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MY NEW MUSIC VIDEO!!! (Hang With Shane : Day 114)

by shane • 498,331 views

Get "SUPERLUV!" on iTunes here: and watch the music video HERE THANKS FOR...

This is back when he had hair.
i miss these type of vlogs...
I am proud of you Shane :) Keep up the good work and please stay yourself.
Keep up the good workp.s love u
It funny how he said his hair looked like he was 25 and he 25 now and has that hair
This just became my favorite video
What's ironic is that now he has a stubble, he has this short hair, he is 25 and he lives with his girlfriend.
The end of this video is my favorite, I love how much you care about this stuff and to realize so many people support you. I love you! :D
The worst job I can think of is McDonald
here in Canada it 3:34 and im in high school, I have school in the morning, I have trouble sleeping all the time so l just watch your videos and these times, thanks for the laughs shane
i think u look really good with this look!
the worst job i can think of is a job where ill get kicked out for showing my penis in a harmless youtube video xD
awww he's crying awwww now im crying waaaaaaa!!!!1
Justin bieber's personal assistant
Worst job is digging graves and burying bodies EWWWW LoL
I would HATE to work at McDonalds
U always wear that shirt...
cleaning the restroom at taco bell worst job ever
The worst job ever would be hating Shanes VIDS thumbs up if you agree
Awh Shane, your so cute when your emotional. ((: <3
dude freddie wong is the shittt!!!!
lmmfao she ddnt wanna pet his leg hair
the worst job being on jersey shore
shakes looking HOT! I never really found him attractive before but dayummm
Probably working for you. I mean look what you have done to lauren
miley cyrus's personal handjob-er :P
jobs in customer service. atleast when youre cleaning up shit you can show youre not enjoying yourself.
To be a teacher and hang with little shitheads
I think the worst job I woulnt want to have is at walmart
how could you resist Chipotle!?!??!?!!?
Shane you Are a hilarious guy and keep me feeling happy when weverything is wrong... :) thanx
The worst job is to have a camel and then cut his balls and make a bubblegum of it. Or maybe it's the best job in the world.... Mmmh camel balls..
i would luv to have anything tht u steal shane! ur so fking amazing!
i like how theres new fred merch everytime.. lmao
hey whatever happened to Brittani?
Worst job ever would be in charge of sewers and having to go down in them- ick
the worst job ever would be to work at the shmenny shmeg that shane used to work at.
Shane points out something about the song. I go rewatch the song to see it. Come back to watch the rest... Shane points out something else... DANG IT!
Your eyes are so fucking adorable when you're telling us to keep our mouth shut. *just died*
I knew what music video he was talking about as soon as he said I work in a office building!!!!! I love that song.
it's the first time i realize that Laurens eye color is olive green, love your videos SHane !
I luv ur videos shane. Ur haircut is awesome
My worst job would be... being laurens assitant...
The worst job I can think of is a factory job. Those places are usually hot and m
i've never been arrested.... maybe i should start....BRING THE STOLEN MERCH!!
"so keep ur fuckin mouth shut" haha!
i feel it becuz of your grandma :c but wish you all the best of luck
The worst job ever would be cleaning a porter potty, like if u agree! =S
being thrown at a car to get insercence
worst job would be at mcdoalds job lol
The worst job is either the person that picks up the animal poop at a zoo or circus or the person that walks dogs or a babysitter!
i cant wait for the music video to come out cuz it already is out OH SNAP
the worst job is the one I have now I work for a fast food chain and it SUCKS BIG DICK !!! I HATE MY JOB !!!!
You help me forget about family problems, so thank you so much, love you <3!xx
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