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Art of Teknique vs Mechanical Mobb | All Styles Top 4 | BFCA3 | WRF

by WhiteRoadFilms • 48,575 views

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lol I'm confused. What happened at 3:02 ?
i feel that they should've won based on their variety and execution of dance
i. do. not. like. this. decision.
i think it is a draw :D the two teams show sick choreo
Mechanical Mob is pretty good, but I can't take them seriously when they look like Mario and Luigi.
Yeeeuh, idk if y'all know this or not, but the two dudes on the right totally copied moves from You Got Served. Hella unoriginaaaal.
I cant believe ppl older than them really tries 2 battle them I mean shot TAT good
struttin for DAYS haha great battle!
@TheArtificialCloud I was listening to Bring Em Out.... Mechanical Mob were not matching ANY of the beats in the song. They probably just did some rehearsed stuff and didn't care whether or not their movements matched the music.
duhhh ! of course no matter who they battle its helpiing them to grow and be better whether they LOSE OR WIN so im not crippling anyone , who said i said they were "cute", who said i said they should of won cause of their age, was i the one who told them to battle adults??? NO ! so before you get to making assumptions and trying to give YOUR "advice" ..... DNT ! ok?? ok ! , have a blessed day !
@shanosha1 yes they were they weren't beat freaking which is good because you would usually only do that to a song you know and even then its could still be only ok a best sometimes but they were on beat pretty much their whole round and they werent crashing or anything
Krazy body waves,moves and the tutting was so Epic!!!!
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how the fuck did those suckasz win?...tat took that battle hella much
mechanical mob wasn't even on beat
Routines that they stole from Step up movie. They weren't even creative.
Dopee Michanical Mob is nasty art of technique was dope too
if you want them to battle adults..put their dancing on an adult level...unfortunately being young and "cute" doesn't have any merit in a dance battle. Stop saying they should have won because of their age..that's crippling the kids and using their age against them...instead of giving them a chance to learn n grow n dance even better.
in any case, mechanical mobb won because they were obviously more skilled...they entered a competition against adults on thier own, you have no say in who they battle..your just a
art of teknique lossed? bffffffff :S
i think the judges were sleeping. plus, nobody cheered for mechanical mobb after the won.
TAT executed lots of different styles while Mechanical Mobb did only like popping and locking nothing more! TAT should have won damnit. XD
What song is this and I think it was a draw the art of teknique is obviously high in technique but do Is the other crew
art of teknique u guys are really innovative
Umm.. the voting is rigged TAT was way much better
To me, Gavin and Kida are good together in the 2 vs 2 battles. js.
You know either way you're going to look like a jackass in this situation because you're either going to beat little kids in a dance battle or get beat by little kids in a dance battle. Lmao.
TAT for the win ! but the dude with the red jacket is pretty dope too
i sooooo think they won !! how you let some kids who's age hasnt even reached the double digits yet beat you and you look bout 30? O_o ......REBATTLE with new judges lol
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