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Mad Tv - Gay Hulk

by Alejandro Moreno • 973,934 views

jajaajaj lol what tha ....

Yeah it must be terrible to be gay. 
Does gay hulk join the avengers?
Don't you mean the gayvengers
Kinda reminds me of perez hilton....
@cupcakelover82801 Desaster movie?
did you have sex with the other guy last night.........this morning we had a aftersex
@MT5792 Actually, the color opposite of green is red.
Hahaha ther makin fun of faggots! We dnt need them!
TiVo not record sex in the city!!!
Gayest movie since The Last Samurai XD
@moyoboy If you dont like gays, dont be gay. No need to make anyone feel bad about themselves. Assholes like you, gay or not, are going to hell too, for being so fucking ignorant. Fuck you.
PEOPLE WHAT IS YOURE FREAKING PROBLEM WITH GAYS CAUSE with god there's mo problem if u are gay i dont beleive tamale8861 i Cant agreed and i wont !!!cause loves us no matter what we are or who we are !!!!!!! NOW TELL ME ALL OF YOU WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH GAYS ?!?!Han!!?!
How about people stop arguing over YouTube because it's freaking annoying and doesn't actually persuade anyone?
He sounds like chaz from the hangover lol
@MT5792 I guess it's one of those opposite concepts. Ya know: Straight - Gay Green - Pink Muscular - Fat Shirtless - Vested
One of the first times I'm saying this against MADTv, Last Samurai gay? Fuck off...
@MT5792 i think they used that actor because he's a big guy, and the hulk is big. i dont think ur supposed to read much else into it. in fact the actor (Paul Vogt) im pretty sure is gay (check his filmography on IMDB) so i wouldnt be surprised if he came up with the concept for this sketch, therefore he'd be the one doing the acting.
@thundertower ... I wasn't talking about myself
Is gay iron man =giron-man next ? Lol
LOL...That pink thing is inside me...LOL..
oooo what didnt happen? Lucky you
Roving counter was fucked by gay Hulk.
@heisenfeis oops sub dub oh heck Im confused now
still better then the 2003 movie
@darraghtank thats cool, im just saying, some of the comments are like "Who needs gay people?!" "The world could do without them!" its just to them, its like, really? ur gonna say that when there are clearly going to be people watching this and reading the comments who are gay, i wasnt bashing the video, its funny!
@ogloc360 I'm not gay but you've tried it? Tell me how is it?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i had the same thing in mind
And i thought i ve seen all of the MAD tv SERIES, this is hilarious funny !!! i dont know where i was !!!
ha ha rate from 1-10 wat u think
You're a stupid bigot who makes the world a worse place. I'm not name calling here, just telling the truth.
unfortunately the Bush presidental campaign was when it went downhill actually. they had an amazing cast and then over one week they changed the cast entirely and not one sketch was funny, then it was canceled :-( I can't ever forget I was so mad lol
i always thought paul vogt was on the fruity side anyways...
gay hulk looks like perez hilton! hahahahaha
@DisscoWarrior That's not Perez Hilton. It's a regular on the show.
this no indoor furniture this outdoor furniture. it don't look nice in ROOM
Lonely fat girls to the prom
What did that gay guy in the bed mean when he said "lucky you?"
lol so true u can spot gay guys cuz they take the lonely fat girls to proms and shit - ain't like they gonna hit that shit anyway
So, he turns into Buu with a fashion sense?
where you big pink friend?he is inside of me,lucky you lmfao
the was freaking funny they should madtv back on the air for more laughs like miss swan
@HaileyyisBeast actually Im gay and I thought this was quite funny and i dont really like madtv most gay people wouldnt find it offensive
@MoloAngelSorcerer really? oh well i just googled it and thats what i got ssoooo??? idk
I almost lost it when he said "Lucky you".
"What happened?" "What DIDN'T happen?" LOL
Cop: Put down the chair gay hulk!! Gay Hulk: THIS IS NOT INDOOR FURNITURE!!!!!!!! THIS OUTDOOR FURNITURE!!!!!!!!! tssk IT DON'T GO WITH ROOM!!!!!!!!!!
I dont get why the gay hulk is fat?... if anything he be in better shape than the regular hulk.
i feel ur pain gay hulk. MY tv didnt record sex in the city either =(
Actually being gay isnt a sin, in the bible its says unmarritale sex is gay or straight. Gay Rights!
@MoloAngelSorcerer yeah but there are a lot more in shape gay ppl than there are in shape straight ppl... well in america anyways. plus on the color wheel the opposite of green is orange/violet
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