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Let's Play Assassin's Creed Revelations With Geoff, Gavin, Michael, & Jack Part III

by Rooster Teeth • 946,529 views

The Achievement Hunter crew takes a stab at the highly addictive "Wanted" multiplayer gametype in Assassin's Creed Revelations.

I know the feeling Jack, AC multiplayer is so good yet so bad at the same time. Crap go's down & you can get mad.
jack seems like he'd be so cool and nice in person, but wow is he a bitch sometimes. i guess everyone kind of knows that person who's super cool typically, yet they turn into such a baby when they're in something competitive.
I want to work for roosterteeth in my later life
Awh there have been AHWUs longer than this haha
That was the most intense beginning ever!
Those death trains are actually quite common I believe. I played a match of deathmatch on brotherhood and 5 out of the 7 matches I played had death trains occur at least once in them.
if this was made now all 3 parts would be one video
Geoff and Michael didn't even level up lol
+Thomas Mimbs i was actually really good at the revelatinos multiplayer
Nothing is more annoying than killing a civillian or failing to stun, but when you succeed, it's the greatest feeling ever.
This was made on my birthday
At 01:46 when Geoff's like "How did I not kill...I don't underst...what the f*ck?" and then it says, "You cannot KILL before you have been assigned a contract" that the reason he couldn't kill Jack? Because if so, that tip answered your question, Geoff. :)
So does anyone else notice that their videos have gotten incredibly quieter? Like really, Watching the Assassin's Creed 3 let's play I had to turn it way up to hear them. But on this one I hafta turn it way down cause it's loud.
So, you as well then.
none of you said surprised mother fucker
What game type are they playin plzz help
I love when Michael kills a civilian and Geoff says "What's a lure?"
When Gavin said 1100 points for that his charecter looked funny while talking
in 3 can you use ubisoft points, i dont have it yet.
Now hes going to say "I fucked your mum" like all 12 yr olds
lol Gavin character looks so bad ass
Yeah, I'm just such an idiot because I don't like someone that you like
ray wasnt even in achevment hunter when this video was made ray is even newer than micheal.
Well apparently micoo nailed Gavin in a haybail
no that's Liam from one direction he said "where's RAY"
Gavin, why is your picture Alexander IV, AKA, Rodrigo Borgia?
That female assassin Jack uses is 36-24-36!!!
He is just annoying and not funny. He also did something really fucked up to my friend and now I just consider him just a douche
9:52 "You nailed me in the hay bale" -Gavin
Gavin is the Assassin master! Micheal is the if I don't get you then I messed up and the others are showing skill
there should be a series called "Gavin and other guys play games"
geesh... 36-24-36 For folks that don't read is the ideal dimensions "chest-waist-hips" for women. Grab a measuring tape and you can find your own dimensions.
To be fair, him and Jack are using the two cheapest abilities.
"someone is being a little bit clever" Me: not you. "damn! i was right!" i laughed so hard xD
how now to get how take it off buttsaking
Does this game look like toys trying to kill each other to anybody else?
probably older now, i just decided to go for the mean age between these guys
6:50 pause it and feast ur eyes
Oh my holy god. It is spelled Barbara. Not. Barbra.
you are wrong sir if you go back to "assassin's creed III let's play volume 1" at 18:36 Micheal says "man the last we played this we didn't have separate audio tracks" and ray says "man I wasn't even here" that proves that ray wasn't even hired at the time of AC:revelations let's play.
I can't believe let's plays early this year were so short
May i ask what he's done? im not trying to go against your opinion but just curious
I wonder if Jack has it in for Gavin the most in these Lets Plays.
Jack and Gavin are pretty good at this
I instantly thought benny hill moments when they were running.
Michael did a great kill in the hay
are you retarded? that would mean he got hired within this december...
It seems like your sense of humor decides which one the Achievement Hunters is your favorite.
I'm just saying Ray wasn't part of this let's play because he wasn't hired yet. By the time minecraft lets play starts he was hired and he moved to Austin,TX
the win at the beginning was priceless
Thats fucking ' bang out of order ' ?!?
can you play this on the PC? Because I want to play with you all but I'm new to this map.
1:26 Michaels hilarious evil laugh.
9:52 let the fan fictions begin
Do more assassins creed videos
Play some more! I wanna see Michael get better!
Seems to me that the experts, Gavin and Jack have to use mute so the level 1's, Michael and Geoff can't kill them.
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