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Vitamin C ft. Jay-Z - Graduation Song (Mother Earth Remixes)

by dubbs2155 • 437,385 views

Mother Earth Remixes Download at.. blend i did of song cry with the graduation song. enjoy. (acapella) jay-z-song cry (chorus & beat) vitamin c-graduation song (friends...

Srry. Shoulda beeen more clear;  J(zzzzz)'s lyrics are about a break-up--NOT grajamakaitin'. The tempo works 'ok', but....  (Bronx-cheer)
These lyrics, have NOTHING to do with graduating skool.
All I hear, is about making it in the business.
Class of 2014 REPRESENT! 
Good job on this the beat goes good with the song
If you don't believe in it then I don't care. But it's right there in front of your eyes -____-
Why does Jay-Z have to destroy every single good song? :<
Jay Z...much anger there is in him, unlike his bros is he, teach him I cannot.
Man if you don't like the song then don't listen to it. drink hella haterade bitches because noone cares about your one sided opinions. good job dubbs keep posting this good shit.
@VenusHighSensai you need to download youtube downloader. after you have done that you will need to convert it into a music file.
I so love this remix, great job!
class of 2012. MADHOUSE! GO WARHAWKS! <3 :D
this is just canon in D. jay-z already used the same chord progressions in forever young
@TheRuneScapeMonthly Ok thanks for sharring. I had no idea and was just wondering.
LoL "ruind"?! I mean if you dont like then you dont like it, but to say its ruined is a joke. Its not like you cant ever listen to the non remix calab version.... hahaha its not like this song replaced the original. damn people are some overdramatic queens. Gotta repect JayZ for bringing back the cross-genre calabs it brought (some) people from different tastes together. It doesnt always work, but hell i like it when artists do something different with their art.
they say rappers have killed more than any other genre; i guess they don't just mean each other, but actual classic songs... RIP Vitamin C :(
he messed this song up, it was better the original version.
did jay-z sample this song for forever young
@HeyPoi i see mate but i think it sounds decent!
at the ver beginning it sounded like he was having sex
this reminds me of how much i miss high school :(
@KingFrankieD kindergarden class of 2000 8th grade class of 2008 highschool class of 2012. I seriously want this song for my graduation song. i had it in the 8th grade and it had the whole school crying.
This song kicks ass u fuckin haters!! go suck more dick!!
@TuistedMetalheds I agree. Music is like throw out the rapper.
@sassysierraluv Go back to the dump you come from and stfu! aha loser.
you guys know that this isnt actually jayz rapping to this song specifically haha you guys needa relax wow i didnt think it was that mad actually its like an old song with a little bit of hip hop
@edderiemoonax you come off as an ignorant, stupid mother fucker... for real... i'm just judging by your words but your a jackass... small minded ppl like you should be sent to an institution....
@dubbs2155 can i get the clen one too send to me at
@xzhibit1 umm you are aware that u can just go listen 2 the original instead of dissing the remix and btw jay-z is one of the best rappers alive and he is one of the richest
Uhh I'm sorry but I actually like this so f*** you haters.
Class of 2013 ! wow cant believe this day came so fast
OK! Das not bad. Das somebody doin somthin das not easy to do. Its hard to blend and mix songz like dat. I had to give this a thumbs up. Plus listen to the words..........................
@dubbs2155 dude pls i need to download this shit mann tell me where i can or just put a link thx man peace =)
i want to see Jay-Z do a remix with the vitamin c lyrics.... hes easily one of the few rappers i like
jay-z and his Illuminati sigh again.......... what a piece of CRAP the original is better
i stand their in front of the stage trying to take my little roll of fake paper but i get stage fright then i just take it wave walk away that easy now -_-
@aida403xyz blend i did of song cry with the graduation song. enjoy. (acapella) jay-z-song cry (chorus & beat) vitamin c-graduation song (friends forever) check out my other blends! this wasnt made by jay-z dumbass, mother earth remix.... read, listen, maybe educate yourself, you took a shot at a guy when you dont know jack shit about him obviously, cant have an opinion or make accusations without knowledge first hand, otherwise your ignorant as fuck
class of 2011 in high school from the 90's =)
"uh, mh, mh, mh, mh. yeeeeah, yee, uh." Jay z, you fucking retard. Stick to writing your own music maybe?
its the ten crack commandments....
just graduated today, i love this remix
we used 2 use umbrellas 2 face to face the bad weather & Now we TRAVEL 1ST CLASS TO CHANGE THE FORECAST :,) Never in Bunches, Jus me & you and i loved your point of view cause you held no punches Song Cry -Hov
this is awesome. sounds stupid but i copied this and played it at my sisters graduation afterparty. thanks!
actually summer starts in December so yeh its kinda about to start
truth is most of jay z's songs sound WAY better remixed
@SheaBudda1 naw this song is from his song "song cry"
as we go on we remember all the times we had together on youtube
0:00- 0:12 is he constipated or something???
in these pics she looks like the next lady gaga :/
@TuistedMetalheds 79 likes for this comment, but only 39 dislikes for the video. Weird.
he did not make this remix you dumbass. and this is dope as hell man this song kinda sucked to begin with. I mean lyrically its pretty mediocre
High School class of 2011, Future class of 2015 nursing :)))))
@metathus1488 your a stupid racist its a remix
@frankiiee93 its not the same graduating from high school, as from post secondary education graduation
Compensation How do I get it to you for these great songs?
Fck J-Z always gotta kill the classical song adding thg shit into it ...
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