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by SLAPskateboardmag • 54,723 views

Skate Fast!

josh matthews is a fucking monster.
Is this D footage? If so what mic and fisheye???
ANYONE LIVING IN SAN FRANCISCO. I'm a fellow skateboarder livin in the city, where the fuuuuuck is the ditch spot at 0:13????
San Fran skating like it should be! 1:00
That tre flip up the curb at 1:23 was dope!
once again SF doing it butter.
Free independent trucks!!!! Sub my channel and enter the giveaway!!!!!!!!
i would rather watch skating like this than street league, dew tour, and x games any day.
for fucks sake colton now i like hd
im liking your music choices, maybee some del shannon? cry myself to sleep?
Coffee Backpack guy at :39-40. How can you look the other way and miss viewing skateboard wizardry? That fs bluntslide transfer was sweet georgia brown! Long lost brother of "backpack fatty" from Cross Continental?
@Lurkstatusss Because the guy the payed to make oiam is a moron, and Colton light isn't. Pretty simple. Pat Moran's 360 flip was sick.
What kind of camera do you guys use? Love the way it looks.
slap has been killing it on the videos lately
im not one of those kids saying "fuck HD" but there's something i just dont like about it
Another fresh video.. As always
Damn they go so fast and do trick so quick and clean. I hop i become this good.
i come to expect wallies in not dissapointed
si a las persons que no les gusta el skate , no les gusta pues no vean el video y no le pogan dislikea este.
Yeah Spiro! hippie trey and deck wallie was insane!!
those guys are fuckin rippers. insane skating.
Slap I have a request the spot at 1:15 is at ocean beach and has ledges separating the boardwalk from the sand. Now I've heard rumors of people ollieing from the ledge and over the stairset leading from the boardwalk to the sand and landing on the ledge on the other if you got someone who can do it It would be so cool to see some footy!
that wallride to wallie at the end was sick
@SLAPskateboardmag you're the one that uploaded it:)
man you can use a skateboard for anything
i need a change of underwear.. ;)
1:39 is like an orgasm of a line
shut the fuck up you dumb attention whore. wish you had a bf that skates? go to the fucking skatepark and be a whore.
This is what I'm saying. The only thing I look forward to from Thrasher are Fatback's stuff.
The song is: How could I help but love you - Aaron Neville
That is not fast,that is the speed of the light
where is spot 0:26 I know that isn't in SF.
i think its somewhere in bernal heights in a park. i think...
SO GOOD. One of the best videos of yours I've seen
I look foreword to these and the new york clips so much. These are my favorite vids. Sooo dope.
does anyone know the shoes he is wearing at 1:40 ?
Wish i lived in San fransisco :(
hd = head chops hd = shit quality sound hd = amazing colors
camera setup? @SLAPskateboardmag
@skatemaster136 how could I help but love you by Aaron Neville.
san francisco is so beautiful! I'd love to skate those spots of the small pretty houses in a hill.
what is this filmed with, its sexy
The song is quite awesome, so chill, love it.
once again, SF doing it butter.
0:40, is that shawn hale? who dat!!!
what are these taken on- a 60d?
These are sick!!! Good filming also.
this is why i prefer slap over thrasher
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