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Michael Patterson - Low Keyed

by goonerson69 • 74,091 views

Michaels part from my video Low Keyed that premiered Oct 22nd. Filmed and edited by Sean Pattison. Other parts include Calen Garcia, Jason Rodriguez, Chris Jameson, JR Mullally, Brendon Villanueva,...

The comments on this video are so fucking stupid.
why havent i heard of this before?
Is 35th South going to be getting copies? I really would like one. Everyone killed it. The premiere was sick.
he dont get as much props like he deserves awsome film dawg
I'm old and jaded with skateboarding and THIS RENEWED MY FAITH IN GNAR SHREDDING!!!!!! So sick Michael, gawd damn son!
@Rufusdos i just thought it was steezy smartass...
holy shit someone make this kid pro
Fuckin doing it right herrre, Best in the Northwest!
Did you happen to notice that he doesn't just do a nollie boardslide on the rail at 1:25, he also transfers to 50-50 on raw concrete? fuckin gnarly. Get this guy a pro deck!
first trick made me click like.
If this kid isn't AM I will shoot myself
I'm pretty sure if this dude had a more appealing style, he would have his name all over boards and shoes.
shouldve used a different song, but sick skating
fs flip tail sw manny 180 out was insane!! mad props that is one of those tricks that just look so fuckin dope
this dude rules. hands down.. front cab heel flip at the end was bomb..
Man I've never even heard of this dude, and this could be one of the best video parts I've ever seen
I can't adequately express how happy I was when I heard Slayer start playing.
that was seriously like a sick pro premier part. it was sooo good. upped so many people on so many spots, with such clean style too. this guy better get somewhere
God dam! This video just went from underground to some groundbreaking shit!
Okay he does a switch frontside 360 heelflip down a big ass gap and he is only am. The fuck is wrong with the world
hands down sickest part i have ever seen
michael patterson killin it...make him am!!!!!!!
this song does not fit his skate style at all.
i dislocated my jaw from 5:50 on
Homeboy just killed the game, i'm damn impressed. Why haven't I ever heard of this dude? I'm sure i'll hear a lot soon. GET YOUR PAYCHECK SON!!!
the whole video was great it went from hardcore to just chill, love it
I like this guys style. Also this dude does not have one over used trick in his video, he dosent do one tre flip
watching videos like this make me feel like i can tre flip el toro
this is some of the sickest footy i have ever seen
back smith body varial and back blunt kf out.. amazing
@JoeyOnDuty There is no other kind of half cab flip.
Reminds me of a younger Pat Duffy
Hi Michael. See you in LA real soon buddy
This blew nyjahs rise and shit right outa the fuckin water yea buddy!
Damn.. he needs more coverage, he deserves it.?
front blunt kick flip out shoulda been the ender he he :) cuz I love front blunts :D Dude has great style word up!
incredible. how have I never heard of this guy? fuck yeah! keep ripping!
i think a more mellow song would be more suitable
goofy ass style your feet are to big
Second song is the theme to the movie Repo Man. Best goddamned film of all time.
wtf man post Calen's part already..
Quit bitching about the Slayer songs damn hipsters. He choose the song himself.
f.feeble backside flip out on a handrail .. Nuff said
253joshskates 35th south will be getting copies soon! Thanks for the support!
His style is sick as fuck, but you know how kids these days only watch flip in flip out ledge tricks with robot style and hate on everything else. lol
fuck yeah so tight!!!!!!!!!! loved that kickflip hurricane on the flat bar! and hes on baker!
perfect filming, the vig on the vx is so good! skating was sick to
that front blunt bs flip out was fresh
thumbs up for a good music selection for once
Just amazing ! Hope that he'll become pro !
i use to skate like this, then i got the red rings of death
style kinda reminds me of pat burke hhha
@xRamboCambox not everyone skates their best at zumies couch tour
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