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Beautiful Ethiopia (Part 1) "Bahlien" Natnael Haile

by Yaddis Konjo • 36,640 views

This was previously posted on my old account, (yeaddiskonjo) which I had to delete, so here it is again. :) mc2000ch has this video on his account: "imitation is the best form of flattery", so...

we can live side by side in this world, and i like the song. [ masha allahi]
thank for you the comment :) i worked very hard on this video. the title of the song is "Bahlien" by Natnael Ayalew
yaddiskonjo are you sure he is Natna'el Ayalew? He's Natna'el Haile not Natty Man! be sure before you post some thing.
very nice i really like the song.
of course it's part of's just very hard to find pictures representing the many diverse cultures..these are the only pics i could find.
fantastic job...i like it a lot
ok i am very happy i was born in addis abeba when is a haile selasie govrnament and you have made a very good collage tankyou God blaise your life
hahahahahaah yikirta betam! I was sure! But now I see that I am wrong! Sorry everyone! It is definitely Natty Haile
I thought Nati Haile sang this song?... isnt Natnael Ayalew the rapper dude who was on Mesfin Bekele's song?
how about photos from the ogaden is it not part of ethiopia.
yaddiskonjo rocks nice video I love this song
nice pic's n song i love it , but i was wondering wht the tittle of the song is ?? can some one right tag it down...
I was born in mogadisho somalia but my parents came from the ogaden. Its good if the somali people in the ogaden are free to exercize their own culture and traditions federaly as part of ethiopian somalis and not have other ways forced upon them by the government or other ethiopians,because thats what caused the previous conflicts and wars.
I see your skills haven't gone anywhere :) Nice work. And let me be the first to say Welcome back:)
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