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Quicksilver Messenger Service - What About Me - Live Audio

by Circuit7Active • 75,248 views

December 31, 1970 New Years Eve Costume Ball - Kabuki Theatre

What ya gonna do about me "The Food You Fed Our Children Is The Cause Of Their Disease"   The reckless operation of corporations is what caused both of the worlds two greatest environmental disasters. And this "situation" is the direct result of the cumulative manifestation of our individual greed.  How Surfing the Internet and the searches that you do can get you killed     FYI  { current events }> "Chronic Illnesses" > Biological Warfare Experiments on the American People Documentary by Snowshoe films with Garth Nicolson Ph.D.
The reckless operation of corporations is what caused both of the worlds two greatest environmental disasters. And this "situation" is the direct result of the cumulative manifestation of our individual greed.
Still, after all these years, Still holding true!
Stuff they say still goin on today have things change i guess they have
timeless!  What About Me!  
some things are just timeless
Nothing changes when you still smoke pot,,, Your comments on this will be ignored. 
Awesome song! A live version, unbelievable! Powerful lyrics. Thanks you for posting.
rexmo gill Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
the fact that i can't find a good studio version of this song due to copyright infringement bullshit is exactly what it is preaching about...THE MAN IS KEEPING ME DOWN!!
You're all over the place with your comment retard ! Put the bong down and get a job so you can buy some good acid.
Oh yeah. I remember the chorus of this song only when I was 7. It was running in my head for years and just came to mind this morning. It's great to learn how complex and well written the lyrics were.
Dino's powerful words and an incredible band,.
40 plus years later and I still love this song.
Best protest song ever.The issues are still as relevant as they were before the world turned.Half a century later and 'most of what I do believe is against all of your laws'.Seems like 'I'll always be the stranger in the land that I was born".
yes this song is so true today as it was in 1970
You are so right. Love and prayer and working together is the only way. Music is a way to bring humans together so they will listen to a message that will tug on their heart,
This song fits in today as it did in 1970. The Quicksilver Messenger Service were my favorites of all the city bands (San Francisco) since I 1st saw them in 1966 at the Fillmore.
You poisoned my sweet water. You cut down my green trees. The food you fed my children Was the cause of their disease. My world is slowly fallin' down And the airs not good to breathe. And those of us who care enough, We have to do something..
There are still plenty of us out there fighting the good fight everyday in whatever little ways we can, and this has always been one of the songs that inspires me the most when I think about my place in the world
@angiebc3724 well said amen Great group great song those were the times and the music transcends all times. John Cipollina is truly missed but will always live on in his great music
God and only God and Jesus can save this world. Not marxist nightmare.
I could not agree more with your statement. Special times for we who were there.
I pray for everyone to wake up as we can make a difference, but we need to work together. Divide & conquer is why we a losing!
My father played this at his funeral. He was the greastest man and I will always remember him for this song. James Micheal Rodgers R.I.P
this takes me back in time,great post #####
This is so funny. I never expected so many ageing hippies! This was one of my favorite songs too, long ago. Much like the single true word, "Plastic", in "The Graduate", the only thing that remains true about this song is the sound! There was no apocalypse, no mass incarcerations of marijuana smokers and George McGovern voters. What scared us so much then, everything in the lyrics, has failed to come to pass. There's room for improvement in the world, but don't go misidentifying the problems.
I just had to re-visit this for some reason today...I knew John Cipollina and he was not only a genius guitar player but a gentleman and very intelligent person. I am glad to have called him a personal friend...He succumbed to complications from an asthma attack i n '89 but will always be with us in the beautiful and talented music he bestowed so graciously upon us....and, yes, What You Gonna Do About Me still hits me the same way as it did when I first heard; like a great poem!
Does anyone know who all is in this band? I remember a guy named Bruce back in the day. Give me some hints. I'm getting old, lol
Working together in love is the only way to get things changed with prayer and faith in God. Music is such a way to reach into the heart and soul of humans if they will listen to the message.
@TheQuicksilverdog I can't even put into words what this song meant to me as a teenager.
If i can figure out how to do it I will upload the original version. The one when we old dudes were breathing herbal air. When it was real.
Hoping for the SHFT to bring us all Peace on this 4:20 :) QC San Francisco....lived on the corner of Stener & Filbert....great times
Ah, the discussion gets shallower and shallower---We are back to the future.What about several states limiting the right to vote---are we back to Mississippi-1961. The way to win is to make sure that the people who will vote against you never get that chance. Wake up, people.Remember Medger Evers.
