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Asus PadFone - Hands On

by TechnoBuffalo • 60,263 views

Asus PadFone - Hands On Computers have gotten smaller, tablets faster, and phones smarter, but lugging around three separate devices can sometimes be a drag. ASUS has addressed this now atavistic...

all good to me except I want my micro SD storage too.
LOL, thats now how you take the phone out! You press onto the hatch/door and the phone automatically pops out and you simply need to lift it out with 2 fingers.
That's something apple will never do. I'm not bashing on apple, almost everything i own is from them, but this is just too money efficient for them.
Might get this one... Looks like an interesting idea...
The phone is from Singapore !!! I see StarHub on it
That comment was for the stupid fanboy who was talking stupid shit. I believe this Asus padfone is an good device and I think you would agree, but that stupid troll won't quit talkin shit it. so that was for him, not everyone.
I Like Watching All His Videos Of Stuff I Cant Afford..
the iphone did not invent the placement of the front facing camera you idiot
Are you going to post more videos in regards to this device?
It has a keyboard dock too OMG Phone + Tablet + Notebook All in one SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ive heard this version only runs 2g here in the states regardless if its att or tmo. Will someone please confirm if this is true or if it will run on 3g ? id like to order one from Negrieletronics but if its only going to run on 2g then ill have to forget about it.
@ fastferrai 82. Ur right. But I would say more like 6-8mths. I have a iPhone, MacBook, & eee pad trans. This is the main reason I switched from android to IOS. It's kinda like android overkill which makes android fragmented. Having bad a vibrant,droid x,& s2, after about 8 mths u never really heard the hype anymore
Reminds me of a tape recorder! Guys buy an iPad and or iPhone. This PadPhone is stupid!
Many moons ago ??? What are you a caveman ?!!!
I don't think any carriers would like cause they are making more money for people buying a phone and tablet separate and like he Said in the video they also make money on data plans and tethering so I hope it does come to the us but I don't think so
I would love to see this on Verizon! (But I doubt it'll happen)
this should be a very interesting product
i think this is targeted to those who realize that some tablets are pretty much oversized versions of the phones they already own..
I pay for the casing and touchpad =) Only recently have non-Apple laptops stopped sucking. I couldn't care less about the Apple logo. In fact, I hate the terrible Apple FreeBSD mod they ship with Macs, and run Linux on my Macs. And while a bunch of Ultrabooks look great, I might end up upgrading to the high res Macbook that recently came out. I'd like for someone like Lenovo to include a high res display like that, cause they know how to EFI, which Apple does not. Also how to price.
I can see it right now, ASUS phonepad with a transformer dock.
actually Android is more popular because of. Well lets see. There is more android phones out there like 100s+ unlike the 3 versions of the iPhone out there,
hey jon question 4 u..... ummm i want one but dnt hve the money
I'd really love something like this, it'll be like having an HTC One and an Asus Transformer, All in one place. I really like this concept I don't understand why so many people don't like it. :/
huh? A mac has such flexibility and portability? What are you talking about? you are comparing two very different things.
This would be cool with Ubuntu for Android if it had a USB port.
I like it this way better. this what I.m looking for. Hope is available in my country
how does this compete with the iPad its a phone Asus beat down the iPad with that transformer infinity so if anything tell apple to stop copying android
when counting for a comment. oh since it came out. waste of comments just like the ones me and you are doing now lol
Does Android approve this?
I think it's the future but too soon.
the tablet chassis comes with a stylus that has a microphone and speaker that can be used to answer the calls
They dont like us because we are better and they are jealous... They hate to admit they copy us...
I agree Macs are better but don't be a fanboy, please. this is why people don't like us...
Not expandable with MicroSD? It is. You also shoulf have figured out how to get the Phone out of the Station properly ;)
Guess what? I'm typing this on my white PLASTIC MACBOOK.
I think the the docking station thing is just a screen and a battery. The phone is actually the OS on the tablet. So you're basically using your phone on a larger screen.
