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Landing on Venus

by CiCiSFU • 131,606 views

A clip from a cool docudrama.

The only way you could ever get people onto the surface of Venus would be by a SPACE ELEVATOR; even then the cable would have to be manufactured from something extremely heat resistant such as carbon fibres or even asbestos.
You just need one ballon with variable bouyancy (a compressor and a tank). That can enter in the atmosphere without parachute, fall until the surface, then you expand the gases and rise to 40km, inside that ballon you have another stage ballon to take you at 54km, then you rendevouz with a floating rocket and you go back to orbit. Of course there is no point to sent humans into the surface.. But it will be very usefull to the clouds.  
The landers bullshit because it's too small to have the delta v required to get back into orbit since the delta v requirements if Venus are similar to earth.
it'd be harder cos of the atmosphere
Thats BS that atmosphere its made of acid just one minute there they would had been dead
+Angel Medina The surface temperature on Venus is a whopping 462 degrees C (864 degrees F), and the atmospheric pressure is over 90 times what it is here on Earth.  While it might be theoretically possible to do so, from a science standpoint, there is no good reason to send people there (and a landing attempt would be highly risky).
+1sorryham Adding to this, Venus's winds move at more than 200mph in the upper atmosphere plus the lower atmosphere is so thick that a 1mph wind would be impossible to walk though.  So there'd be virtually no possible way to bring them back because of that, and to reach escape velocity would be almost that required on Earth.  And I can only imagine how difficult that would be.
what movie is it?
Awww waaah waaah they all had a cry at the end about the fakeness of it all
Also I remember watching this live on air on our old TV when I was 2 when it actually happened, some girl waffling about one hot step for mankind, ouch my feet are hot and some other whiney speak, what was strange to my 2 year old brain was that the craft was oblong shape when they landed, but a few minutes later when they were ready to leave, having had a complete gutful of the whole thing (after Cmdr Legstrongs Venus open air Muffin baking experiment went horribly wrong) the craft was no longer oblong shaped but now resembled more of a tinfoil ball. They managed to still fly it off though and everyone had a good fake crying clapping session afterwards.
i agree with you it would be suicide because im saying what kinda space suits will be able to keep us safe or what kind of craft will keep us safe long enough
Titanium is not "immensely dense", in fact it's main quality is that is quite lightweight, but also very strong.
i think the's oil on mars! i just watch this documentary about how oil is created over a period of may years -mars fits the description hahaha oh MG This is how conspiracy theories get stated, lol:)
think the acid would be a small issue to deal with.might be a ceramic or some other material the that is unaffected to it like glass. i say ceramic because of the heat. Maybe use an extreme Peltier or sterling heat pump. Getting carried away. But back to what i was saying I think the acid would be a smaller issue. Really cool problem to tackle.
LOL your awesome too, don't worry the sun goes moon
if humans can travel faster than light we can goto the most habitable planets descovered a.k.s glise 581 and kepler 22b also the star will die in a few billion years and venus have co2 and its uber hot on venus planets in the habitable zone that are not gas giants will be the option
go a head scientists thank you for these informations pictures and videos
Venus is very hot and hostile planet. There no need to send geeks out there. NASA will never have mession there. This is just attention seeker video narator.
Its the heat that is the really problem. Lead melts at the surface. But yes I would that would be possible.
I think the mission control is merely watching what is happening on Venus, with their images a few minutes late.
What show is this from, pls?
dude trust me if you had a chanse to go to venus you would take it.
Why do you need the cameras all they do is take up valuable space and broadcasting bandwidth?
People will never find a way to land on venus.
Impossible! The pressure is so high that it would crush you in an instant also any object we've Madeleine so far AND IT RAIN'S ACID!!!
If he was single no he was married yes. Morality...difficult concept for some.
this is bullshit we cant even land on mars good hing this is just a docudrama lol
not as in right now, nobody in their right mind would say yes to a suicide mission... maybe in the future we'll be able to float on the surface on venus to study whats going on.
venus is 2nd hottest planet how can they launch a rocket there withought burning in the next 2 minutes of landing
Bright flashes appear in Venus's atmosphere every second or so. What are they?
ali g said that in an interview with buzz aldrin Ali also asked Aldrin: "What do say to all those conspiracy theorist´s that say - the moon does not exist" - Ahh just too great
