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SUMMER Makeup Tutorial

by Beauty4two • 146,274 views

Beauty4two: For business inquiries only: summer, summertime, for summer, makeup, make up, makeup tutorial, make up tutorial, tutorial,...

Way too much make-up. Beautiful women don't need make-up.
to many haters i think she looks beatiful and colorful.
i fucking hate that hair that pull back and puff look on the fore head is terible many MANY girls in my school wear that stupid look i wish i took that hair dressing class so i could tell every girl that
I never knew that you can put this much shit on your eyes
I think you could be better than her doing a tutorial for a bitch because you are a great shit!
ke numero è quel rossetto deborah arancione???
this came up in my recommended videos? what have I been watching on YouTube that merits this? haha I'm a guy... and why did I click on this and begin watching it anyways? Oh well. I'll support the girl and like the vid because theres a lot of hate goin on down here in the comments.
they are summer colors u fagots.. its the art of make up.. shut the fuck up u bastards that dont have taste in women
Can't the freaking featured channel be about something different than fucking makeup tutorial and kid song for once.
Tu, kissandmakeup01 e tua sorella sashafierce, avete gli stessi orecchini, qualunque video vedo li trovo aahhhhaaahhhhaaahhhhaaa Dv li avete comprati??
Hi! :) <3 I wanted to ask you a question , that what Video Editor Do You Use? Because It looks really nice and I love your videos! :) <3 Your soo pretty!:) . Please Answer:) <3 it would mean alot:) xox
You only started YouTube last month and you already have about 5 THOUSAND SUBBIES 'CAUSE YOUR AMAZING NEVER STOP MAKING VIDDEOS!!!!!!!!
get over yourself women don't do their make up for men to be interested in
i'm sure you're also convinced you can tell when a woman is faking an orgasm ;) this conversation is stupid, youre really arrogant, and i have a flight to catch so im peacing out. bye
Might be pretty if it was toned down... a lot. I don't imagine that this would be tasteful as normal wear or anything. Perhaps a costume party.
ehehheeh ;-) ...l'inglese è la TERZA lingua per me e mia sorella!
Your probably one of those fat people who sit around on they computers all day.
Thank you for the video. I'm going to try it myself. You are very helpful and very beautiful!
... You got to be kidding with me! It was a joke and many Canadians got it, but I'll ignore you because you most likely are just trolling.
yes... but also it gives ugly chicks a way to be less ugly. if it didn't work, nobody would buy it ;)
gli stessi orecchini di Kissandmakeup :D siete così amiche che avete pure le cosine uguali u.u
جبهتها كبيرة مثل البلازما ><
She doesn't need make-up to look beautiful.
Canadians are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful. You are racist and you need to get the fuck out.
so i guess in ancient egypt we had big companies with big marketing departments ? Cause make up wasnt invented by some big companies, it is part of our culture!
u don't need for Makeup you are pretty already
not all the time, this is just a more avant garde look to be artsy.
Its not spelled "Wimen". You're the fucking moron...learn how to spell. It's "Women", plural. or "Woman" singular. This idiot right here people, is a product of our public school system.
i think there should be a rule on youtube that you must be able to speak and write in english at a grade 10 level, minimum, before you're allowed to use profanity
Wow how long will they feature those videos..Which You Tube executive did she bang to get all this attention?
Ed è una bellissima cosa, piacerebbe anche a me conoscere una terza lingua :) magari ci lavorerò su :D
What lipstick did you use I love it!!
hot but, you look like a clown. You look better natural
Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
i saw this on featured and came here just to tell you that you like kind of like Malin Ackerman
siccome nn ci capisco nnt di inglese,ne fai uno in italiano?
how they do that? dont try this at home guyz, seriously!
brace yourselves, summerfags are coming
why is this featured. i dont give a shit about girls who put makeup on to hide their uglyness
she iz sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty nd cute
Holy fuck I've never seen someone this stupid.... I'll say this so you can understand... woman = 1 woman.... WomEn <--- emphasis on the E. Means more than one? Okay? If you still don't get it your really hopeless and should go die.
want to make money off your youtube videos? check out my video and ill tell you how :) /watch?v=4BUs27FtD48&list=UU2heOcyLkWJkRV9bw_SbQag&index=1&feature=plcp
you need another bucket of paint to cover those pimples, shit! i dont have a problem with sad and mindless carbon based units. i think their funny. every six months they change their costumes and masks and act a different fool. the problem i have is that i would love to sow a seed so my blood remains on earth when im gone. but where?! in a world full of mindless zombies?! i hope your disgusting face falls off!
I thought she was Penny....
that girl have a beatiful makeup
please, show me the sentence where i spoke the words "all men want dolls." i said all men want an attractive woman, and there are few women whose looks cannot be enhanced by some amount of makeup.
complimenti entrambe conoscete l'inglese benissimo? lo studiate da molto?
Vorrei sapere che palette hai usato.. Perchè mi piacciono tanto i colori colorati! Graziee :)
its called "society". Rotten but nothing much can be done.
this is where im at.. it never goes out of my recommended , so im watching to remove it. also girls : makeup makes you look like shit and ruins your skin over time., just go natural
This is gonna sound cheesy, but someone as beautiful as you doesn't need make-up. You look lovely with or without :)
the man bear pig is behind that artificial face seriously lady s ,..
@EryGallagher Si sentirà anche figa, ma e' figa, tu invece? Se lo sei buon per te
Am I pathetic or the little bitch that can't argue for shit.'s still a fruitcake no matter how much icing you put on it..
dear god, are you really that stupid? or just a really good troll
would you blow me if at the end i give you make up?
I can't stop staring at her forehead.
why was this on my recommended videos? My makeup is just fine thank you; why does this girl want to look like a hooker? horrible makeup..ugh
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