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Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Plasma Ball?

by Jogwheel • 1,883,937 views

Poll: Will you stop asking me to microwave those old experiments now!? Experiment #100 - Plasma Globe To celebrate our monumental 100th...

I'm surprised that none of them have had cancer even after 100 episodes
Jon, sorry to annoy you but I just want to know what fonts you use on the microwave show.
this looks like it was filmed with a potato XD lol love your channel though. <3
$3,000 state of the art, prosumer MiniDV camera, actually. Kids today are spoiled with everything in HD - back in 2008, YouTube only offered 240p uploads. Our camera quality had nothing to do with the end result.
oh. bummer! thanks for the quick reply :)
so many subs.. so many veiws... shit microphones
+Jogwheel Pretty sure any audio from 2008 will be terrible at this point. How the hell are you still responding to comments on videos this old?
+JPK314 How? I get notifications, like on any video. Why are people always surprised at this? Also, the audio on my old content still sounds great, especially by comparison.
is it a good idea to microwave an atomic bomb
how did that microwave hack all that shit...... and you named it Lacey? is it still going strong after all these years...... or its seen end of its days..... what make is it ???? it must be a blimen good microwave
concidering the lifespan of these guys microwaves, and the fact that they are past 200 experiments currently, i doubt that lacey is still with us. 
Too bad their 100th episode turned out to be an epic fail :(
3:53 opening the door to snoop doggs house
What a waste of your 100th episode...
+Alexander Wheeler Oh wow did not know that. *sarcasm  I was referring to his reply to +Peppermint Erin about posting on a comment that's 3 months old dumb shit.
it should've reacted differently considering from what a plasma ball is composed
+CobraGaming97 no, it should make a crazy-ass reaction and make an overloaded plasma ball, sort of
Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Sexist White Dude?
The microwave frequencies should have been perfectly capable of ionizing the gases in the plasma ball, why did this not work?
Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Inbred Mentally Retarded Rednecks?
do you need cold water? just you got BUUUUUURNNNNED
I have a video microwaving weed . It is a good idea to microwave everything. Period end of story !
You should have turned it on..
+Christian Velez I was screaming that into the screan 
+Christian Velez The one your friend has is simply not a plasma ball, there's lots of fake ones around, they use a mirrors and a small lcd to create the effect. As Mumbnutz said, there is no way to make a portable one with today's technology. There's been some great finds in regards to plasma balls using graphene, they're saying we could have one in the next 60 years or so. 
No, that's a few episodes back. This is the 100th experiment.
wat a unique name is "Jory"
one day you are going to kill yourself!!!
+Jogwheel wow quick reply :) love your vids
i used to watch these when i was in middle school and lets just say that middle school was a prison.... i'm 18 now so i'm in college 
You guys might want to invest in an organic vapor cartridge, that goes into a good quality 3M respirator, either full or half face mask.                       Sincerely,                             William McCormick
idea; get  a huge microwave, microwave a smaller microwave, while the smaller microwave is microwaving a battery (9volt?car abttery>)
Epic plasma ball tricks here
@Adrian Anderson alm down jelousy doesnt suit you
If something doesn't blow up in your faces...may a toxic chemical be released that eventually cancerizes you idiots. Then one less channel posting crap like this on YT.
wow you guys are horrible
Microwave Christmas lights
is it a good idea to microwave a smaller active microwave
Love the microwave name 😏
try connecting the plasma ball to an external battery by usb and then microwave it while its on
you should put a powered Plasma Ball !!!!
I no that they made a vid with 1 egg but it wold be even better with 12
0:29 holy fuck I almost jumped out of my chair, I don't know why but that voice on my right ear scared the fuck out of me, maybe because I'm wearing my open headphones but damn...
Thanks for the tip! before watching i did my volume down :D
this is my childhood! I used to be in love with this show.
99 times they failed to solder a push pull circuit. BRAVO! Why not take the easy route to cancer!?!?
is it a good idea to microwave a microwave?
The beginning of this looks like the intro to some shitty late 90's early 00's show that people still watched even though it sucked 😂😂
Ur sexy I'll suck ur nuts xd
No one likes roasted nuts
HOLY shit 2 minute's of a Intro wtf that's 2 minute's of my life i will never get BACK THANK'S TO YOU!
the first time I watched this show it reminded me of the scene from gremlins when the mom shoves one into the microwave, and to this day it still does lol
2:00  Jory bumps his nose on the plasma ball.
I had my earbuds in and when he said "it's just kinda slimy" I thought someone was talking to me and I freaked out and looked around like someone was actually there e.o
You should have had it turned on while it was in there
The fact that this was really underwhelming makes this funny to me.
Microwave a game system
hmm Xbox game system. I first thought it was the SNES game.
Hey Adrian Anderson, shut the fuck up you fucking asshole!
Should of turned the plasma ball on
You should have had the plasma ball plugged in then put it in and microwaved it
is it a good idea to microwave a crankshaft with pistons an with oil on it you can make
You reminded me of this. I get my kids then I bring a hair dye can and a lighter.The kids were like a have a foot back and we found out that hair dye cans are flameable.
Please don't do things like snes, or things that aren't being made anymore
Fuck no it isn't a good idea! Don't listen to natural selection, she's a bitch.
Microwave marijuana next. I wonder if it is a good idea. Please help before I burn my house down.
that would get them arrested u idiot, or do u want dat?
I've watched other videos and they took the bottom part of the globe off. It did something really cool.
How long does it take to clean the microwave???
pretty sure they just buy new ones 
Yes but on some videos it's the same microwave and it's really dirty
you could put oil in their
This guy is so retarded
Actually he's a paid actor. Joke's on you.
yeah it's getting to a point what did you do last time to take away my limit ? my penis 
microwave still work???
microwave the infin 8 electra and see what happens.
Gay. You guys should of actually tried the real bulbs that screw into any light outlet
yeah i got it no more games? 
You doing it wrong. U should take out the black plastic part of plasma ball and just put glass part then something awsomething happens . I wish u could remake this vid
Fail do a mother cool one
Hate to tell you, but those masks won't do a damn thing to filter out carcinogens.
This shit can't be good for the ozone 
I know they are donated
Snappy polls apparently
Tin foil shield? You need a tin foil hat.
It would be cool if you turned it on :)
should of turnded  it on
micorwave an alian you know the ones that are in the eggs
I bet the EPA just loves you guys. lol
you should microwave a microwave microwaving a microwave, microwaving a microwave, microwaving a microwave microwaving a microwave, microwaving a microwave, microwaving a microwave for a 500 episode
Is it a good idea to microwave Justin Beiber?? LOL
+The Mushroom king no its not you need to flamethrower him and them microwave his remains
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