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We're Still in a Relationship

by TheEllenShow • 297,139 views

In gearing up for season 10, Ellen remembers how we started our relationship nearly 10 years ago.

U should put Kaitlyn Maher on ur show... She's amazing!
Season starts on my birthday saaaay what ! :DD
September 10 is sooooo far away, COME BACK ELLEN!!!
I was -1 you could say that again .........waiiit what does that mean? What did i say?
ellen's amazing she shuld have nooo haters she great i love you ellen
My longest relationship... and its still going strong
omg, my birthday is the same as yours. PARTYY! :D
I was 3 ten years ago. And lol ikr were all kids.
loooooove so much!!! and you will for ever be dory!! 3
I was either a few weeks old or not born yet
hey ellen!! you copied my laugh!! huh huh huh =p
Hehe September 10th is My Birthday:)
Her new haircut and new look are just perfect! x LOVE YOU ELLEN
She just keeps looking better and better
They are making a Finding Nemo 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ellen,season 10 is almost there.enjoy every little moment in your life,you are so sweet and kind for everybody,but i hope you also take care of yourself...and Portia offcourse. Everybody's wish is to meet you;Wel my wish is that you are happy,and healthy,that you and Portia may love eachother more and more every single day...And meeting you??Well if that is ment to be,that moment will come,one day... Wish you all the best, Love, Bianca Take care of one another <3
gaaah I wish I could watch Ellen here in Italy :/ I miss the videos, can't wait for Ellen to be back :D
Omg. she looks so gorgeous! her eyes. <3
OMG. Now that's a laugh you don't get to her from Ellen.
if ellen ever gets canceled i will die
haaaaaa awesome! bum bum , burum bum bai! you got the super base! :))) jk :)))
Hey, I didn't know there was a channel called ABC in England??? But i will defiantly write to them, I need Ellen in my life! haha :) <3
I can't wait for the 10th season!!
ILove Ellens Show gretings From Switzerland.
10 years ago i was 11 and a high school freshman. asians. -_-'
Ellen...please grow your hair out.
God Ellen I'll never break up with you! I just love you too much <3
Before being degenerate, You never knew it was possible to dare to be funny even with mishaps. It's never too late to change your mind. This is the Ellen's great Secret . I love its positive way of life. It is the remedy of all psychological stress situations. Thanks Ellen. You are such a great person !!
I was 4 :) awww memories I wish I could be 4 again :(
Its a joke....the see more button sends you too a funnay video
Cover Drive on Ellen, anybody?
this hair style really fits ellen! and now she is super sexy and handsome
finding nemo two comes out soon!!! yay dory :D
I swear I know her just last year. (I'm not American) and i watch her whole clips that where uploaded on youtube and other sites until i catch up the present season then i watch her everyday through internet. I follow her facebook and twitter Ellenshow is like marijuana for me. everytime i have it I laugh and eat a lot. haha
Ten years ago I was 16 :) And I didn't know Ellen yet. By the way: Ellen saves souls. She saved me in 2009 - I found her on YouTube :) Thank you Ellen.
How can she get prettier with age lol? :D
Ten years ago I was a human! And I still am! Whoa 10 years!
i think season 10 will be awesome (: love yah ellen <3
Omg she looks younger instead of older lol
ten years ago i was -1 and a quarter :3
Ellen! PLEASE PLEASE show season 10 in the UK??? :) I love you so much ! <3
10 years ago i was 1!!!!!!! So i didnt miss much
EVERYONE FROM THE UK READ THIS : So, I just typed in ''really tv channel'' into google, and clicked on the first link that comes up, I then scrolled to the bottom of the page, and underneath where it says ''UKTV Links'', I clicked on ''Contact Us''. I then filled in the information at the bottom, and selected the query as ''The really channel'', and then I sent them a message asking if they could please show the Ellen Show in the UK for season 10 on the 'really' channel, please do that too, :)
Yes there is still hope left in humanity :) hurry back, we love you!
@tikkellmonster it's starting on my bday toooo
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