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by TobyGames • 152,701 views

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ಠ_ಠ I don't even know why I said that on a toby vid
You're very defensive, maybe you're just saying that to disprove that i'm right ;)
you sound like a complete and utter prick. RealSokka is obviously more level-headed and smarter than you. It was truly painful to read this conversation especially with your repetitive and weak arguments. have a good day.
People, why don't we think this through for a minute. What will an argument on the internet accomplish? honestly I think you can find a better use for your time like reading a book, watching a funny game commentary on youtube,or playing your favourite video game etc. because when everything's said and done, will it really make you feel like a better person? anyways, i just thought id give you my input. feel free to continue this if your so inclined to do so, but think first before you type.
Toby....the yo momma part killed me in the best way.
"if anyone needs to go back to school its you to get a education" That was such an ignorant statement. You made almost 3 punctuation errors. And simple ones at that.
If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at otherwords SHUT UP!
not very funny much, kind of make yourself sound like you have problems.
Weeeeeell at least he plays ps3. Xbox sucks..
Wow, you're calling RealSokka retarded? Did you even go to school?
* Wait, what was that last part? - Uhh, relax? * No, after that.... - Cookies? * Yes. Cookies for the freaking win mo'suckra!!!
One grammar mistake in my mesh of comments. Look at his.
No, you are utterly wrong. I am NOT 12. I HATE Call of Duty I am just a simple man trying to slap some sense into trolls, COD fags, and haters.
Half of this video were the intros and outros.
It is called a role playing channel. Sokka is a character from an amazing TV series, of course, you wouldn't know for you are so poor you do not have a television set. I would love to be Asian, for I would have a mom who would have helped me to study instead of me becoming so much smarter than you on my own. Have fun in school, kid.
5 now go open ur vagina and fire ur lazar angry much? lol :P
tobuscus is awesome he jst keeps gettin better + better
What the fuck is up with the long ass comments just watch the video and if you liked it fine if not oh well but if someone posts a comment saying they do not like it don't have a fucking heart attack I realize while complaining about long comments I have posted one myself but fuck man people need to calm down
yeah, wow... you played the first one and now you hate the franchise... are you kidding me?
I'm not gonna say to calm down but if he's a beggar living in a cardboard why did you imply earlier that he had a house and a basement i mean its kind of hard to have a basement with a cardboard house also how would he have a computer if he didn't have a house? i mean how many beggars do you see on the street watching youtube on they're pc so please if you're going to continue to fight at least don't contradict yourself if you hadn't maybe you wouldn't be the idiot in this fight >.<
my friend doesn't know the difference with sarcasm and orgasm
Oh, I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something you said. I just died in your arms tonight...
your soooooooooooooo cooooooool.....this is a friendly environment and im positive we Audience members would like to keep it that way so if you wouldn't mind please leave and let us enjoy this entertainment ourselves :).
That would mean that you think "You are spelling/grammar" Is correct grammar. Dafaq is wrong with people?
Oh yes, I forgot. In your county role playing accounts are not allowed. And I do have a rough idea of your intelligence based on your spelling/grammar. But it's too late for you. The damage can't be undone. Why is there a period after and? Are you just that dumb? I can "play games" because I have a steady job. I take my grammar, (something that you obviously do no do) and even if I didn't study, I'm still obviously much smarter than you today, than again, who isn't? I think it's bedtime kiddo.
XD This was one of my favorite parts!! LOVE IT!!!
YES he finally made this one a highlight. Thanks Toby!
better 28 seconds of romance than the 3 hours of titanic.
33 people got peed on by Griffin
Him being an idiot is your opinion and your opinion alone.
thumbs up if you regret the minute you clicked (Show the comment) on these assholes.
You should at the very least make your writing legible.
Cant tell if Max Payne, Uncharted, or i'm just stupid.......yeah probably the last one.
this guys stupid casue its opisate day
it seems like you're the real troll here. Why can't you just love all fags and games?
I just came to watch another tobygames highlights and I finished. I thought to myself "Oh, I'm gonna look at the comments now to see what funny things people put" WRONG.
One thing that brought me laughs is how you can magicly know the heritage of someone. Your powers need a little training though, for I am Irish. And if you think I AM from China, why did you say I was NOT from china in a prior comment? Dip-ship.
28 peopel got peed on by Griffin
I never insulted an 'entire Country'. The only people I offended were douchebags.. So if you feel the need to reply to my comment feeling offended, then that tells you something about yourself. I never said 'all Americans', I simply said that the majority of the time the people acting like douchbags are American. It could be because of the large population of the USA? Who knows? It was a statement not an insult. You couldn't be mature about it if you tried!
you also haven't as you can not type the answer and if you are trying to start a argument i will just get them over with now, you are a retard, you are not well educated, go die, i would like to see you try murder me , and good night :)
Only two? Besides me, I counted at least 4 others :P
I always like these videos but I forget to like but since he added the "Like or he'll pee on you!" dog I always remember to like. Thank you Toby
Dude when you insult an entire country people will 'join in' and I don't think I'm better then everyone else but obviously you do saying that it is Americans who are always the ones being douche bags, now lets both be mature people and just end it.
kid, shut the hell up... you are just pissing everyone off... and calm down, and please, use pm, not a comment page... i mean, its a tobuscus video, no need to argue over a tobusus video
haha at least mine makes sense, you should enjoy your console, no reason to hate. You're probably some 12 year pubescent kid who plays cod all day
I love how you're insulting his spelling yet you spelt changing wrong, and you spelt last wrong twice. Dude if you're going to insult someone on their grammer at least take the time to correct your own.
I can't believe some guys are arguing about nationalities and calling each other retards on the internet... That's exactly why I never reply to a replied comment unless it's to be helpful...
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