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The Hasbeens - Make The World Go Away

by Maik Schneider • 47,999 views


Wow just now I realised this track is only from 2006! Truly timeless song. Can hear it over and over.
Say the things you used to say, Baby, and make the world go away.
My recorddealer is called clone. Not God. I am sorry if i said something that has upset you. It was a genuine question.Not an insult. Glad you like the record.It is awesome
We rule the eighties !!!! Timeless Tune . ;-)
Seconding any positive comments.. I'm liking waking up to it atm, first thing I play at work..
Never heard of this band. Cool song.
make the world go away ,and take its weight off my shoulders..........what else does the vocoder says?? somebody knows??
Das ist kein Italo-Klassiker, das Lied ist ziemlich jung. Trotzdem stark natürlich :-)
@electropappa What do you mean by" It hasn't been released as a single"? It's in my recordbox since 2006.
Those who dislike that piece of music are DEAF!
i bought this i love it but well i am weird :)
people should listen to the timi yuro version of this tune! it is amazing!
@thehometrainer MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY Written by Hank Cochran CHORUS Make The World Go Away And get it's weight off my shoulders Say the things you used to say And Make The World Go Away Do you remember when you loved me Before the world took me astray If you do then forgive me And Make The World Go Away. CHORUS I'm sorry if I hurt you I'll make it up - day by day Just say you love me like you used to And Make The World Go Away. CHORUS TAG: Last 2 lines of chorus.
rekon ive just found my new best tune ;)
swoon song. we had to include this on our latest mix - click our name and see how it fares with Italo classics, Minimal Wave bangerz, and creepy darkwave.
This is my top ten in my vinyl collection. Sounds awesome pitched up a bit too. Twirl life.
Great song and i love the TRON video
@electropappa Listen to it everyday at least 3 times thats gotta account for something :) gief happy music ^^
Say the things you used to say, baby.. and make the world go away..
feeling this. like it like it
the one person that disliked this song really must have clicked on the wrong video. This song is amazing, especially poignant at 11.30am when the World is in full flow and the weight of responsibility is only slowing building from the haze of the night before :)
soo fucking good! cant believe i missed this.
i play this track so loud, whenever i feel like i could need a reset button in my life ... just like that one day > make the world go away, and take its weight from my sholders ...
Lol this is an online game u can play to :p dont remember what site tough. was heck of awesome game back in the days.
interessantes video rischtisch geil der track ;D
this song is so beautiful and melancholic, it makes me cry.
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