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Planetside 2 - Night Ops

by TotalBiscuit, The Cynical Brit • 742,129 views - Play Planetside 2 for free (referral link) Totalbiscuit shows you some exclusive Planetside 2 footage, recorded at the Sony Online Entertainment center in San Diego.

MY GOD the game has improved
The graphics aren't as good now :,(
+Spontaneous Lemon well it is just not possible with current gaming rigs to support a lot of detail, high polycounts and real physics on THAT SCALE. That game is still one of the uniquest fps on the market.
The textures are bad... But the concept artists did an amazing job.
i love the line,'dirty vanu bastards
TB Vanu will take you down!
This plus fully destructible terrain=best game ever
The thing you fail to realize, is that I am an Xbox player. I play with a controller all the time. I attempted to use a controller to play, because I wasn't comfortable with mouse and keyboard. I couldn't even move in menu's and I had intense trouble because I didn't have enough buttons for complex things such as flying. Also don't call somebody an idiot for having valid reasons for not likeing something. Name some examples of people who "kick ass" with a controller in PS2.
Wish my computor would run that smooth
you do know that the xbone and the ps4 have about the same power, but xbone got a shit more servers than the sony, so i think if ps4 can handle it, the xbone can handle it
I have that setup and it runs fine at max! But I just upgraded to a 770 and now it runs perfectly.
I care, too many video games are made to be able to be ran on consoles. And guess what, consoles are weak, very weak. If there were only PC, then way more video games would have a much higher performance and quality standard.
Recruiting for an outfit. We're not too big YET Information about joining Age to join: 14 and above Timezone: GMT +2 (Amsterdam timezone) Server: Woodman (EU) Faction: Terran Republic Interested in joining? Please either add me on Steam or Skype. Name on both, xSches
Then plug in an xbox controller into your PC and play Planetside 2 with no mouse or keyboard or anything but your controller. See how far you get.
I'm curious. I plan on building a new pc and I'm wondering if a GTX 660 non ti and an intel i5 4670k would run this game well on max settings with decent framerates in big battles. Does anyone know?
im a Pc supremacist, but i dont sit there and be a dick about it, i do think this game is better than halo (4) for good reasons, including; Scale-the map is HUGE, graphics-all around good, not overly focused on one place, number of players -no 16 person lobbies, more like 1000+ lobbies, some games go for 24+ hours with no victory in sight while halo has 10-15 minute games max. i have reasons, i dont just say its better without evidence, ps. i LOVE my xbox, i just LOVE my pc more.
Nothing ever reaches its potential, there is always room to improve, you can not make that argument when stating that a piece of machinery hasn't reached its potential. I just looked at the specs for a ps4, yes it could run it, but considering the button requirements, it would not be practical.
Night looks fucking awful compared to this because they chickened out and decided to go for daytime with a blue filter like all the other games instead of a dark night. So you don't get to see as much of the beauty in the lighting engine.
i don't know the game, but in 95% of the cases it works
meh, pc supremacists. theyll upvote anything that sounds SLIGHTLY anti-console.
2:25 I think aiming should have been kept like that. No reason to give players vertigo for aiming while flying. Keep the sights more stationary on the screen.
You haven't ever played Planetside 2 with a controller have you?
You wouldn't need a lot of buttons if it was mapped perfectly.
Ps3 hasnt even reached its potential and they are coming out with a new console, pity they didnt get as much out of is as the Xbox360 which has been pushed to its limits. I reckong with a few minor tweaks then the Ps3 could run planetside2, and the Ps4 could most likely run it, however the game itself is way too technical for a console. designed exclusivly for PC's
i know pointless to evan try in first place who are u by the way?.
how big is his monitor ?because i plan on getting gtx 680 too
Thumbs up if you came here because of the advertisements
Are you kidding me? I still like the game, but geesh, thats a little much.
If a powerful computer can barely run this, then a playstation will NEVER be able to run it...
I need to get a new PC to play this but I think it's more then worth it I can see me playing this a lot
it is a problem because if you use a gampad on the PC version you cant pick classes, respawn, spawn vehicles, or do many of the important things in the game
Well its going to be my first gaming computer so I just wanted to know if there was stuff I should upgrade.
yeah they did. they had to for preformance issues :(. also night time isnt as dark anymore :(!
Don't buy an alienware. Build a machine equivilant with an alienware for around 700$.
C4 is the best invention ever, when we have plasma rifles we'll stil be using it!