still waiting for apples totally original, life changing, para dime shifting, "this is the most amazing apple product yet", product called iDock. Wanna know what it does? This, but with an Apple sticker and a price mark-up, not to mention "better" performance. Anyone else?
so hold on there... without the phone tthat tablet is just a piece toy??? its seems to me that the tablet wont work without the phone... thats a weird piece of electronic.
Of course the ipad will sell more than this particular tablet -.- That's not even my point. This tablet and the iPad can't be compared. Different specs, different purposes. Just shut up.
I hope not...what a waste of time and money that would be! What's wrong with connecting them over bluetooth?
Price needs to come down for me. Is it going to be pentaband I wonder?
i would definitely consider this phone. Tablet aside, the phone itself looks nice, and i would get this phone just for that alone, however, i probably wouldn't use the tablet that much, if at all, probably just for gaming
a tablet is a tablet, a phone is a phone. a tablet is not a phone. a phone is not a tablet.
I would like it but I doubt that sprint would get it
They will, and everyone will shit and then apple will probably sue asus for a patent they magically come up with.
Oh yes to the Ipad comment before mine. I refuse to be assimulated by the Apple Borg Nazis! Who surpress innovation and development. Android is the opposite allowing developers the freedom to come up new ideas that spark innovation.... The Android OS is rapidly becoming the dominate OS because of this freedom. So put your apple on your crack pipe and smoke it....
That Is very very cool but I love android phones more so for the price id focus on a higher end phone
Oh god. At first I read it as "Anus PadFone". O.o
You can see Jon reading off of a cheat sheet lol
I think Asus wasted their money, plus its about $800.
I wish Android would send every Android user a huge box of ice cream sandwiches! Man, I want one right now!
It's brilliant! O.O who would have thought :)
I was planning to get the galaxy note. Now that I saw this... F*ck that galaxy note!
I think its really cool with an interesting idea :P What i like is the fact that if I'm on the go wanna watch a movie on a bigger screen then i can pop my fone in and watch it, also love how i need only 1 price tarif instead of 2 (Saves a LOT of money) And if I wanna work on a document I can grab my fone again pop it in and it works :D Really nice idea would like to buy but Contest maybe??
It's a great idea. I can't count how many times I had to pull out my android phone to answer a text message while I'm on my iPad, or playing certain games on my phone and certain games on my iPad because my progress on the games are different, or triggering wi-fi hotspot for the iPad while I'm out and about (I have a wi-fi iPad because I have a hefty data plan for my phone). This eliminates all those inconveniences.
Props to Asus for using a stock looking ICS rom on their phone :)
I don't think anyone in u.s. will carry it
I really like this concept. But I think for this to be an "budget consumer" specific product they are goin to have to lower the price a couple hundred bucks or more. At $800 bucks I can buy two smart phones with similar specs and a tablet. But I'm guessing if it comes state side that carriers would probably sell the phone for around two hundred dollars and then sell the tablet and stylus as separate accessories. Att tried this with the netbook dock from motorola.
We see how that turned out for AT&T.
Lol apple should do that type of tablet and phone!
Stupid idea... don't see much use for it for normal, "un-techy" people
I have the galaxy nexus and a tf101 and to have a two in one I think would be very handy :-)
lol apple is going to find some dumb reason to sue them.
I think it is a great idea, I just wish that they had used a better screen and the Tegra 3 in the phone. I hope it does well enough that they make a PadFone 2 (prime) because that will be awesome!!
ohh this is running stock android. how cute.
I like it. Would be great if the radios were Pentaband. Looks like it was pretty damn snappy. I bet with the keyboard that you also can get, that becomes one nice laptop. Nice design and pretty well thought out. Just hope it is Pentaband.
So the tablet only works when the phone is inserted in the tablet?
I didn't know people pronounce it "a-soo-s"... I have only ever heard it pronounced "ay-suh-ss".
how's the battery on it? does the tablet have its own dedicated battery or does it suck life out of the phone's? If it's a separate battery, does it charge up the phone while its in tablet mode? This thing looks fucking awesome.
eBay ;) Search for 'Asus Padfone', filter for 'Worldwide' and sort for cheapest Price+PP first
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