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Take off would require a massive rocket. probably much bigger than the Saturn V or N1. It just isn't somewhere a human would go unless they went there to die.
down is the easy part i wouldn't be clapping till got back abord
I *think* I said that. But, yeah, imagine 9,119 kPa (1,323 psi) surface pressure! Amazing that the Soviets even got pictures back.
Good thing it is. It's no different from Airships...just bigger.
id rather go to mercury than venus. becuz its actually less hotter than venus even though its the first planet from the sun.
90 times Earth's atmosphere at the surface, actually.
How the heck do they manage top get the signal in LIVE from Venus to Earth in less than a second?!
What the fuck. Is this real or some made up bullshit documentary?
The Interplanetary Vehicle looks like the ISN Venture Star from the movie AVATAR.
It would float there, except it would be like floating inside a thrashing ocean. They have wind there too.
what a terrible analagy! a bank job!
A landing in Venus is impossible. You would die before you can even reach the surface.
it would be much more efficient of resources to have a robot mission to a planet like Venus. Humans require a lot of costly protection when encountering the very hostile environment on a planet such as Venus
While that is true, the ones that did land, lasted long enough to take photos of hell...err...I mean the surface of Venus :P
The only reason for sending people to Venus would be that it's the only planet in the solar system where you can watch your spacecraft melt.
Cool! I never thought of that. It could be like Cloud City in Star Wars:The Empire Strikes Back!
Yo dude! I didn't mean I'M gonna do it. I'm talking about a fleet of space ships 200 years from now doing that! Anyhow, hang in there, man!
You dont want to land on Venus. Trust me.
And we can do anything we set our minds to. By "our" I mean all of us, the human race in unison...whenever that will be.
Realistic version : WE ARE ENTERING VENUSES ATMOSPHERE!!!! -signal lost- DAMMIT!
must rovers and stuff are destroyed do to Venus's extreme weather,temperature,and pressure.
the point is that there may be other galaxies out there with other liveable planets, but we do not know the condition of these planets nor the probability of even traveling there, the farther we get out in our own solar system, the better chance we have of finding even more planets or other celestial bodies similar to earth.
I can think of 2 reasons to go to Venus: 1. Because we've never done it before. 2. Because it can be done.
thanks for the intel. it was an interesting show i thought at least. but i like this kind of si-fi anyway. have a good day to you friend.
I prefer exploring the mound of Venus, lol! xD
wait a couple billion years untill humen can breath there
Your wrong. What about co2 harvesting in order to start global warming on Mars? It is possible in the future to have technology that would allow the rapid transportation of co2 through a worm hole or something similar. So never say never.
я кажется видел такой-же фильм, только они приземлялись на юпитер 0_о
Thats a bit pointless the only reason you would wannt to go there is to prove that you could go there theres no life or anything but i guess its cool
I agree with DevilMaster that is why its a better idea to teraform Venus first before mars since it is sooooo much like Earth when Mars is a waste-land and the core is virtually a dead rock even though teraforming is in the very distant future.
did you know venus is know as our sister planet
(i dont mean with todays technology) and theres also some natural things that could work like that
LOL ya,Venus is closer to earth but too fucking HOTTT.
It's a docu-drama, as mentioned in the INFO. Of course we haven't been to Venus it's basically a suicide mission!
sooo, they didn't make the lander out of lead then?
Funny film. Naturally the Russians could not do it, but we are very glad there is the US.hahaha Scary thing about documentaries about like this is, that at a certain moment (about topics that COULD be possible) you don't know if it is real or not anymore....
hmm, beaches over trillions of degrees in Celsius. Totally legit place to have fun playing soccer and volleyball.
May be use high escape velocity orbit that could reach mars 3 mounth!
Landing on venus? great, next time we will land on the sun! And ow, don't worry about the heat, we will go there when it is night.
first person to set just a tip toe on venus, burn to death
Maybe Venus is better for earth colonies, but mars is a much more fascinating target at the moment now that we know from Curiosity's findings that it once had a habitat capable of supporting life.
What is the name of this docudrama??
we want to land on venus??? hahahahah you must be really stupid.....
Perhaps we could send balloons to float in the atmosphere and therby provide bases for us to live there?
You are a genius! You should get started on that genius idea of yours!!! xD xD xD
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