Is this recorded in game or are you using an external camera? I was wondering as your HUD has a sort of "fish eye" effect on it. If it's in game, how can I tweak my settings to have that effect? It looks neat!
ok, that is nice, because in your past comments it just looked like you were hating on xbox, but i am glad i am not the only one who hates one of the consoles
you can play this game with a xbox 360 controller?
As much fun as TF2 is, Id have to say its horse tosh compared to PS2
Outdated means it is no longer suitable for the task, for console gaming it's quite fine.
And what do you have against the NC lol.
Heh, I actually shot Biscut down on the Waterson server when he was practicing for that "showdown" promotion thing...
I did the same thing, then scrolled down to see if anyone else did. lol xD
If you look at his newest planetside 2 video Return to Auraxis it's got a link to his outfits webpage. They are only taking active players though so keep that in mind.
yeah, but they could most likely figure something out. they cant with the hardware!
this was made by sony who made the PS3 so ya if that ever happed it would be for PS3 only
in terms of specs, yes. But specs don't mean a whole lot when you're talking about console vs pc. I can prove it too. Try building a pc with specs the same as a ps3 that will run games that look as good as killzone 3, or the last of us. Hint: you can't
...sounds odd.... I'm not too sure whats causing that; you'd have to elaborate more on what's the problem, but as a start, try lowering your rendering distance in video/graphics settings from 100% to 70% maybe, or just try lowering it a bit and see how it is. As My favorite ME3 character, I MUST FIND YOU A SOLUTION! Also it may have been due to the most recent 500 kb patch; it made me lag for a little while as well and my specs are just below that of TotalBuscuit's.
The updates for this game take up more memory than a dual layer DVD can hold.
I so wish the night was still dark :/
They might not be wrong, actually... It could deal with the setup of the computer itself (or even it's specs), which is why some games can't run on windows (since certain configurations would cause some games not to run, which would mean the configs must be changed). At the same time though, they should look into it more. Although I think they care about PS2, so they might check into it again in the near future...
It's alpha back then. Maybe it doesn't have that yet.
This guys doesn't even have night vision scopes on his gun or vehicles.
xbox is too slow. wouldnt run the game neither could ps3 ps4 or xbox720
nope thast snt even true, it used to get very gray/washed out looking during the day when i used to do this. AAANyways the night is very bright now, lights are very pointless
Turn all the setting down a lot my computer has aging of ram and does fine!
it is coming to PS4 FOR FREE!!!! YEEAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!
Crytek tried that with Crysis, we all know how it ended.
There's got to be a problem somewhere in your configuration. Is this the only game that gives you problem? That CPU and GPU should handle it with no problem. Resolution? /watch?v=w0Lutqa_uFM watch?v=bFmGMDnx-2o This 2 have the same VGA but lower end i7's. Their FPS seems pretty stable (at least 30) AND remember they are recording at the same time.
Very true. I am worried though about the optimization and I hope they do it right because I get drops down into the 20s in big battles and I have an i7 3820, 32 GB RAM (I know it's way more than i'd need) and a GTX 680.
They made it so much less... Shiny... :(
I want to join his outfit somebody tell me how?
Get ready for the shittastic experience of playing Planetside 2 with only a controller!
You fucking idiot, not everyone plays games on mouse and keyboard, to be honest there are some people with controllers that kick ass; the point is that everyone has their preferences.
If I choose a faction, can I swap to another one?
they did not want to give positions away for the people that kill you.
Planetside is also F2P dude. Sorry for being a jerk, but i must defend my brother!
Fuck an xbox, you can still play it on the couch with the 360 controller though ;)
No they didn't. That is what i'm trying to say. They just made the graphics on console a bit worse to be on console. I'm saying that they could optimize Planetside 2 so it can keep the same graphics. Now obviously I doubt they could do it on current gen because they can't handle the amount of players. But next gen they could. Just like Sony already is doing for the PS4. If they do it right, it should turn out good.
Is it just me, or do the graphics look way better from this alpha footage compared to new footage? The trails while using afterburners on a mosquito, or the distortion on that tank, or the lighting effects, or the appearance of all the glowy hologram shit. It all looks way better in this footage than current footage
and we shall never know what was written ever again :(
This video is now over a year and a half old
ive read comments on that and it apperas a lot more players got that same problem too and a LOT complained to SOE but SOE says that Its not from the PS2 :D what a bunch of lazy cowards
Wow I must be a playing an entirely different game from planet side 2 if u guys play planetside 2 from my perspective the community is horrible
They're completely different genres, Planetside is an MMOFPS, TF2 is a war-themed First-person hat simulator.
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