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How to find Diamonds in Minecraft for Xbox 360!

by Daniel Kross • 819,093 views

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This really helped but one thing I need to dig all the way down first then count back up the way :)
Great video thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol
thanks mate:) You helped my brother a lot:)
Dude great video. It really helped me with my troubles finding diamonds
"Gold Mine of Diamonds" lol
Thx so much it really works
CURRENT MINECRAFT: Lava spawns at 12. Start strip mining at Y:13. 2x2 shafts with 2x2 spaces to maximize chances.
In 1.1 lava and diamonds spawn at Layer 12, rarely higher.
I died in lava just when you said that most people die in lava lol
i spent 2 hours diging then i fell in lava man
I start strip mining at the highest level of bedrock. Found 10 in my first 3 shafts within a few minutes of each other.
is that a pig making that sound
that is so FAKE! villages don't have beds and there are no villagers ther. its so obvious that it is fake.
You have no idea how many diaminds i founds thanks to you. You should really be proud of yourself because you are amazing
I time I found diamonds before by the bedrock I found 3 diamonds so I could get a diamond pickaxe
FaZe Kross does MINECRAFT?
sorry wrong video my computer is a little wak sometimes
I thought you were going to fal in th lava
if u play xbox 360 minecraft add me FTWxFATALSHOTZx
I found diamonds in the demo version
I think I found diamond nd gold but it wont let me collect them, someone please help
pleaase add me on xbox? GrandMaster2012
Sure, i'll waste my time getting rid of my virus! Why not?
This really helped me thanks! I was just wondering, which seed is this filmed in?
Dud con you do some more finding diamonds
Thank u now i have a small chest full
Dude i fucking love you no homo i found 4 dimonds in 1minute thanks bro
l Gravel has the only same sound as breaking and walking on dirt
I have a way to mine,its my own method.alright so first.go to the survival world you want to use and select "more options" and select "host options" then exit the host options then go into the world you selected.then hit the back button and select your name then go down and select "invisible" then exit that then go find a huge lava pit,then go under the lava and search around.this method got me up to 200 diamond.hope it works all of you
Thx Kross. N no if u dig straight down u might hit lava
Add be7hy if you wana play minecraft
U are right do what he seas it works !!!
Who found dimonds is easy to find them
Sweet video, I'm rolling in the diamonds now :D
no you didnt they only spawn in veins from 1-10
What i do is i dig straight down with 2 iron picks( hope i don't find any lava), i also go with a crafting table and a furnace. Once i hit redstone i start to dig to the sides and now... i have 8 blocks of diamond!
You can just look on your map and at the top the Y with th number next to it is why layer you are on
i was strip mining with a fortune III pick earlier and got 55 diamonds!!!
No bo2 more minecraft gameplays!
Found 10 diamonds,59 iron, 10 gold, 100+ redstone and a hell load of cobblestone
Stupid me...I keep wanting to be a y5...
you should add me GCAflyCloud94 ;) this was helpful :*
did they fix the breeding problem???
i found more in a diferent way took like 1 try to get 16-32 diamonds
OMG thanx so much! This works!
you are horrible at minecraft you discust me
you have to use at least an iron pickaxe :) hope i helped
Finding diamonds is so easy i just dig straight down :P
It's on Xbox Live Arcade and is 1600 Microsoft points ($20)
if that was me ill get attack by a random creeper after getting the damn diamonds and fall in the lava
Thank you so much it help!! (:
So basically you're just strip mining?
Does your bucket disappear after you put it in the furnace?
I seem to find diamonds at level 5, trust me, if you keep digging you will find lots
Epic dimond seed u spawn on top of diamonds the is 12345lolrltfl
20 dimonds :D stack of iron 10 gold and tons of coal
Im not saying he did but he could have gone in creative and put those there not accusing him though
Wait! If you are stuck on step 2 in the comment i just replied to, then i can help you. The "weird stone" is just a regulaar stone block. NOT GRAVEL.
He should do a minecraft let's play like if u think he should
You probably don't have a Iron/Gold/Iron Pickaxe. Stone and Wooden pickaxe can't mine shit.
this is the first video i have watched by you
Straight away 8 diamonds i found
One thing... when u find diamonds the next diamonds are 16 blocks away. Fun fact! like so he can see he may do video how to do this while your 16 blocks away!
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