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Impractical Jokers - Joe and Murr Pose as Driving School Instructors

by truTV • 854,560 views

Subscribe to truTV on YouTube: Watch Full Episodes for Free: New episodes Thursdays 9:30/8:30c Murr and Joe are driving instructors that know how to...

i lmfao wen murr starting praying
"Oh god were going over a thing" LMFAO!!
Lmao, you guys are always hilarious! :P Love your humour and what you do!
The black girl is cute.
Show is worse than most shows on tv. Stop watching this crap on tv. The more you watch these shows, the more your intelligence drops.
+Frozensyco you have no sense of humor!!!!!!!!! If you don't like them get off of this video!!!!!!!
The part where Murr was driving that woman was so fucken' SMALL
Omg i loved this part of the episode omg X'D OMG WE HAVE TWINS ARRRRRRRGGGGGGUUUU x'D I just lost it there omg.
Ahhh so cool :D just cant stop lauthing!
i love joey he is the best at that 
Look! I found where aging drive time jocks go to die! "I said something funny!" All together now! HAR HAR HO HO HEE HEE HARDY HAR HAR GUFFAW HAH HAH HOOO!!!!!
You guys need to film something better than 360p
Rajendra Hariprashad Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Check out this video on YouTube: Ena's Driving School on Impractical Jokers... Funny
man.. joe always gets his job done.
For one moment i managed to think that they was going to drive the silver camaro. =\
Omg, that poor kid played
that must have been a really fat body!
I wouldn't mind Sal's butt all in my face. :p
I sometimes confuse tru tv with them trying to emulate & be just like the "Spike" channel. They seem to have everything in common program-wise other than the temporary daily In Session courtroom program during the day. That's about the only thing that is tru Tv , formerly named Court TV. The "In Session" program courtroom drama. I miss the programs when it used to be called "Court TV." I know if I wanted to see the Spike channel , I would turn the Tv station to there. Now their co-mingled.
At the end I laughed very hard
why can't this show be on netflix? ):
i would love to hang out with these guys
Omg god I fucking cried so funny!
Lol I hope he got his driving license for that.
I tried to swat the fly on your pic away from my computer screen. Well played.
Omg it's twins:)))c original
I'd watch this on tv, but I cable, so I don't have tru tv
4 complete each other ,each one has something special
That kid is just like fuck it ill go along with it I'll be on TV one day.
i wanted a asian driver to god and one of them say oh hell nah not one of them.....and get out of the car
They do, the people who aren't censored.. they have to sign waivers!
my favorite is murr... no sal... no q... no joe... ah all of them are fucking hilarious
I think there all pretty funny. Murr is pretty good I think Sal is funny but he always loses. It's funny when he actually says what they tell him to do.
It was such a bad idea to drink water while watching this. I can't fucking breathe XD
Lol! I wanna learn how to drive from these guys! It looks like fun!
I really need to be doing my homework right now BUT THESE VIDEOS ARE TOO FUNNY
Hold on a FUCKING second!!!
I say that kid gets a thumbs-up for grabbing the head lol
oh god I have tears running down my face right now!!
I't 2 AM in the morning, these videos don't get boring. I don't plan to go to bed soon, so I put it on autoplay.(D:)
My favorite is Joe, just because of how fearless he is at this stuff XD
Oh my god it's twins. Give birth in the parking lot xD
Is it just me, or am i the only one laughing so hard im crying... Its late...
this show is AWESOME, i literally peed on myself by laughing so much ! LOL
Love these guys...I honestly stayed up late last night watching their episodes and I laugh so hard and woke up my parents xD
Omg so funny! Goes in the parking lot!
Seriously still LOL literally...this too funny! :) Where do these guys come up with their pranks.
i want get pranked by these guys
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