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BEFORE & AFTER! Cheri's Makeover

by The Mom's View • 41,366 views

Learn more about Cheri's life story, and her daughter Nikke who's a regular Shaytards viewer! Plus, see the FINAL LOOK!!!!! Click on the links below for more about: CLOTHES:...

I think she looks great! shush people
I have to say, excepting Kayli, you can really tell they are not professionals. Carly and the other one know the best way to do makeup for themselves and dress for their own body type, but they didn't know how to do those things properly for Cheri's face and body type.
Overall her look is alright. I do agree with everyone else that she could have been in a more dressier outfit, maybe find a dress that suits her? Or dress pants with a nice blouse? Her before and after wasnt too much of a difference.. It was kinda blah actually. 1 out of 10.. I give this makeover a 3. :(
I think they should have put her in a "dressier" top.. and lost the scarf.. and maybe some jewlery lol
When is the episode with Farrah from Teen Mom going to be posted?
That was a really thoughtful makeover. :) I would love to give my mom a makeover. She's a special educations assistant and is always thinking about others. Hardly ever does she let us take her out for some pampering. Her typical excuses are that she's too tired or that she doesn't have the time or money. She deserves a little more TLC! We live in CA near SF but my mom is helping me move in a month or two to help me move in to my new school at San Diego. TheMomsView, please makeover my mama! :)
I would love for my mom to be on this show!
i like the way the last makeover show was edited. i think its important to show at least a little bit of each process (hair,makeup,style) in the actual makeover show. Then have the full breakout videos seperate .Most viewers are going to click on the "main" makeover show, not the breakout videos and its just a little weird to see the before look and then directly the after look. The viewer then has no idea how you guys came to the conclusion. hope this helps :)
this is ha bisky i love the hair and the shirt there was something off about it but i liked the color
Hahaha it seems so rude sometimes "She needs to learn how to do her hair and makeup" if my future children said that about me I'd be like >.< worry about something more important? I mean it's fine if the mums would like it but if they truly didn't care for makeup it'd be insulting. I hope no one ever uses this to do that :)
I think they chose the clothes and makeup based on Cheri's likes. They mentioned that she wanted comfortable and low maintenance look. So that would explain the flats and makeup. This show isn't like what not to wear, where the participant is given little choice in their style.
The outfit looks terrible. Love the hair. Makeup looks no different
One thing to keep in mind is that this makeover is so that she will be able to do it on her own, and if she is too busy or doesn't have experience, or can't see very well, eyebrows would be difficult. Also, putting eyebrows on someone who basically has none can sometimes be overwhelming to the client, or it feels like too drastic of a change. Maybe she was trying to stay in her comfort zone:) Or she just forgot!!
She looks lovely. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.
I love you girls & that you each have you niche in this!
I kind of liked her better before though guys :S the clothes and everything don't really suit her
Wanna fly to Australia and give my mum a makeover..? Hahha
You guys are haters hating on this makeover. She is an amazing mother.
I'd love to pamper my dad. He is my ROCK. he has been through so much recently and he deserves a style upgrade! I know this is the MOMS view but I'm hoping to get my dad styled up! Thanks ladies! :)
She looks a little better I guess?
I know that I am very, very, very (1,000x) late...but are Shay and Carlie related? Her eyes look so much like his that if they are not related he should adopt her. Lol! Great videos! I think you all gave her a look that she is comfortable with and can easily recreate. Most makeovers I see change the persons look so drastically that is seems as though it would be hard for them to recreate but this one fit her perfectly. Love it.
Mishas hair is soooooo pretty!!
@Scott StMartin And you're an asshole. Go die
the bottom line is she looks better than before so everyone shut up and enjoy or go away
Afterwards she looks like grandmatard
The makeup and hair look great! I think she needs a waistline with her outfit and I'm not sure that scarf does anything for her, Infact I think it would have been nice to open up her neckline and reveal a bit of skin there. I enjoy these. It's nice to see the mother and daughter dynamic and fun to treat them to a special day. Great job!
I love how as the Mom's View started up, they all called the Mom's View as a show that was "right for anyone." To be honest, I don't think Men would actually find make up videos very interesting. haha.
This episode felt awkward. I felt like both of the ladies didn't feel comfortable.
Her outfit looks like something a 17year old girl not someone my mom's age :0
