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Minecraft: 2 Hour Golden Apple Special! - Part 1

by AntVenom • 325,553 views

Part 2: Secondary Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch.TV:

Did you find it. Yet
No, this series ended a long time ago 
ant venom said h*** and fric***
I threw it on the ground lonely island
wtf is only 1 hour not 2 -_-
The tea bag dance = twerking.
I have that same hatred for endermen they killed 4 of my dogs.
When you went up on the mountain to find the cow I saw it and I yelling turn around turn around
Patrick that will be cheteing
Can u guys stop going to other minecraft youtuber video and keep yelling at them to say budder he can say anything he want its not your vid
Did qnyone else notice that the 2 hour special is 1 hour long?
F@@@ you jerme gold is called butter and it is cool and good
why don't he just get a apple then use the crafting thing for it
I think he's looking for a special type if Golden Apple.
Gold is called butter Ant :/ :)
in this channel is it cheese apples u sky fanboy
im with you AntVenom there not called butter apples there called golden apples
Hey, Don't Just Say Dumbass To A populer Youtuber, You Don't Even Have A lot Of Subscribers, So Just Have A Good Behaviour? Childish
No no no are you blind the name is golden apples it even says right on the name tag oh mother of chap sticks please for the love of god actually call things by their names
I'm surprised you replied to that comment...this video was posted wayyyy back in 2011! :D
Hello everyone, i just wanted to say im a new youtuber! i do two amazing videos every single day, right now im not getting very much views so it is very hard to get subscribers, im not saying you have to subscribe but at least check out my content!
hes not sky he can say gold whichever fucking way he wants.
What did he say he used to record????
Comment below me first hes a moron because they play together sky and ant so hes a moron hater
i herd a shuvil in the cave and it was not AntVenom
First of all It's recruit. Second how do you know its budder? Look up on YouTube Skydoesminecraft budder. Nothing comes up. So really your the retard.
this was uploaded on my birthday :o
And the series was made BEFORE sky was recording for YouTube.
Butter is stuff you put on a pancake. An apple made from butter would taste pretty disgusting. (Can't say an apple made with gold would taste much better)
Gold what is gold? Oooooh I think u mean budder l
Also the fastest thing ever gold is
bro u need to watch sky do bridges he tells u not to do this. by this I mean don't go on other peoples channels and correct them on what they say it like Jason with jeoffery or caveman with his club and demon birds sky tells u not to do this shit
dude you missed a bunch of butter
At 3:31 that song is threw it on the ground. I ♥ it so much an suck my 허거걱. 거리 고마
Neka sam našao i nekog našeg po stranim videima ;)
diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds diamonds in yo inventer
i love farka gaming on world in a jar :)
on one of skys vid he says not to correct people if they say gold
True sky fans would know that sky wasn't popular when this video was made. And SeaNanners originated the butter not sky.
2 lonely island references! One Ant said, and he was... ON A BOAT!
a lava squid... so basicly a ghast?
lololololol zombut droped a fether
didet u say u wer onna get a pice of moscl fromearvy dungen
now you are just being a dick, sky didnt want people to call gold budder it just happened
No it doesn't. I can make videos longer than 15 minutes without paying.
Grr go comment on people's channels about the argument! If your NOT going to talk about the video, then you DON'T belong HERE! Gosh! Antvenom is amazing no matter how he says it! Also look at the date! Sky wouldn't have many more than 250 subscribers back then so just forget the things he said THEN and focus on NOW
i spawned a world just before 13w36a and found not one, but TWO golden apples in dungeons and just started rofling like a dumbass
It's part 1. He posted the second quickly after this one. I think it costs money or something to make it longer.
Sleep before you go in the cave
Hey I am new so can someone check out my YouTube I've uploaded TF2 on skitscapes server
antvenom is a troll he named it 2 hour special but it is only one hour :(
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