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When You're Single - David Choi (on iTunes & Spotify)

by David Choi • 165,489 views

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Here's a toast to another year without a valentines date. :)) This song really relays everything that I always do in every valentines day.
There isn't a single song I don't like by David Choi <3
I love your music quality David! Love your song always. Perhaps I am too late that I just listened to this song and I enjoy the song so much, its so refreshing :D. GoodJob!
David you should get another PO box so we can send gifts and lots of stuff!!
I'm single like you David, you are not alone.
This album is awesome yet again :)
@jenlee816 Very True!!!! But when you see that girl, you know deep inside you know that your friends arent going to fill the void forever, and I feel that is why people long for companionship
@cLvAk What u said embarrassed ur self....i have never heard anybody said "have much growing"...haha Also, I guess you can not distinguish speaking English and writing English....This is not an essay assignment...What u said just proved u r foolish...poor u!!!
Recently single...and I'm proud <3
This song make me feel better being SINGLE :D
hehe bittersweet. i like it! :P that exactly how i feel! lol!
Hav a bad childhood, sis lied abt me Ppl arnd me are mostly schoolmates from PrimarySch to highSch Ppl who knw my sister hates me, hate is a strong word but Im nt exaggerating esp the girls would hate me the most Tried nt to make it an excuse to nt try to talk to them, but in d end what my sis did was still working. Did nothing to deserve it, but well, Im not letting her depression make me a person that is depressed because of it. Its quite off topic but this is what I thought of when Im single.
hahha that bring big smile on my face. GOOD job David. Single too.
I get this feeling! ha Who's with me?
i actually pretty much do everything in this song......
the single life is so much better than being in a relationship! <3
Meehhhh not one of your best to be honest. I liked your songs that had some sort of deeper meaning (whether it was about love, or just having fun). This one, lyrically, sounds kinda mehhh. I can't describe it. =\ Just my opinion.
anyone notice when you click on a song the number on the track list turns into a music note? I love you David!!! =D
@RamenNoodles980 Good. I thought I was the only one lol.
:P I'm not single anymore. This song no longer applies to me sadly x(
@phoenixzhao488 lol Even so the melody or genre doesn't match up for me. But then again like they say "a picture paints a thousand words".
I wish I could get your album in Indonesia !
I gotta find myself a nice girl.
@ZoeVirola Please tell me thats a Good thing :)
he did say it was a youtube exclusive,s o that might be why! But i wish it wasn't so i could buy it! :)
I would love to see an mv for this :)
you're a younger version of Jason Mraz in this song...!
David:Where are all the girls who are plain and cute? Me: O_____O MEEE ME OH DEAR GOD ME
I love the puke sound at 0:43 :D
That's how it is... when you're single!!! <3
@theKirusVirus He's referring to the people who party too much because they have significant ones.
Favorite from the whole album. (:
@MegaAnnie4u yes i do think all asians r chinese and i did hear him reply me no need for u to remind it bia :)
I love being single. I hate being in relationships. Too much maintenance/expectations. Enjoy being single, those will be the best days of your life. ;)
Man I hope the MTV motherfuckers give you an award and to fucking bieber
Sometimes I hate being single..... However I'm glad that someone has actually made a song for all singles instead all of those pop stars making songs about their mate or having sex with some random person.... I love you David <3333
wouldn't it be interesting if all the single ppl commenting here hung out? mmm.
Lol this is EXACTLY how I feel. I love how your songs are so relatable. It's like hey I'm single and let's listen to this happy happy music. <3
@k47aftu2 remember, use "you" and "are!" They are only three letter words to type that will make your intelligence much higher kid!!! Oh yeah "your" instead of "ur." You can do it kid, make your English teacher proud!!!
Your not single... just independent :D
if they were to make a music video they gotta add Forever alone faces on them when they go back to their own rooms
Damn, David. You hit it home with this one.
I like that you put your album on youtube but i wish you did what you did for the last album cause this just filled up my sub box Haha great song btw
"I'm not depressed because I got no girl I can call up my friends and take over the world" WORD.
@k47aftu2 No that is not grammatically correct as well. You spelled "u" but you really meant "you." You also spelled "r" when you meant "are." Judging you based on your choice of words I'm guessing you're an elementary school child who still have much growing (and learning to write proper English) to do. When you do grow up, you'll realize that telling such a great musician, such as Mr. Choi, to "stop composing music" is rather a stupid comment. Stay in school kid ;)
Did you notice the puking sound at 0:44 ? :DD
maybe he's just being nice to us single people. =)
@meganechu Single is only a state of mind your never alone as long as you got memories of loved ones :)
@liuboren1992 Do u think all asians r chinese? Apparently, listen to MariNYC81 he's a american of korean descent
i'm single. i love you. marry me? c:
Im happy I got spamed by Choi's music! :D
@35enox I know, it just took me a long time to even notice it..
yah he needs dat fire bomb ass kush, LOL
I think those 14 people are crazy
@liuboren1992 nope, he is American of Korean descent.
this song makes me feel so happy to be single <3
WEBE 108! You just heard 'When Your Single' by David Choi now here's some Maroon 5!
you should be on glee because I can picture you as an actor/singer in a high school musical type of way
@k47aftu2 if you are going to troll, at least get your grammar correct. And just to note, David does not care about a nobody like you or your opinion.
I love this song....MY LIFE!!!(in ladies version!!!)
Beautiful contradiction. love it..
like this is you are single . see how many single out there
I'm single for 2 yrs. & 6 months already..hahahha.. :) cheeers!
this is my Fav out of the new songs.
I LOVE THIS SONG =) dancing in ma chair by myself ;D
Uke Chords please! Love this song!
@manga292 I think he's being sarcastic about it. "Being single. Yeah. It's so great. Woo."
Great song I subbed liked and faved it :D
i can be your plain&cute girl :)
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