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Terraria With SlyFox Ep.1 "The Beginning of a Shooting Star"

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 597,496 views

Homies remember to like the video, it Shows Active Support :D My Twitter:!/SlyFoxHound My Facebook:

does nobody who gives advice look at the date of this video and realize their comment was invalid
You never know, maybe someone watching looks at the comments and one helps them out.
2015 for the win its surprising how far ago 2011 is
For the people who think this is a rip-off of minecraft (not saying you think it is sly) TERRARIA IS WAY BETTER!!!
Terreria is just minecraft high on mods
if sly make meat wad voice terraria whole series that is gonna make me laugh a lot
Get the nighs edge! (Strongest sword untill hardmode.)
+lillie bell nights edge wasn't in the game back then.
~I am a dwarf and i dig in de hole! Diggy diggy hole! Diggy da hole!~ lol xD i know that
Little did Sly knew, that Purple and Green would be the Homie colours
Rewatching this series again......because i can :D
I LOVE YOU SLYFOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just bought this game on my ipad :)
sly can you start a series like this Pls
WAIT A SECOND! There were no beards before 1.2? That's horrible!
pleeeeease bring it back!
minecraft came from Terraria
Got this on computer and ps vita for on the go
damn this vid is so old i have melted of the old sly fox i love sly you awesome man
Where do You download Terraria!?
Sly you deserve WAY more subs then you have!!!!
I just subscribed and this is my first vid i watched so funny
No it wasn't, Minecraft began around 2009 or so, Terraria began in like 2011
(Reads title) A shooting star that's life will never end...
Its Eddie (or thats what someone calls him in draw my thing) you must listen closely
This game is okay butbto me it got boring because I kept dying
you're obviously not a real homie yes his name is eddie XD #slyfox sub since 2011 i saw this episode when it 1st came out
I bought it for the Xbox it is amazing
I haven't watched slyfoxhound in a while
I have this game I watched your entire Terraria Series and I want you to make more. I watch it over and over again thinking why you don't play it anymore.
12:35 That's exactly what the Slimes were thinking.
Sly sounds so much younger in this vid. xD
are you fucking dumb is the same fuktard pc is better i have both console new content is shit
Sly , your at the same level as sky your better than him but i think he is too
I know this is old but i did try it out and i liked it :)
In 6 days I beat every single boss. Hard mode bosses included :3
Lol love coming back to watch this :D!!! old intro
Is it weird that i came here because there was no MC Daily today?
good hacking=hacker bad hacking=cracker
sly you should not hit the slimes because it will go away.....
Well girls should not humiliate themselves, she deserves that. I don't want to see her breasts, keep it to yourself.
2 year ago sly get 11000+ likes 2 year later.... sly want get 9000 likes but he got 13000+++ likes u legend :o
"She" Might not be a girl you don't know that shes a girl
Love the way everyone goes back to watch episode 1 to see how far this game has come with the years. I would recommend watching up to his newest episode honestly one of Sly's greatest series and watch the multiplayer to it is absolutely incredible! HOMIES UNITE!
it is funny how Minecraft has "MINE" in it when it is more fun to mine in terraria. -_-
I am amazing at terraria i learned from the person who sucks so bad at it he should have never posted those videos : tobygames .I can do anything mod hack.
I bought this after seeing TotalBiscuit and Jesse Cox star their 1.2 run. But, I don't know anyone else who plays, so watching a solo run will probably show me a few cool tricks. I just beat the Eye of Cthulu.
yeah I just bought it on xbox and made a homie girl
Nooooo it's nvm I WUV teh yogscast
Nearly two years later, i got off my lazy as and went and got this game. Loving it already :3
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