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'Just Go With It' Unscripted

by Moviefone • 80,304 views

'Just Go With It' co-stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston stopped by our studio to talk about their new comedy. And for those of you wondering whether or not to check out the movie, Aniston runs...

i love them both! especially together, too cute! adam reminds me very much of my best friend. it's weird how much they're alike!
Actually, it's not her real name, because her father changed his name to Aniston when he came to the US ;)
"can i just finish my pee....sir." LMAO so modest.
i love you adam sandler , you are fucking awesome
"have you lied to me" "no .. hahhaa .. " .
this its good they need to made more ,., because keep doing this again
It's the best, right?? Just love this girl so much!! :)
I love Adam richard Sandler!!! go go sandman!
Sandler was filming Jack and Jill here so he did Jills voice
Jennifer Aniston :) <3 love the movie ::)
OH BOYYY the talk about the armpit thing while keeping their faces straight without laughing. Couldnt believe what i was hearing!
He liked what he saw with the guy in the bathroom? wow,Sandler has a fetish,and he has a brutal ''too much information'' honesty to him,lol. But hey,thats entertainment.
Look on Jennifers face in the wide shot when Adam says ''squirt on''.her look is one of complete horror,lol :D
Lmao Adam had me dying when he said he would get his armpits done.
shes just beautiful inside & out, it wouldve been lovely to see her married & with kids by now
was Sandler defensive in the end when he said its fine if you dont see the movie(because he thinks some hate his films like the florida guy?) or was that another attempt at humor ? If it wasnt humor then he should take it easy and not go negative as they both mentioned,not have a chip on his shoulder nor take it so personally if some people hate his movies and ask him for his money back.You cant please em all Adam,nor should you. Do your own thing,''just go with it'' ! ;)
Lol what??hey hey hunny..her name is greek,she's greek;) ok?? Her real birth name is "Gianofeva(Jennifer) Anastasakis"..HER FATHER JUST CHANGE THE NAME ,AS U SAID, CAUSE JOHN WANTED TO GO IN AMERICA AND "Anastasakkis" was too long!lol! U got it? Oh my god..use ur brain. Its "Anastasakis" and u cant deny it.But "Aniston" for this bussiness is alright!
Is Sandler joking with a straight face or is he just that brutally honest about his sex life,health issues and so forth ? Man,it's like the film ''Liar Liar'' where they guy must always tell the truth,lol
the movie sucked but i love jen so i had to see it
They're so amazing together!!!! I love the last part!
loved this film. and love both of them <3
but you know what,that guy in Florida,he might be proud of himself,because apparently he is now memorized by Adam Sandler. the superstar Adam Sandler remembers,out of all the people,this guy from Florida.
did she say genovefa? this is her greek name! i am so proud to be a greek!
" i squirt on some aniston" hahahahaha works on many levels
Love u bubby I love u bubby -3 SANDLER&ANISTON -3
wtf. if someone changes their name (which is not just done on a whim or by saying "hey, I decided to change my name," but instead has to be done through a court), that is their new name! He changed his name from Anastasakis to ANISTON which means that was his last name, thus also becoming his daughter's real last name!! how bout you use your brain o.O and btw, you can translate any name into another language if you want. her parents still named her Jennifer and not Genovefa or whatever!!!
I love how Adam sounds like a little boy who's gotten caught lying to his mom at 3:14. :)
the first time I didn't get angry because of the add : It was Savages...
I remember seeing the trailer for Just Go With It, and I was like, no thanks. And then I watched it because my brother said I could, and I was pleasantly surprised. :))
unscripted? same questions, different names?
He looks like he doesn't care,and too lazy even in real life lol.
but he was serious initially.Its an actual issue for many men,the extensive build-up.
I like them when they are together in interviews. They are both pretty funny. Someone missed the like button.
This movie was great. They have amazing chemistry on and off screen. Love them both.
i dont get it, hes funny when hes not trying to act funny, but when he tries to act funny hes not funny at all
omg, evolution is going the other way lol. she said romantic twice in a 3 second span without realising. jeeeez lewis almighty. If those are actors who memorise lines for a living... you know the rest.
anistons personality sucks....she used to be more funny when she was younger, now she looks like a total airhead
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