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[1h Special] Happy Wheels: Episode #25 - 1500 SUBS SPECIAL (+rage quit)

by iDeViL360 • 16,422 views

THANKS GUYS FOR THE 1500 Subscribers and the 1000 Fans in Facebook! Im really proud of my Devil Army, because everyday the army is growing! Lets share this 1h (actually 45 min, look till the end,...

i'm surprised no-one's saying 'it's not an hour, it's 45 minutes (and 22 seconds)'
hes actually amazing at this game compared to me ;)
@1:07 Saw my name like 12,000 times..
wow, you really do deserve all your sub's! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!
Hey! Person that disliked! The like button is on the LEFT side, not the right! Silly!
u know da fast motion make me die
Did you know that I made a special level for him? Did you know that I was in his Video "Happy Wheels Episode 300"? ;)
PLZZ! Next episode play my levels :)) (Next special episode) My name is : DGK Bliitz. Levels ; The Elevator and New Elevator :D <3 BYEE
Another guys who didnt read the description, who didnt read the annotation at the beginning, and who didnt watch til the end... sad.
Oh Devil..OH DEVIL, OH, OH,OHHH!!!!!!!
Thanks for playing my levels AGAIN! :D many thanks, and great video btw.
Amazing Video Devil, i like it :D Keep make happy wheels episode, i will watch it :)
Why does every accented person always start off with hello guys my name is ...... I mean why!
Keep making 'em! You're like a celebrity or something! :D
could you make tutorial on how to make a boxing robot?
Then tell me please... why are you watching my videos??
Y u no stop copying pewdiepie's swag?
omg... only because I say hhhello??? THIS ISNT THE SAME THING AS PEWDIEPIE!! Let him do his own stuff and let me doing MY own stuff! END.
I remember how i rage quited at hes levels,i only have beat 1 of them :D
no one. sry. what i meant to say was why is your username iDevil360?
iDeViL @RunningChallenge - Y U NO RUN?! "I dont have legs!" I DONT CARE YOU SHIT! :D
Swear to God, I am seriously getting tired of seeing Pewdie's fans bitch and moan at every single other YouTuber with "He's trying to be like PewDie HERPADERPDERP". Seriously, shut the hell up. No one has to be like anyone and quit trying to make stupid justifications for spouting your idiocy. -_- So tiresome.
there are 90 different suggestion levels, so I will play them at my 30th episode, then 35... and so on. Im sorry, but I cant play all of them in 1 episode
I played your meme world it is so fun!!!
I choose Devil for my Xbox PSN, for beeing cool ^^
iDeViL360:im going to do this(dieing)Cmon!!! Me:trolllololololol
You mean outro? There are millions of other people calling their fans "army", pewdiepie isnt the inventor of this word
you suck! that's what i thought before until I saw his other videos you fag!
/ byujmy,g5toyjk7yu,hgfc ,m56t7y;lfoldk fnld.fn v
Ach das Ende ist zu geil ^_^ Ich hab lange nicht mehr so gelacht :´D
I mean iDeViL:Im going to do this.Now stop!(DIED) Me:trollololololololololl
isnt iDeViL creating epic HW levels?
Out of curiosity, are you Asian? It's just outta curiosity.
is there going to be a limbo 4 or are you done with those levels?
You Will Laugh Fully On AT 44:39 Till Finsh
1. Join the Devil army and pewdiepies saying is join the bro army. 2. Saying," I don't care like pewdiepie. And i know that you copying pewdiepie because your subscribed to him.
schau bis zum schluss (oder spule vor wenn du lazy bist xD) Dann verstehst du warum ;)
ganz genau :D musste am schluss 30 min lang an einem level gequält werden, musste währendessen den clip zu 300% schneller machen xD
I loved the part when u sped it up and u went berserk, and for that, i'll rate and favourite 50 of your vids, now excuse me, i need to get my lungs checked, i used so much oxygen laughing!
I ALWAYS read every single comment and answer them ;)
Thumbs up if you laughed very hard from 44:42 - 45:00 :D
u rock dude! i like your HW maps/levels *subscribes*
the guys who wanted be first in one of my vids?
lol ur welcome why u has no moar sub's?!(it's unfair "sniff")
So THIS is the guy behind the best levels on Happy Wheels!
iDeViL, did you know akspartankiller likes your levels?
Yes, iDevil360, I was watching that, but I wasn't the one to suggest my levels :P I like how you say 'Rage Kit' though xD 'DON'T MAKE ME RAGE KIT!!' But uhhh, sorry for all the rage :P 'I hate you' 'I hate you' 'I hate you' 'I hate you so muc-- AARHOGHGHOGOH' xD ~BradPhusion
Do you remember me i was talking to you on facebook
Welcome to a new ''Lpisode'' of Happy Wheels 00:14
when you were saying hello the music it was playing made your voice sound creepy it was AWESOME!
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