Carlie did a great job with the make up, the hair was ok but the clothes did not flatter Cheri's shape at all. The top didn't accent her waist which she needs as she has a bigger bust and hips, it also cut off at her widest points- the top of her arms and the largest point of her hips. Bootcut trousers would have looked better than the straight leg, the flare would've balanced her hips out.
Those flats are so cute and probably the only good thing from her outfit! But I am in my 20s and it would be something I would wear. I can see what you're saying about them being too young but I dont think its a horrible choice for her.
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She is gorgeous!!! But I feel like her outfit could have been a lot better...
I don't like this make over...AT ALL. What happened to you guys this time? I will give you credit though. she does look better in the after shots.
The outfits okay, its just the trousers are too baggy I think
Oh man, I wish we were always freezing. Last Sunday it was 108F where I live. I could go for some dreary British skies right all summer long. That would be wonderful.
Nice but I wanted to see them go shopping :(
I think cheri looks amazing. I don't really like the fashion too much to me she didn't seem to comfortable in it. but hopefully she really liked it.
Carlie and Kayli did amazing as usual! I feel like Carlie should be doing outfits because she is "carliestylezz" ;) but whatever works!
Its funny how they think their show is huge and theyre trying to make it look all professional and tv like its almost embarassing...
i liked how the last video you guys took the camera to the store and did commentary. but this show was good too. keep up the good work! love the show. <3 you guys too :]
Cheri looks great! Love the scarf... The only thing I would've added is to fill in her eyebrows. They'd frame her face nicely. :)
@Scott StMartin Carlie didn't pick her out fit.
i don't think the outfit does much for her to be honest
exactly what i was about to comment! this is a good outfit for where she's at in life- meaning it's good for a more mature woman who is a bit older. of course it wouldn't do justice on her daughter, but if you were to switch their outfits it clearly wouldn't work. the colours were bright and she seemed happy and confident which is what really matters!
I didnt say it was the type of shoe. flats are fine. but those flats in paticular? Im sorry but if youre over 25 wearing those you need to grow up a little. None of the women you mentioned would be caught in a style of flats intended for a 13 year old.
the after makeup looks exactly like the before ...
You ladies did a great job on this make over! I do think her eyebrows needed a little more filling in though. Thanks for the vid.
i dont like it....dont like the hair, dont like the clothes (looks cheap)
Well, Carlie posted a picture on Instagram a few weeks ago of her,Kali, & Farrah and said they were talking out motherhood.I don't know if they were filming or not.
/watch?v=q0q3xlAvKUM that is ha bisky and in hawaiian the word is da kine
I feel like the makeover should be adapted more towards the candidates age rather than what's in style!
I love this show, but I wish it was all shown in one video instead of 5...I think the first episode of this was a little different. I think there was one whole video of the whole makeover but with the shopping, makeup, and hair being edited, and then you could get the entire vid of each part? I like that better.. still love this show though!!!! : )
The outfit could have been better
Oh I hope they filmed. That'd be awesome! Just like a Teen Mom behind the scenes. Awesome, thank you.
The outfit is not flattering on her:( I think they couldve don a better job. But she is a very beautiful woman!
A lot of people on here are saying that the outfit wasn't right for her and that it didn't look good and I do agree that it isn't something I would wear but I do think it looks a lot better on her then her other outfit did. If everyone that was saying that watched the outfit video Cheri mentioned wanting to be comfortable that was something she wouldn't budge on. So that it why the shirt is loose as well as the pants. As for the shoes they choose flats because she has feet problems.
I like how they didnt change who she was and they kept her natural! Good job girlies :)
Naw, I love flats. It makes the most logical sense to me. I like my feet flat on the ground, without heels creating everlasting effects on my spine.
she kinda looks like grandmatard. lol
Awesome! Her new look is great, I like her outfit! Very nice :)
oohh and she still doesnt have any whats up with the make up?
wish they tucked in the shirt
she looks great. I think it would look better with darker, better fitting jeans
if they are going to do the flats they should have got the right length in pants, are to long and makes her look short. or give her a little bit of a heel and put some bangels on her =)
Beautiful and fresh!!! Love it!!!
I would love o have my mom on the show. She's so sweet and she's my best friend. She always helps everyone in my family and never takes time for herself. She always has trouble putting outfits together.
wow it is really impressive how much waight Shay has lost!
the most have made this when they made the other makeover they are wearing the same clothes
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