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Hair: Wild Party Hairstyle in 5 mins

by myfatpocket • 636,714 views

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The hair curler is actually a straightener...
Do u seriously need someone how 2 hump... step 1 get on top of the oppisite sex 2 u (unless ur gay) step 2 start riggerling about as idf u were having sex. Its not that hard but because ur special we'll have someone train u up. Ok
she looked nicer with her hair down and curled
thats a straightner not a curler. ahahaha . nice toot (:
Sounds like google translate..
@MsKillercookies123 thanks so much for the kind comment
Well of course it takes 5mins... Asian hair is thin as fuck -___-
"cshluter" lawl teasing/backcoming like that wont last for more than 10 minutes. tease a lot down low and work your way up. cmon xP
LOL bitch .stfu with your little attitude all they're saying is that she keeps saying curler instead of straightener gooosh -_-
u forgot the 4 seconds so it not 5 mins u lier its 5 mins a 4 secs ;P
Hey hacker get off aZainboys account no ones gonna click the link to get a virus
Why is this called fat pocket? People..
2:47 its called back combing :) and yeah that's a hair straightener :) a curler looks quite different :) like the way you said "the hump" LOL
i've got really thick wavy hair. wud it work?
The best way to make curls look naturally is to sleep overnight with your curls bun up. The next morning,m after shower, apply some baby oil on your hair. Your hair will bounce and dance!
That's not a hair curler, it's a straightener.
yeah but you can use a straightener a curler FYI
do you think this would be good for my 15 b-day (quincenera)
that asian accent is annoying the hell out of me
Is that a straightener.....NO FUCKING SHIT! use your eyes why don't you?.It maybe...just might work....
Erm..thats a hairstraightner?
Just curious, but why is it MyFatPocket? I love the hairstyle, I think I'll try that on my next date.... lol :)
I tried this. My hair didn't hold the curl and I couldn't get the bump to look natural when I tried to put my hair up around it.
thats a straightner not a curler ?
@kirsty u need to STFU nobody asked u anything and u don't have to be so rude it's bot fucken our fault that she said curler when its a STRAIGHTENER
everybody shut the fuck up its a straighten now ray Charles could of seen that shit and she killed that hair style wit a straighter
@myfatpocket Bur hope the video is useful for application
that's not wild to the slightest...
It aint anythin wild bout that hairstyle ;P
They mean bump!! LMAO...I think there's an awkward language barrier!!
Haha!,you're funny you know.I'm a bitch and I have an attitude for stating something obvious?.Wow,this planet is fucked up,or more your "brain" cells are fucked up.And don't you tell me what to do."Shut the fuck up"?.I was typing not speaking,dumb ass.All I was saying was everyone kept saying "Isn't that a straightener?" and it obviously is even they know..So instead of typing it for someone to go "Yes".I'm making it clear.And sorry I have the attitude?.Your the one who just told me to shut up.
sounds like google translate speaking. ahhaa
is this a straitner or culer???????
uummm its called back combing not teasing.......
I didn't even attempt this and I know that it would take 30-45 minutes for my hair.
@MsXBOX360GIRL Teasing from the roots gives you volume.
I love the hairstyle. It's so cute! BUT!!!! It took me longer than 5 minutes... actually... 15 minutes... ^^
Looks like Serena's (GG) hairstyle from the white party
That is NOT a curler it is a straightener
the narrator voice sounds like a mix between asian and english accent....not gonna even asked how that happened
the hair stylist did a great job...i was trippn out on her tat on her neck. she looks like 12 yrs old lol..its a cute style but looks like it would be for prom/
you used a flat iron/straightener not a curler iron/wand... slowly pulling down damages more. if you want them to last (beside hair spray) u curl them back up and let them cool curled....
@colegiatura2 Agree. We should have donned some feathers...
I think you should get a better like fancier quince hairstyle, by a pro.
it bothered me that she didnt no the difference between a flat iron and a curler
5 minutes?? u kidding me that look takes more than an hour for me!
Omg ugly hairstyle just wasting time on this useless video ...
Oh so you Call THAT a hair curler. Ok.
Thats a straightner einstein not a curling iron :P
Okay..:D I guess, I need 40 minutes for this style..:D
Uhh her hair looks like shit xD wtf did I just watch ?!
That's a straightener not a curler.
"Belinda" looks like shes about to cry.
@myfatpocket I did use hairspray. My hair just doesn't hold a curl I guess.
Ew. Ugly hairstyle. I believe thats a straightner. Isnt it supposed to go away from ur face ? And it leaves gross lines and frizz. Wasted my time
@RememberSeptember Messy hair is the in t hing now! LOL
The voice on this is really irritating
Omg this video is stupid 3 things wrong: its NOT a hair "curler", this is NOT a "crazy party look" The narrator is giving me a headache, and crazy is NOT sophisticated!
won't the shower in the morning make the curls die down??
@MsKillercookies123 You should try this hairstyle too!
Ugh not 5 minutes with thick hair more like 40
@SailorBJupiter Maybe you can get a friend to do it for you
i can never get my hair to curl like that
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