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bugatti 16c .Galibier

by titounet6 • 215,638 views

attention les toutes premieres photos amateur de la Galibier. Very first shoots of the Bugatti Galibier at the Atelier

They should probably just stick to coming out with the Chiron.
Do they have a winter sale event for this car?
It might be here in early 2016 or later
Really a dream car do not worry about the price.
People , you are looking at a 100.000.000 $ car , yes a 100.000.000 $ car , wow
It's actually projected to be $1.425 million. Not $100,000,000 or any of that nonsense. And they are not producing it, Bugatti scrapped the plans for the Galibier several months ago.
+TheDpb167 They scrapped it? I was looking forward to seeing rich people waste more money. Well they must have something better in the works
@titounet6 yeah but where on earth can u drive that fast and get away with it (besides drag strips and racetracks)
ok then what's the point of life? lets all commit suicide xD
the most powerful 4 door on the planet!!!
Ce projet est-il mort ? Ca fait 2ans qu'elle est sur roues quand même
looks lik an A7 on stereoids.....
Sweet, now i can do 200+ with my whole family in comfort!
hope that have made amphibious...
i have changed my mind i no longer say porsche make the ugly supercars, it bugatti
i love this car, but i would buy Maybach or RollRoyce in stead of Bugatti if i had money...
There is no video with this car? i only saw it driving on discovery...
@devster117 bugatti veyron top speed 415 man this will be 450-500km/h
@thegoodknigh i really hope you sensed my sarcasm in my last comment, because ur reply does not contain the hatred for which i was so expecting, such as "fuck you"
@freshboydrz yeah, but then you get some douchebag who decides to pass a car as slow as possible and doesnt care how fast you're approaching from behind
@nhhn7sisk sure but you know that this car will be the fastest limousine in the world with about 380Km/H !! ;)
@titounet6 you can buy Maybach and put the money ( difference of price between two ) into hard tuning and i think you will have Maybach with 400 km/h and you'll save one million dollars :)
now that we've seen the bentley SUV this can be safely released since it'll no loger be the most vulgar thing on 4 wheels
Meanwhile Hannah Montana has become a hot chick
The front of the car is great looking, the rear is awful...
@canadian1192 No it isn't but sure it is the finest
@galbmw yeah u replied to the wrong person genius...
Car is not a all new body.. You can see the porsche panamera in back and the bmw 7 series in front... sad...
basically a pumped up panamera
i like how the cameraman was hiding in the bushes...
that sound again please;;;;;;;;;;; i hate it
@titounet6 OMG listen to yourself, in essence its a VW !!! and no it wont be the fastest Brabus will hit the 400 mark, also half the body comes from Porsche.. but with such a nose the front ruins the aerodynamics.. this car makes no sence, just as the Rapide dont. But the VW thing haunts Bugatti. they just should have let it Rest in peace as a renowed auto maker long gone, not abolish it. I am German and even though VW is German i do not see this arrangement working.
this prototype wat look just like this one was way before the porsche panamera
@titounet6 and dont forget the 8 exhaust pipes,, if you replace all with eisenmann exhaust then it would kill
Porsche tried, failed. What makes Bugatti different?
@titounet6 i think they would be stupid not to, it will be yet again the most amazing car to break all expectations, all over again!
@devster117 arab roads!! they are the only ones who can buy this thing!!
1:34 bugatti,panamera,continental,c­l amg (galibier)
hey man, thank you for giving the name of the music, it's really, really cool!
@feoliveirafull it is furious angel ,by rob dougan ;)
Well I'd rather kill myself maxing a Veyron (btw you forgot the German autobahn with no speed limit ...)
nahhhh! it looks like skoda superB :D
@titounet6 you cant.. on topgear they went 230 or something and had to brake for traffic... :P
@FDBofficiel Oui la Galibier est abondoné tel quel il est présenté la. Les designers sont en train de redessiner une nouvel carosserie par contre le moteur restera celui de la veyron donc le w16 et la puissance devrait être de 1000ch au minimum ;)
@TheRguru1 What the heck is the concept of poverty if u can purchase a RR :))...
@devster117 this isnt really about the speed. its about prestige, roller or bentley have big names but compared to bugatti they are unknown. in real car world bugatti is the top
@titounet6 not really Mercedes benz s class amg is fastest limousine
good, people will hopefully shut up about rs6 vs m5 debates.
@titounet6 i just wish the entire autobahn was unlimited like it used to be. alot of it still is. but limits had been put in place in recent years . but still imho the best place to test a car in the "real world"
from the front it looks like offroader
@thegoodknigh oh thanks, the 37 people who replied in the past 7 months didnt mention that. thank you
please, what is the name of this song?
Wow en exclu! Mais t'aurais du mettre le copyright! C'est plus sur!
@nayef530d Yes, or Passat for global design... :-))))) BMW it's best or with RR
@titounet6 yeah but even at that speed you would stillhave some crazy eurpean bastard honkin' at you to get out of the way
@titounet6 I dont think doing over 200mph with a battleship on public roads is a good idea
@nhhn7sisk With this car full throtle means empty fuel tank in about 10 min.Second idea:why just 8 exhausts?Needs 16 pipes!More is better..
if i had enough cash to buy this car id het a 65 mustang pay for the whold body to be carbon fiber and drop the new 5.0 init with the ecoboost. i dont see the poin t in spending that much for a car when it dont look as good as somthing 1/4 the price.
@titounet6 That was such an awesome answer, i totally forgot that german motorways had not speed limit
FF is two door, but it kind of is like this, fast luxury car with 4 seats!
the most powerfull sure but almost the most expensif 4 door on the world and I hope that Bugatti will product this car !!
tbh it kicks the panamera's ass for looks. this looks very sleek.
The 90s and 00s had shitty designs, yes... the 80s, no way. Although they were inferior to the 70s (especially the early 70s) from a creative standpoint, there were still more than a few cars (Lambo, Ferrari, Rolls Royce just to name a few) that still are regarded as cars with great design. I mean look at the current Cadillac models, they look like shit.
car looks amazing, but def not as expensive looking as the veyron does. still though, cant wait to test drive one to see how it is
looks like the current jag xj LWB in profile
The rear styling of this car reminds my of the old 50's Nash. Remember the old upside down bathtub look. It's terrible..
at the last pic the front of the car = BMW 7series 2010 and the rear = Porsche Panamera...
Sexiest 4-door car of all time. hands down.
@titounet6 yeah thats cool that it will be the fastest limo on earth, but honestly when will you ever go that fast in a limo?
What were you afraid the car would bite?!?! get a little closer for some pictures
whats the name of this song?
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