't sit there and tell me not to say a word that you are sayin to my face mother fucker
So im white <<obviously lol and i simply dont say the "n" word because i think it sounds degrading and disrespectful no matter what color you are i dont think that word is ok to call anyone white or black. (please note im not attacking anyone or trying to offend anyone)
 so not liking the "n" word makes me a racist , ok cool. 
This dude funny and true
he kinda looks like nick canon
Everyone seem to forget, because this word has become a political tool, but n*gger translated in German means person with black skin.  That's where it came from.  That word came from the Nazis.  I'm white and say it all the time, especially if someone pisses me off.  I've said it to plenty of blacks, and plenty of blacks has said it to me.  There's nothing wrong with it.  It's just a word. 
Wait, I'm not allowed to say nigga because I'm white? All of you in the comments keep saying It's just a word. So, why can't white people say it? It's a word. I've said it before, although it was a stupid mistake. And I'm not afraid to say it again. Unless I'm being a stupid American and misunderstanding the whole situation. Please explain because obviously I'm not understanding this whole thing.
What song was he singing at the beginning
nigga im white and say nigga and I live in the ghetto always chillin with black people so fuck you
does anyone have a link to this beat
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