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I Want It That Way - @SpokenReasons @PriscillaRenea

by Spoken Reasons • 1,528,130 views

(COMEDY) Spoken Reasons, Featuring Capital Records Recording Artist/Writer Priscilla Renea

Lol she shouldbe made a whole video tho she got talent!
i sing this randomly when me and my friend have arguments 
i was listening to this when i thought; why does this sound so much like that one direction song? so i googled this song and i found out that, this song came out before the one direction song. this therefore led me to believe that something is very wrong somewhere.  P.s sorry for calling said song' that one direction song, i don't really know the name
LMAO...He acting a straight fool in the background
joshua stanley Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
and i was singing like this as well
She killed it but why did he had to mess it up.
"Fuck it I'll do it. Ninja.!"
Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way
i will never get tired of this video (:  i love it 
161 people didn't like it cause they can't sing
+Janae Belk she ah hater that's bitch they can sing..just want some attention..with her trifle ass.
U must not understand me. I meant to say that she can sing and that 161 people cannot sing. Lol! I agree with u guys that the girl can sing
Omg soo beautiful - please make ut finish :(( love your voice ♡♥
She's awesome! Loved the ending!
she was doing good then who came along he sounds good too "i probably could if you shut up"
The BACKSTREET BOYS!!!! Awesome job. Wish it was longer I live for ths song. #MBIB
Lmfaoo His Ass In the Baack
Spoken reasons my nigga halarious
would've been better if you didn't play da guitar cuz it made me laugh the least and I know you meant for it to sound bad but it wasn't funny
Ayy SpokenReasons I all ways wanted to get on YouTube and upload video I have 2 video how to get a lot of people to watch it help me out
Lmao she sang good tho
she was lookin like if u dont stop messina round boyyy
Oh ya give dis vid a thumbs up and if u don't and dislike u a bitch ass nigga who can't sing
Sounds To Me Like You Can Man Sing @spokenreasons
Lol befor spoken reason takes over befor that just look at him the whole time in the background just look its funny as hell
a real way you can tell that he got some ghetto in him..dont we all hit the back of the remote hopin that it will work ??? i kno i do
Lmao he is watchin judge judy n the bac
He could've killed if he new how to play the guitar
lol his voice when he sing mistake
Am i the only one who noticed hes watching judge
Kill that shit kill that shit fuck it ill do it myself
I Like Her Voice & The mcDonalds Commercial
When The Video Firsts Start , He Hits Himself In the Head with the Bottle Lmfaoo
Aawwww, JB!!! She did NOT close that laptop on yo ass...that's cold, because you can sing
I can't stop laughin at him I'm da background
Kill that shit!! Lol so fucking funny
Lmfaoo, she straight shut his ass down.
spoken reaons givin me joke LOOOL
@joeymcinnes94 its kill thatshit not get
That video was posted in 2011 but I'm still watching this in 2013 ! You've got a big talent ; )
Lmfao Spokenreasons In The Background :D
Omg... I almost peed myself when this dude got off the couch and started dancing...wished she would have finished the song though it sounded really good
i wanted to hear her sing the rest because she was doig good
i prolly could if you shut up! ... lol
Priscilla, you should do the full version!!! Pleaaaasseeee.
Lmao kill that shit KILL THAT SHIT I'm so ducking weak right now
I love her voice and I love that song!! <3
OMG!!! I love her to death. Been a big fan since I heard doll house a while back. Mahhhgherrrd 3
- I absolutely LOVE her voice. I seen just about every vid. she put on youtube. She is TALENTED.
SpokenReasons Slick Sounds Like Ne-Yo.
Did he say fuck what I do :-)
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