I saw them at the Avalon Ballroom In Chicago in 1969. :)
Wow. 2011 going on 2012 and this song makes more sense than ever, Revolution is surely coming people.
1 person does not know what to do about me.
listen to the lyrics. Here we are 42 years later and it's the same shit! FYI--- Lyrics Written By: Dino Valenti: October 7, 1937 -- November 16, 1994, under the Pseudonym, "Jesse Oris Farrow" and published in 1970 Whatcha gona do?
Man this takes me back to summer days in Sonnol park and beautiful mornings with orange sunshine.
THIS Song is MY Message to Obama !!!
If i could pick one song to describe the sound and the vibe from the late 60's, early 70's...
It's amazing how they are still good now and how far ahead of their time they were
Always remember, never forget. Kent State, May 4, 1970.
it pointedly reflected what was going on then but there were a lot of folks onto those ideas then, pointed in the same direction, where is that now? it means more to me now!
WOW!!!!......saw them at the Music Hall in Boston way back when the livin was easy. they opened up for humble I long for those years
Cuz your rules & regulations don't do a thing for me, didn't in 68 and sure don't now
One of the greatest songs of the '70s. One of my favorite songs.
This is the first band my brother turned me on to in 1971 when he came back from college with long hair - they haunt me. Like another hit of Fresh Air!
I know we had high hopes then we thought it would be easy because it just made sense. But change is slow and I think the 60's started a lot of change not as many as we hoped but it's an everyday thing! It's a conscious thing how we think how we act!
one of the best concerts I ever saw they played till two am, they wouldnt leave till we did.hard to beli eve so little has changed
You nailed it on the head! We had a chance and we got a few things changed but mans heart is still selfish and cares mainly about himself. But there are a few that care about their fellow man. Maybe there's still a little hope with the love of God.
I want this played at my funeral. My favorite song of all time...
Obama is a totalitarian douchebag. Stop voting by rock an roll pop culture. Now the evil Clintons keep arising from one scandal into another ambitious goal. People,these people are evil politicians. Vote for someone who loves GOD. A UNITER NOT A DIVISIVE,SMUG INCOMPETANT NARCISSIST. STOP VOTING IN CREEPS BECAUSE YOU THINK THEIR COLOR OR GENDER IS COOL.
The sound is so Frisco from back in the day. I love listening to these old tunes.
The late great Dino Valenti!!!!
It is depressing, we had hope that we would make the world better back in the 60's. We lost our way & the world stayed on the same destructive path. It saddens me deeply!
Me too! I am an activist in San Francisco, CA, but we seem to be losing our housing fight in which I have been involved for more than 20 years.
Great capture. Thanks for any different versions of these guys
Wow. Very cool. I love Quicksilver. 5*****
This song and Steppenwolf's Monster express alot of what has the younger generation supporting Ron Paul.
Graceful, Hippie experience here . Love QMS. Peace....
The anthem for all of us old school hippie types. Gave us all hope.
@SmootchTW Go to the John Cipollina website and you can fine the info....there are alot of people who will answer you on the posts...
What is so sad is that so many have forgotten. Someday....someday.
On March 6th, 1971 "What About Me" entered Billboard's Hot Top 100; it stayed two weeks on the chart and for both those weeks is was No. 100!!!
Your newspapers, They just put you on. They never tell you The whole story. They just put your Young ideas down. I was wonderin' could this be the end Of your pride and glory?
great copy , best found ! thx 4 sharin' !
Quicksilver Messenger Service was my favorite band of the San Francisco sound of the 60's. I went to their gigs every time they played ro 66' til 71'.
This is the song that got me to to OCCUPY EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! Back in this day Vietnam was raging. People were fed up W the B.S. Things have not changed much. What you gonna do about me is an anthem for the times.I'm a Virgo too.
I love this song, Things have not changed since this song came out over 40 yrs ago. NOTHING has changed.... NOTHING at all......If any thing at all, it has gotten worse......I love our mother earth......
Takes me back to the 70s. I worry about my grandson and what's going to happen to his generation. Us boomer must give up our goods and teach the kids what it means to stand up. This is the same shit we had during the Viet Nam warcan we let this shit happen again. A revolt is the only answer!
When I hear songs like this, all I can say "what am I going to do about me !" hot, hot hot !
Wow! This audio is from famous San Francisco radio station KMPX It became the best ratio station in history when On Friday, April 7, 1967, DJ Tom Donahue went on the air at KMPX for the first time, and created the best format in the history of radio. He put Quicksilver on the air.l
I got very depressed last year when this very thought occurred to me! More than 40 years, and it's still the same! These social problems have changed very little for the good of the common people!
Do you honestly think The republicans are any different? Wake up. Vote republicans and democrates out of office.Loss of power is all they understand. The peoples power is in the vote and intelligent honest discussion.
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